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How Long To Wait To Dye Your Hair Brown After Bleaching It?

Bleaching your hair makes it easier to add the color you desire, but it can stress your tresses. If you’re wondering how long to wait for dying bleached hair brown, we’ve got the answer.

Our guide contains everything you need to know about the ideal time to dye your hair brown after bleaching it, and why timing and technique matter.

How Long to Wait to Dye Your Hair Brown After Bleaching It?

Wait at least a week before a dye job so that your hair can retain its natural oils and proteins.

Dying bleached hair brown too quickly can lead to split ends or breakage. Plus, some dyes don’t stick well to freshly bleached hair, so it’s better to be patient and avoid disappointment.

Preparing Your Hair for Dying

Preparing Bleached  Hair for Dying Brown

Before jumping into the dyeing process, prepping bleached hair is important. First, you must remove any existing color from your hair by washing hair with clarifying shampoo.

Next, give your hair some extra love with a deep conditioning treatment designed for color-treated hair.

And lastly, make sure you trim away any split ends before you start dyeing to ensure that your color comes out even.

Can You Rinse Hair Dye Out With Shampoo?

Applying Brown Hair Dye on Bleached Hair

How to Apply Brown Hair Dye on Bleached Hair
Dying Bleached Hair Brown

When dying bleached hair brown, following the instructions carefully and gathering all the necessary supplies beforehand is essential.

Next, mix the dye according to the package instructions and section your hair into four parts to ensure even application.

Start dying from the back of your head and apply the dye to small sections of hair. Work slowly and methodically to avoid missing any spots.

Remember to let the dye sit for the recommended time, usually 15-30 minutes, before rinsing it out thoroughly with lukewarm water. Now that you’re done, enjoy your new brown hair!

Tips for Maintaining Your New Brown Hair Color

Aftercare is essential to keep your newly dyed hair fresh and vibrant. Here are some maintenance tips:

  • Use sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner designed for colored hair to prevent fading and damage.
  • Avoid using heat styling tools and sun exposure.
  • Use a thermal protectant spray before applying heat to your hair.


Can I dye my bleached hair brown?

Yes, you can dye bleached hair brown. But wait at least a week before the dye job so your hair can retain moisture and natural oils

Can I put brown box dye over bleached hair?

It’s not recommended to put brown box dye over bleached hair. The bleach has already caused damage to the hair, and applying a darker color can further weaken it.

How can I get my bleached hair back to brown?

There are a few ways to get bleached hair back to brown:
-Growing out your hair
– Use color-depositing products that can gradually darken your hair over time.
– Try a semi-permanent dye in your natural hair shade and apply it every 4-6 weeks until your hair grows out.

Will my hair go green if I dye it from blonde to brown?

No, your hair will not go green if you dye it from blonde to brown. Dyeing your hair involves using a colorant designed explicitly for the desired shade.

If you choose a product and shade suitable for your current hair color, there should be no unexpected results, such as green hues.

So, How Long to Wait to Dye Your Hair Brown After Bleaching It?

Dying bleached hair brown can be tricky, but with proper preparation and care, it’s possible to achieve beautiful results.

Waiting at least a week before dying your bleached hair brown is important. Remember to apply the dye correctly, and maintain your new color with aftercare tips for the best results!

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