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25 Easy Hairstyles for Men That Every Guy Can Carry

Getting the right hairstyle for men is not that easy as there are loads of factors that you need to consider at first. The first of the many factors are getting the hairstyle to suit the shape of the face. For instance, the ones with round faces need to have something with a bit of volume on top to make sure the face does not look too round.

On the other hand, men with square faces look for hairstyle ideas for long hair as that compliments the shape of their faces. Besides the shape of the face, the occasion is also a prime consideration.


Easy Haircuts for Men

There are some hairstyles that look great on a beach vacation but look out of place in an office environment. Office environment demands something elegant and classy and definitely not funky. The Easy Hairstyles for Men that have been listed as under have been put together considering all of the factors.

There is something for everyone in this list which proves that you need not give up on trends and fashion in order to go for something that is simple and easy. You will definitely find the idea for your next amazing hairstyle from this list. To check the complete list of Mens Hairstyles click here.

Side Faded Comb Hairstyle

The side fade haircut also looks amazing with the very trendy and popular style of slicking your hair back. Keep your hair at the center long to ensure that it looks stylish when you slick it back with adequate hair gel.

Both the back and the sides of your hair must have a very fashionable faded haircut. This look brings cool and edgy in one combination.

Easy Hairstyles for Men


Loose Side Part 

A hairstyle like this one is the symbol of men with a strong personalities. The parting on the side is made not too prominent.

The hair is blow-dried to hide the parting well. The front portion of the hair looks a bit disheveled. The sides are shorter than the rest of the hair as usual. The sides are brushed back to complete the look.

Easy Hairstyles for Men


Formal Short Haircut

There are many hairstyles that you are not able to try out because the office does not permit them.

This short hairstyle is one that you can easily wear to the office, but you do not need to compromise with the style quotient for this one. Keep the hair short in length overall. The front portion of the hair is spiked up with hair gel.

Easy Hairstyles for Men


Textured Crop Hair

Try this hairstyle if you have the thin texture of hair naturally. Loads of texture are added to the hair which makes it look thick and attractive. The texture is mainly concentrated in the hair above the forehead.

Brush the hair towards the front from the back. You can go for very light fading near the ears. The hair needs to have a rugged kind of look.

Easy Hairstyles for Men


Messy Short Hairstyle

It is the perfect hairstyle for the super stylish man of today who knows and loves his fashion. Brush the hair on the sides neatly. The hair at the center is brushed towards the front.

Keep the hair messy all through this middle portion. Make the hair spiky as much as possible right at the front. Remember to use some good hair products to set the hair.

Easy Hairstyles for Men



A Mohawk hairstyle does not have to be so in your face that you shy away from trying it out. This easy Mohawk can be tried by anyone who is too afraid to go for any experiments with hairstyles.

The hair at the sides sports a skin fade style. The rest of the hair needs to be kept of equal length to give the appearance of a Mohawk.

Easy Hairstyles for Men


Swept Back Medium Hair

The hairstyle looks so sexy that it is hard to keep your eyes away. This one is for men who like to keep their hair of medium to long in length and not too short.

Put a little bit of hair gel to keep the hair in place but not to make it look too glossy. Brush your hair to remove knots and then use your fingers to sweep it back.

Easy Hairstyles for Men


High Quiff Hairstyle

One of the most splendid hairstyles to have won the hearts of all the men is the Quiff hairstyle.

The best explanation for the style is that it is the type of a combination of the flat top and the daring pompadour with a glamorous presence. It suits the widest variety of facial shapes, personal styles, and ages.

Easy Hairstyles for Men


Slick Back Hair

Looking great has never been as easy as it is with this hairstyle. All you need is some hair gel, a thin-toothed comb, and the right haircut to get you started on getting this hairstyle.

The haircut should be such that the sides are short but not too short compared to the middle. Puff up the hair a bit in the middle and comb it backward.

Easy Hairstyles for Men


Slick Side Part Hairstyle

The thing about Slick Side Part Hairstyle is that it is done so deeply that at the ends of the sides, your skin starts to show.

All you require is sufficient amounts of hairstyling goods like hair gels and a really fine-toothed comb. Comb back all the hair to the left of the parting after keeping the parting to the right side of your hair.

Easy Hairstyles for Men


Loose Quiff 

The focus of the Loose Quiff Hairstyle is on the hair that is above the forehead. You do not have to pump up all the hair.

It is also possibly one of the coolest styles to keep as it is much less of a hassle than other ones. You must try this hairstyle if you have a round face and want to elongate the appearance of your face.

Easy Hairstyles for Men


Skin Faded Short Hairstyle

This hairstyle will feel like a savior when you have very little time in your hand to try out something elaborate. Just brush the hair usually after setting it with some pomade or hair gel.

The length of the hair must be kept really short, and the sides have a skin fade look. The middle of the hair needs to be of equal length all through.

