30 Traditional Fulani Braids Hairstyles

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Fulani Braids are also known as Alicia Keys and are uniquely designed patterns of braids that are often styled with beads or cowrie shells. These braids are inspired by the Fulani people who are traditionally pastoral ethnic group in Africa. The braid patterns used in Fulani Braids symbolize social status, tradition, origins, religion, or marital status. These are thin or medium tight braids that are braided very close to the scalp. Then these tightly plaited braids are taper into extensions. A common name given to Fulani braids is ‘braids with beads.’

If you are looking for a hairstyle that you can keep for a long time without much maintenance, then you can surely opt for Fulani Braids. These braids can be kept up to five weeks as they are a very protective hairstyle. You can even buy an extension of 4-6 packs to taper your braiding hair. Fulani braids are a trendy hairstyle for African American girls. Braiding has always been a social art in African style, and girls, women, and children are like their braided hair. So, we have come up with some really cool Fulani braids that you can try, and the braids last up to five weeks with the right care.

1. Center-Part Thin Braids

A very casual and easy-going hairstyle that can be carried by any girl or woman having long hair, and if not, you can always use an extension to taper your hair into thin braids to achieve the center-part thin braids hairstyle. It gives you a simple and tradition Fulani hairstyle look as you just need to do a center parting and create long braids using thin hair strands and repeat for the whole hair. You can add colorful beads to the thin braids if you are going out for a party or carry the casual hairstyle for daily looks.

Fulani Braids

2. Braids with Chunky Beads

Braids with chunky beads is a popular and smart hairstyle for black women. For the girls who have thin medium length hair and who prefer a stylish appeal with a carefree look, they can try out braids with chunky beads hairstyle. To achieve the look, create thin braids for the top hair on both of the side after center parting. For the side hair, also make the braids parallel to the ear and style the ends of the braids with brown and white big chunky beads for a pleasing look.

Fulani Braids

3. Swooped-Up Braided Ponytail

For young girls and teens, a braided ponytail is a great choice as it is easy to manage and maintain. The Fulani ponytail doesn’t go out of shape for a long time even if you play your favorite sports or hangout. The blonde highlights give a sun-kissed look to the overall personality. Style the swooped upbraided ponytail by rolling a braid over the ponytail and securing with hairpins. Add a stylish golden bead for the forehead and silver coil beads for the braids near the ear to get an easy manageable playful look.

Fulani Braids

4. Braided Updo with Beads

When you have ultra-longs braids and thick volume of hair, it is nice to have an updo with that braided hair. Backside swept tightly plaited braids are tied in an updo by taking some braids from each side and pinning up on the backside center of the head. The brown shade beads go very well with the black hair. One-Flick of braid is kept on the front from both sides to give an amazing and unique pattern to the hairdo. Braided Updo with beads is an amazing party hairstyle that gives a charming look with a manageable hairdo.

Fulani Braids

5. Slanted Braids

A slightly diverse version of the simple middle-parted thin braids. As in the slanted Fulani braids hairstyle, the braids are made in a slanted shape. After making a middle parting, instead of doing the braids towards the side, make the braids slightly slanted towards the back on both sides. It gives a V-shape hairstyle from the front. The thin braids look great on long hair. To get the celebrity look similar to Kim Kardashian, leave the ends of the strands open after creating the slanted braids. Also, make two or three strands towards the front side to get the flicks and make the look more elegant.

Fulani Braids

6. Weave with Fulani Braids

Golden brown extensions with loose and uniform braids make a soft and simple hairstyle. The medium-width cascading plaits with the weave gives you a professional Fulani braids hairstyle that you can carry as an office events look or meetings. The hairstyle also has colorful crystal beads on the ends of the front flick. With the weave extension, create three-layered Fulani braids, and for the middle braid, add a round small ring for the forehead to create a decent and glorious look.

