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13 Crimped Hairstyle Looks to Add Life to Your Hair

Sporting a crimped hairstyle can show off a lot of things about your personality. Wearing a style like this can showcase your quirky side, but it can also look glamorous. It all depends on the style and how big or small the textured parts are in your hair.

A retro style is also a great alternative to a curly or wavy style, as it’s much easier to achieve and maintain every day. It lets you add some volume and texture to your hair so you look interesting and fun, but you’re not spending hours creating the perfect style every day.


Trendy Crimped Hairstyles

1. Large Brushed Out Crimps

copper brown crimped hairstyle

Crimps go very soft and fluffy when they’ve been brushed out, and in this style they’ve clearly been brushed out and were formed using a large tool or braid. The hair is parted in the middle and straight on top, and the brushed out crimps start near the tops of the ears.


2. Subtle Crimping with Bangs

Asian girl with crimped hairstyle

This look has very subtle crimps in the long, mostly straight hair. It adds a very gentle texture towards the front. The choppy bangs with sharp ends also help add texture and a slight edginess to an otherwise very classically sleek look. It’s a nice touch of uniqueness.


3. Crinkled and Side Parted

90's crimped hair with highlights

This is a very free crimped hairstyle where all the hair is heavily styled and frizzed with very small bumps. The hair is parted at the side to create a cool and stylish look that’s borderline punk rock. The hair color is a nice, natural brown that helps keep it tame.


4. Short Wavy Crimping

crimped bob with bangs

This is a nice bob style with some crimping to it, but the crimping is large and some of the crimped sections form more of a wavy pattern to add extra texture. The bangs are mostly straight and unstyled, adding depth to this very textured and interesting look.


5. Small Crimping On Top

ponytail with crimped hair

This style has all the crimping on top of the hair, and it’s pulled back smoothly into a nice knot that has a straight and untextured ponytail pouring from it. This is a great way to spice up an otherwise simple ponytail look.


6. Platinum Pigtails

pigtails with crimped hairstyle

This look has two styled pigtails, but the top of the hair is flat and decorated with bobby pins in a little X shape to add a sharp and edgy look. This is a good style for a party or an event, but you can also make it your everyday look.


7. Loosely Crinkled Mermaid Hair Color

curly crimped hairstyle with blue and purple highlights

This style is perfectly styled with large, loose crimps that run through this mermaid-like purple and blue hair. It’s utterly perfect in every way and is a great style for an occasion where you need to look your best. If you have the time, it can also be an everyday look.


8. Messy Sections

messy crimped hairstyle

This is a very interesting look where the hair is sectioned in very defined parts with very tiny crimped hairstyle pieces on each one. There are also lots of colors in the hair to help provide a chaotic look. The base is blonde but you can also spot pink, orange, blue, and green in it.


9. Loose Purple and Blue

crimped hairstyle with mermaid blue hair

Here is another purple and blue look, but it’s a very different type. It’s dark purple on top, then there’s some blue, and the rest of the hair is a silvery purple look. The hair is textured from the very top and has been carefully styled.


10. Volumized Top and Calmer Lengths

half up crimped hairstyle

This is a super edgy look. The style for a woman with crimped hair is so intense it’s like a nest of highly styled frizz and it stands with lots of volume in a big ball around the head. The lengths of the hair are a lot taper and their crimping is more controlled.


11. Elegant Knotted Look

updo with crimped hair

This look is crinkly all over, and that’s just to add texture to the hair. The style itself is an intricate knotted look in layers that form an almost large braided bun at the back of the head. There are some curled sections of hair around the face to add some variety.


12. Styled with Braid

braid with crimped hairstyle

This style is mostly a plain, straight, blonde look. However, There’s a braid down the middle of the head on one side, and that’s flanked by a section of crinkled hair to add more texture and variety around the braid.


13. Subtle Rocker Crimping

teenage girl with crimped hairstyle

This is a classic rocker chick retro look. The crimping is everywhere and very subtle, and there’s volume on top as the hair has a side parting. There’s a streak of blonde in the bangs, and the ends of the hair are very blunt.


You can have a lot of fun with a crimped hairstyle, and all the styles on this list can help with that. Play with the style, as a stylized retro look is so malleable and you can apply it to different occasions and outfits and moods and hair lengths and everything like that.

However, be mindful. Getting hair like this takes either a lot of braiding or a crimping machine, which will apply heat to your hair. The latter can lead to damage in the long run, so try to find a balance between braiding and heat for creating your styles.

You can also talk to your hairstylist and see what they recommend for getting the most beautiful and safe hair to compliment your everyday look.

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