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Top 20 Champagne Blonde Hair Color Ideas

Today, going blonde has no limits as there are multiple options available. In fact, it is like every month, a new shade makes its entry into the world of blondes. Therefore, here we bring before you a super trendy shade of blonde family, the champagne blonde.

It is one of the most beautiful shades, whether you want to wear it all over your locks or simply blend between ombre shades. Although, the shade is likely to best suit those with fair complexions and light eyes. But, since most of us would want to go for this bubbly shade, it can be tailored to different skin tones.


Champagne Blonde Hair Color

Now, let’s move on to discovering some amazing Champagne blonde hair color shades.

1. Straight Long Hair With Shadow Roots

thin champagne blonde hair

This blonde hue with shadow roots will save you from regular touch-ups and is a great shade that is likely to add life to your tresses. Thus, making it low maintenance and easy to style look.


2. Buttery Bob

layered champagne blonde hair

If you have short, thin, medium-textured hair, this will be the perfect option. The buttery blonde will brighten up your face, and the slightly layered style will perfectly complement the shade.


3. Dark Silky Shiny Hair

dark champagne blonde wavy hair

The dark champagne blonde hair is an amazing shade that is likely to go well with both cool and warm skin tones. This shade will offer enough gloss to brighten up your locks and give you a great wavy look.


4. Blush Hair

light champagne blonde hair color
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The touch of pink hue along with the blonde shade gives a beautiful look. Go ahead with it if you prefer a light, glossy style. Moreover, you can elevate the look by adding waves, making it ideal for any occasion.


5. Champagne Blonde Highlights

champagne blonde feathered hair

The dimensional blonde highlights are likely to go well with medium-length, straight, thick locks. In order to achieve this look, both lowlights and babylights play an important role. You can ask your hairstylist to keep the roots a bit dark so that the mid-lengths pop brighter.


6. Dimensional Twist

champagne blonde hair with highlights

Have long, healthy locks? Then, there’s nothing perfect other than this hairdo. Moving from dark to light at the ends is a great way to brighten up your tresses.

Moreover, the light highlights on top blend the shade perfectly. To achieve this gorgeous look, you just have to curl the ends and tie up half of your locks while wrapping a hair strand around it.


7. Subtle Highlights on Dark Brown Hair

champagne blonde highlights

Match your dark champagne blonde with thin wavy hair to create a great combination. The layered cut with bangs creates a chic and stylish look suitable for women with any skin tone.



layered champagne blonde hairstyle



curly champagne blonde hair



champagne blonde pixie cut



straight champagne blonde hair



champagne blonde crimped hair



short champagne blonde hair



long champagne blonde hair



champagne blonde ombre hair



ponytail with champagne blonde hair



champagne blonde fine hair



short bob with light champagne blonde hair



beach waves on champagne blonde hair



champagne blonde updo


Although the color is great it requires a lot more maintenance than any other color, especially if you have darker roots, as the root growth will be clearly visible.

Thus, you will have to schedule regular touch-ups to make the shade fresh-looking. So before opting for any of these amazing champagne blonde styles, be ready to take care of it as well.