Easy Hairstyles for Men



The best part about Pompadour Hairstyle is that it looks great on all kinds of faces. Depending on the ensemble that you are wearing with it, you can make it look elegant or casual.

It can be carried off as attractively with nice suits, as it does with casual tee shirts or shirts. There are no fade elements to it which makes it perfect for the office too.

Easy Hairstyles for Men


Side Swept Medium Hair

The hairstyle has a cool vibe to it that looks ideal to be tried on for beach parties and brunches. Put on a casual tee shirt and nice sunglasses, and you are good to go.

Make a parting on any one side of the head as you like and start brushing your hair sideways. You need to have medium length hair for this style.

Easy Hairstyles for Men


Messy at Top Textured Hair

Keep the hair messy at the top and add lots of texture all through the hair. The texture is made by adding multiple short layers to the hair. It looks like it is decreasing in length from the top to the sides.

The layers cut in the hair make it look thicker than it actually is. The ones with square or round faces can try it out to look absolutely amazing.

Easy Hairstyles for Men


Swept Back Long Hairstyle

This is the hairstyle for all seasons and for every reason. You can keep your hair long, but that does not imply that you have to go into an elaborate hairstyle to look awesome. Some of the most popular celebrities in Hollywood have tried and loved this hairstyle, and you will love it too.

Make no prominent parting and just brush back your silky-smooth mane to get this dashing look. It looks great in any formal or informal setting.

Easy Hairstyles for Men


Casual Short Hairstyle

It is one of the most common short hairstyles that you will ever see. Create a parting on any side that you prefer. Lather your hair with some hair gel. Take up a really fine-toothed comb and brush the hair as usual.

While brushing the hair, try to get a puffed-up appearance by not applying too much pressure on the comb. Get a very light fade near the ears and at the back.

Easy Hairstyles for Men


Rockabilly Hairstyle

This hairstyle earns its fame from Elvis Presley, the king of rock and roll. He used to flaunt this hairstyle very often which inspired his fans all over the world to give it a try too. It is also known as greaser’s hair.

It is the hairstyle to go for if you have round hair as the overt roundness of features will be hidden by adding ample volume at the top.

Easy Hairstyles for Men


Caesar Blonde Haircut

Blonde hair in short length looks good. You can hide your age by following this style. You can manage this short length hair in an easy manner and hold the style for a long day effortlessly as well.

Simple frontward combing is enough to manage your hair in this modern and smart style.

Easy Hairstyles for Men


Short Messy Hairstyle

The short and thin hair strands can be spiked and adorned in a unique style to look best. This short and spiked hair with prominent hair edges can give you a smart appearance.

You can also hide your hair volume and get a round shape face effortlessly. You need to use some strong hair gel to hold the hair strands up and get a good look long day.

Easy Hairstyles for Men


Messy Medium Hairstyle

The medium length hair strands can be cut in different lengths to create a messy look on your head. The messy hair strands on your forehead can give you a smart and classy look and round shape face as well.

This style looks best on the wavy hair strands that are highlighted. If you have a fair complexion, then this style is absolutely for you.

Easy Hairstyles for Men


Wavy Hairstyle 

If you have a wavy hair texture, then you can cut in a smart and modern way to get the best appearance. In this style, your hair should be cut up to the length of the shoulder on the back of your scalp.

You need to comb the hair in a frontward manner to get this style. The highlighted hair strands look good in this style.

Easy Hairstyles for Men


Short Curly Hair

Black curly hair should be cut in short length to manage easily. The curly hair in short length on your scalp looks thick in volume and stylish as well.

You can get a round shape face by cutting hair in this manner. It can also give you a smart yet sober look.

Easy Hairstyles for Men


High Fade Pompadour 

If your hair is thick then why don’t you choose the fade away pompadour style to get the best look? In this style, you need to use some strong yet lightweight hair gel on your hair strands to hold the hair strands high in your scalp.

This style can give your face a prominent and classy look effortlessly. But you should shave both the sides of your hair and keep the strands of the middle portion long in length. This style can also give you a young and smart appearance.

Easy Hairstyles for Men


Side Comb Medium Hair

This is another stylish haircut for men who have straight and black hair. In this style, the hair of one side should be cut to a shorter length and the other side should be kept longer. The hair strands should be arranged perfectly with gel to get this style in the right way.

This hairstyle looks perfect along with beard and mustache. You can get a young and smart appearance by cutting your hair in this asymmetric way.

Easy Hairstyles for Men


All of these hairstyles are easy to maintain and arrange when you are going out. So, you can pick any of these easy hairstyles for men to get the best look according to the shape of your face and personality. These different hairstyles can give you several stunning appearances.

These easy to follow and maintain hairstyles can give you a new look at the gathering. But when you are selecting one, you should also consider your purpose as well and style your hair accordingly to get a perfect appearance.

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