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The 20 Prettiest Hairstyles for Oval Faces to Show Off The Natural Beauty

Finding a haircut that flatters your face shape can sometimes be a challenge. However, it certainly won’t be hard for you! Women with oval faces have a wide variety of hairstyles that look great on them.

Your symmetrical features will look gorgeous with almost any style that exists. You’re so lucky! So let’s examine some of your options before you commit to a haircut.


Flattering Hairstyles for Women with Oval Faces

Below you’ll find a wide variety of styles that’ll suit many preferences. Women from all walks of life can totally find something they love here.

Simple Side Braid

thin hairstyle for oval faces

A simple side braid is the perfect everyday style for women with oval faces. It’s very flattering and helps highlight your face shape. A long loose strand of chest-length bangs helps add some balance to the style.


Long Box Braids

oval face shaped woman with box braids

Box braids suit black and mixed-race women incredibly well. The long strands frame your face and help show off a beautiful jawline. It’s a very simple style when done by a skilled hairstylist. It’s also protective, so you’ll benefit from wearing it.


Natural Curls with Headband

curly hairstyle for oval faces

Natural curls are always a classic and stunning look for black girls to wear. Pulling your hair back out of your oval face is also a good idea, as it makes it easier to see your beautiful features. It’s a very natural hairstyle that lets you take pride in your tresses.


Short Bob for Mature Women

hairstyle for women over 50 with oval faces

More mature ladies may not wish to have a hairstyle that takes a lot of maintenance. A short little bob is perfect for a short-haired woman with oval faces.

Bangs add some dimension to the face, and the blonde locks add a youthful touch to your look. If you’re a woman over 50 with an oval face and wants to stay trendy, then you definitely need to try this haircut.


Elegant Updo for Formal Events

long hairstyle for oval faces

Sometimes you’ll need a way to style your hair for formal events. This updo pulls the sides of the hair tight against the scalp. Large curls then run from the hairline down to the nape of the neck. The style sits over one shoulder.


Retro Blonde Bombshell Look

retro hairstyle for women with oval faces

Do you enjoy wearing hairstyles from decades past? Here’s a blonde bombshell look that’s perfect for you. A voluminous curl has some bangs curving over one side of the head. It’s pinned in a little spiral. The rest of the locks are pushed towards the back of the head.


Sleek Low Ponytail

ponytail hairstyle for oval faces

A ponytail is often seen as a simple look, but low ponytails are very glamorous. They’re even more gorgeous when they have a wavy texture like this. The locks on the top and sides of the head are slicked down nicely. The ponytail really steals the show.


High Bun with Twists

twists hairstyle for oval faces

Twists are always a great hairstyle for African American hair. You can have some more fun with them by piling them on top of your head in a huge bun. It’s a great hairstyle for black women with oval faces as it helps show off your beautiful face.


Stunning Wedding Hairstyle

wedding hairstyle for oval faces

Gorgeous wedding hairstyles that show off the shape of your face are always desirable. This one has the stunning tresses pulled back to cascade down the back. They’re nice and curly. A regal piece of decor secures them in place.


Squared Kinky Hair

short hairstyle for oval faces

Kinky hair is wonderful for creating squared-off looks like this. The sides are shaved very short, and the rest of the hair is piled up high into a very defined shape. It’s a very popular style for black women who like shorter hair.


Musty Pink Ombre 

ombre hair for oval face shaped women

Long bobs are great at framing the shape of your face. Ombre shades make them look prettier with the middle part hairstyle. The pink color will help you look more unique.


Curly Half Up Pigtails

pigtails for oval faces

If you’re coveting a youthful look, then check out these pigtails! They’re so adorable. The sides of the hair are pulled up high. The back is left loose. It creates a very thick look that’s great for curly locks.


Dutch Crown Braid for Long Hair

hairstyle for women with oval faces

Leaving your hair loose and natural is always an option. However, if you want to make it sweeter, then you can add a little crown braid like the one you see here.

It holds the tresses back so they don’t get in your face. Styles like this go well with very natural colors and soft features. It’s quite a girly and youthful hairdo.


Messy Curls

medium hairstyle for oval faces

Naturally, curly hair often gets a little messy with lots of flyaway hairs. This actually looks super cute. It’s even better for medium-length hair. It can add a lot of personality and volume. Leave your hair as natural as possible.  Cut some chin-length face-framing bangs to add depth to your oval face.


Braided Updo

updo hairstyle for oval faces

Black hair with braids will enjoy this look for special occasions. It’s an updo where the hair forms a large, round shape on the side of the head. It’s a great look for parties and nights out with your friends.


Cute Bow Style

hairstyle for oval faces and big forehead

You can’t find anything cuter than a bow made out of hair! Forming this sweet style on top of your head will make you stand out and look adorable. There are some side bangs that cover the hairline, too. This makes it a good look for hiding a big forehead.


Split Straight Hair

dyed hairstyle for oval faces

Some people prefer simpler hairstyles like this. The locks are split down the middle and left straight. However, they’re also split into different colors right down the middle. The pink and yellow shades are super unique.


Cornrows with Beads

cornrow style for oval faces

Cornrows are a classic way to keep black hair protected. They also look highly fashionable. These ones are decorated with beads.

This adds a touch of personality. It’s also a nod to your culture. It’s nice if you want to keep your hair out of your face. However, there’s still some length to make you look divine.


Thin Dreadlocks

dreadlocks styles for oval faces

Most deadlock hairstyles you’ll find are very thick. However, these dreads are super thin. This makes them look lovely and quite unexpected. They form slightly curly shapes that frame your jawline. Women with oval faces will really love this hairstyle.


Dreadlock Bun Undercut

hairstyle for oval faces with glasses

Are you looking for a style that’s a little edgy? Undercuts are great for that! The sides are shaved here. The blunt baby bangs also add to the edgy vibe. The rest of the hair forms dreadlocks that are piled up into a bun. It’s a really nice alternative look that suits outgoing women.


If you’re one of the lucky women blessed with an oval face shape then you can have fun playing with your hairstyle. Updos are perfect for showing off your symmetrical features. Face-framing hairdos will also be an asset.

Finding a hairstyle that doesn’t suit you is totally impossible, so have a lot of fun experimenting. Wear a haircut that suits your personality. You’ll find yourself growing more confident every day!

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