Fulani Braids

7. Ultra-long Black Braids

If you love Fulani braids, you will surely like these ultra-long black braids to keep a carefree hairstyle for a long duration. The style includes middle parting and slanted braids towards the back. The difference between ultra-long black braids style and slanted braids is that the braids are made till the ends. And to give an adorable look to the long braids with the black hair, a small pearl bead is added to the forehead. Ultra-long black braids hairstyle is a trendy and popular hairstyle that is preferred by young girls in African and America.

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Fulani Braids

8. Backswept Thick Braids

Braids without a parting is something different and also looks very pretty on an oval or rectangular face. Backswept thick braid hairstyle means you do the braids in the backward direction without any middle or side parting. But the braids are given an angle to get an impressive and an offbeat look. These braids are made thick and very close to the scalp. For the ends of the braids, give a traditional look of Fulani style with the brown beads. Add a small ring for the front side center braids to add more natural appeal for the Fulani braids.

Fulani Braids

9. Box Braided Bun

A fun-loving and sweet hairstyle that you can carry with your thick long black hair. Box braids are a popular and trendy hairstyle among all African American girls and teens. This particular look can be achieved by backswept braids for the thick hair. Add one flicked braid on both sides. Now, from the center portion of the back, gather all the box braids and tie them together in a bun by rolling over and securing with the hairpins. Box braided bun looks very pretty and gives you an amazing look as a casual hairstyle and for events also.

Fulani Braids

10. Five Parting Braids

Five parting braids with beads gives you a pleasing and unique look with the Fulani braids hairstyle and is especially great for African American girls who love braids. So, the five partings include a center braid, two flicked braids for each side, and side braids for the left hair. The flicked braids on each side need to be made towards the front and the side braids towards the back. The front flicked braids are styled with beads to make them look more traditional. Carry the hairstyle with a Bohemian dress and your favorite neck-piece while styling for a party or prom.

Fulani Braids

11. Artistic Crown Braids

A unique and completely stylish look that would get you a lot of attention and beautiful compliments can be achieved with the artistic crown braid hairstyle. It is a very creative hairstyle inspired by the Fulani braids. The long golden-brown extensions taper in a geometric pattern of the crown braid gives an eye-catching and pleasing appeal for your overall personality. The look enhances with the small seashell beads tied on the ends on the braids, and a small seashell bead with a ring is styled for the center braid near the forehead.

Fulani Braids

12. Mahogany Weave Braids

If you are looking for a chic look with some colorful Fulani braids, just go for your favorite color extensions similar to a mahogany shade. The extensions tapered with the black hair give an impressive look, a long braid, and a protective hairstyle. To achieve a particular style, the center part of your black hair. Slowly, taper the mahogany weave into your black hair and make medium-length braids till the end. As a casual hairstyle, you can carry it as a simple, decent look by keeping your braids open, and you can also make an updo or bun if you wish to get some stylish appeal for the party.

Fulani Braids

13. Feed-in Cornrows

Feed in braids is a protective hairstyle that gives the illusion of thick and long cornrows, and no extension is needed for the braids. Feed-in style refers to the process where the natural strands are added with the braided extensions from the beginning of your hair strand. You can carry the feed-in braids for months with a little care. Add coils and beads in the extension cornrows for the Fulani braids look. The black thick braids give an impressive and carefree look for black women.

Fulani Braids

14. Braided Ponytail with extra Beads

For a day outing and a party look, especially in summertime it is really difficult to carry the free hairstyle for long hair. Braided ponytail with Fulani braids is a great option if you love long hair and braids. It is an easy hairstyle that can be achieved by creating backswept braids for thick long hair. Gather all the hair and tie the braids into a high ponytail and secure with a stylish rubber band. Style the braided ponytail towards a side and add beads to each braid end, making it an extensive bead look with the beautiful ponytail.

Fulani Braids

15. Short Yarn Braids

For yarn braids hairstyle, yarn is used instead of the braiding hair, and it gives you the freedom to experiment with a wide range of hairstyles while protecting your natural hair without any harm. Yarn braids are good for medium length hair and look great for long hair also, but it takes a little more time to style the braids for long hair. To give the short yarn braids a Fulani look, add golden beads for the center braid and the other braid strands randomly.

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Fulani Braids

16. Bun with BO Braids

These braids are trendy among the Caribbean and Africans. In this hairstyle, the hair is braided in thin medium-Sized than the normal braiding, which follows a unique pattern; hair is weaved very handy to the scalp and end up with long hair cords. Once the braiding is done, a thick volume of hair is collected at the top median of the head and tangled together in the form of a bun, leaving one of the long extensions of thick braided hair falling loosely from the front top. Beads are inserted at the tip of the hair strap, and one is placed at the peak of the thick hair braid.

Fulani Braids

17. Sticky Cornrows with Crystal Beads

These are a very simple form of hairdo with cornrows as the hair is only weaved in the square format and are very conserved with the scalp movements. The hair is weaved very closely to the scalp and comes up with single thin medium-size hair threads. The hair color shade of dark chocolate color looks great with this hairdo. The cornrows can be secured with the crystal beads at the tips of the hair and give a highlighting look on these cords. One single hair strap is weaved in the middle, and all the other braids are fallen on both sides.

Fulani Braids

18. Caribbean Locks

Like the other normal braids, in this also hair is bisected normally from the lateral portion, and hair is weaved in a specific pattern in the entire volume of hair. The hair is weaved very closely to the scalp and end up as the long hair extensions of the hair. Once the braiding is done, the hair comes as the locks on the lateral part of the face-covering one face side. The highlights in the hair straps bring an enhancing look on the block braids; Golden highlights suit much in this hair styling. This hairdo is best suitable for girls with long hair.

Fulani Braids

19. Median Clench Cornrows

It brings up as a very smooth gesture because of the shiny feature of the hair. The hair is dodge very closely to the scalp, and this sequential pattern is performed with each hair strap present, when the entire braiding is done the hair from the right portion is collected layer by layer forming a thick block of the chain are clutched together at the back-median portion of the head. This hairdo is suitable for girls with long hair length and volume hair with a brownish color of hair shade completes its entire look.

Fulani Braids

20. Fulani Braids with Beads

The entire volume of hair is taken and braided weaving very close to the scalp and formed at angle position from the head part, Half of the BO braids are done at the top head and then twisted in the slightly turned position making it angled braid falling straight. The same pattern of angled braiding is done in the whiskers, also making it look like angled braid by doing a stiff cornrow and making it look more confined and straight braided hair. The tips are secured with the hair thick beads of each hair strap.

Fulani Braids

21. Sapphire Top Cornrow Bun

As per the name suggests, the hair is observed to be glorious with the complexion bleed blue shade of color, and long extensions also present. In this hairstyle, the BO braids are done at the entire present hair by weaving very close to the scalp. This hairstyle makes the hair extension look heavy and generous with a bun touch in it. Once the pinned braiding is done, all are collected at the mid to back head part of the head and formed into a bun with cornrows. The sideburns are kept braided but straight, falling as extensions.

Fulani Braids

22. BO Braided Sideburns

The entire is done by turning the hair into a cornrow head style, and the thin medium-sized braid looks great when applied to the round faces. This is one of those kinds of hairdo in which hair is weaved as a thin layer very close to the scalp, and each strap is braided separately. In this hairstyle, the braid is done all around the head part, and the side chic hair is braided in the tangled way coming outward from the ear part. This angle gives a Change in the bun look formed by gathering all the hair above the top part.

Fulani Braids

23. Box Braids with Green Beads

These are the simple braids done by applying cornrow hairstyle in the separate hair bands till the tips of the hair. The braiding is done by a very stiffed movement of hands Weaving in the inward direction into the scalp. This hairstyle is done very often for any of the party look or nay casual wear look. When the braiding of thin medium layers is done, it is secured with tiny small beads of crystal and Green color of beads. The beading formula changes the entire look and feel of the hairdo and makes it look enhancing.

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Fulani Braids

24. Crowned Cornrows with Hoop and Beads

In this hairstyle, the hair is braided in the same specific pattern of thin medium layered braid done at the very close part of the scalp. This hairstyle makes it look in a crowned pattern because the braids are formed in that very pattern after each braid are done it gets into the shape of crown at the top head part by taking some of the volume hair, and the rest of the hair is braided and are still straight hair extensions which are done by making parting at the center and the lateral top head the trips are secured with the wooden beads and the circle hoop is used at the top middle strap for styling the hairdo.

Fulani Braids

25. Minnie Knots BO Braids

These are the braid formed as the Caribbean braids from the very toe point of the scalp and are very comfortable for any of the casual occasions. The braids are done for every single strap of the hair and are maintained by keeping it sequentially. When the braids are done, Middle parting is done, and some volume of cornrows are grumbled together at the top on both the side of the parting. It looks like a Minnie knot at the top head part made of cornrows.

Fulani Braids

26. Criss-Cross Cornrows

For this hairdo, the hair is converted into cornrows; each strap weaved very close to the scalp and weaved from each are of the head. This hairdo included Criss-Cross pattern at the top head part, and the side locks are even cornrowed, making it look stiff and sassy. Wooden beads are used at the end tips of the cornrow. The hairstyle can be decorated more by applying wooden and oxidized beads at the random parts of the hair, and one at the top crossed knot.

Fulani Braids

27. Box Dreads

In this hairstyle, the hair is highlighted from earlier and gives a dazzling purple shade at the random strips of hair bands. In this, we must separate the hair from the middle taking a long extension in the middle and parting the other rest of the hair falling in the sides. This hairstyle is done in the same specific pattern of braiding near to the scalp. The hair is cornrowed, and the side-parted strips are beaded with a sequence pattern of similarly styled beads, and the hoop is placed at the medium top head part.

Fulani Braids

28. Dreads with Lower Cornrows

These are the bit different kinds of braids because the forehead is observed to be rough and stiff, and the back ends are BO braided. In these braids are done at the end wings of the layer and are secured with beads at the random points. As the front part is seen as rough and scrambled, the forehead area is clean and crisp, making it look more appealing and generous. This Hairstyle is mostly suited for the girls having short banded hair. Girls having a rough top surface can surely try this hairstyle.

Fulani Braids

29. Steamy Head Fulani Braids

In this hairstyle, we must keep the head part sticky and braided. In this, the hair is parted from the middle, and the braids are done in a proper sequential manner of weaving the hands very close to the scalp. In this hairstyle, the braids are very much confined at evolves in a very disciplined manner. Even the sideburns locks are BO braided in a manner that it remains stiff with the movements. The thick black, brown, and crystal beads are used and fixed at the dead ends of the hair strips making it look more glossy.

Fulani Braids

30. Beads on Braids

This hairstyle is mostly suitable for girls with long hair as after braiding the hair comes with long open extensions. In this hairdo, the hair after braiding comes up as the long extensions, and the middle BO braid is clenched with small beads at every next point of that hair strap, and various beads are used at random places in the long hair cords. This looks good, with girls having round faces and a prominent forehead. Wooden round brown beads are used in the entire hairdo.

Fulani Braids

Fulani Braids have their origins in North Africa and the Middle East, but then they were fused among various West tribes of Africa. These braids have a unique pattern combined with beads. Fulani braids are super versatile and are very easy to take care of. The hair extension transitions into braids loosely fall down your neck and create a stunning and classy hairstyle. In the growing world of hairstyling, Fulani braids come with a unique and hottest trend. If you need a fresh look that also lasts long, Fulani braids are a perfect choice as these delightful and refreshing hairstyles last for more than a month and give you an amazing and dazzling appeal.

Fulani Braids Hairstyles

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