30 Princesses Elsa Inspired Braids You Can Try

The movie Frozen from Disney has been one of the hits as it portrayed the women characters to be bold like the protagonist of the film. The lead Elsa, the actual princess, and the protagonist is an independent and powerful soul with a style and grace which is indeed commendable. Thus the look of this character is pretty famous, especially the Elsa Braids. The Elsa braid is a one-sided braid with a lot of texture and body to the hair. It has a carefree yet very royal touch. The hairstyle exuberates with a charming vibe of independence. The hairstyle is easy to do and the look created is indeed charming.  Check out here How To Do An Elsa Braid? with Step By Step Guide.

Here are the top 30 princesses Elsa inspired braid that you can try.

1. Side Dutch Braid Hairstyle

This hairstyle suits the teenage girls in the best possible way. The teens are the times when a girl can sport a carefree look, have a playful hairstyle and flaunt her Grace in full form. This is the time where she does not require to think about her job or children or other such responsibilities of life and embrace the free spirit of Style and fashion like no other. Here the Dutch braid style embodies a very free-spirited girl and the braid resonates with the hairstyle of Princess Elsa from the movie Frozen.

Elsa Inspired Braids

2. Classic Braid Hairstyle

There is no such thing as the Classic braid hairstyle that can portray fashion in the most elemental way possible. This braid hairstyle is very simple to do. Take three strands of hair, start to braid. The technique is to first place the left strand over the middle and then place the right over the left strand. In this weaving pattern, complete the braid from the base to the tips and as you go downwards, try to make your braid tighter so that there is a tapered look. This hairstyle embodies the Elsa hairstyle look, and the royal touch of The Princess can be brought by inducing a bouffant on the crown area.

Elsa Inspired Braids

3. Small Fishtail Braid

If you have small hair till the shoulders, then this style will suit you. Fluff up your hair and bring it to one side. The fish braid is done in this part. The Crown area incorporates the volume while the braid has a narrow structure. The volume and the narrowness pose a sharp contrast and thereby balance each other. A hairstyle is casual and indeed very elegant. Pair the hairstyle with a blue Denim and a white spaghetti top to give a classical charm to your appearance.

Elsa Inspired Braids

4. Fat Glossy Braid

This definitely gives a Fairytale Vibe to your look. Because the hairstyle is done on grey hair. It looks and has a dreamy charm to it. In the fashion world, the color shade white and grey are much in vogue in contemporary times. You can sport the fat grey hairstyle to portray a cool fashion sense. Braids here are done from the Crown area in a French plait manner such that each of the strands has quite an amount of volume.

Elsa Inspired Braids

5. Woven Braid Hairstyle

This is a typical Elsa inspired hairstyle. Here the Crown area has an elevated updo and the latter portion of the hair is braided in the French plait manner. For a carefree vibe, you can add random strands from the sides to incorporate in the fishtail braid. After the hairstyle is complete, spray some hair setting gel spray so that your hairstyle is all set and don’t fall out. The hairstyle indeed exuberates a romantic charm.

Elsa Inspired Braids

6. Elsa Inspired Wedding Braid Hairstyle

This braid hairstyle looks exceptionally classy and has a very pretty charm. This style is appropriate for wedding days. It is a minimalistic and sophisticated hairstyle which is also very easy to carry. The hair color chosen here is white. The color can be symbolic and very representative of the movie. If you are having a themed wedding on a chilly winter day, then no hairstyle can beat this particular one. Pair this hairstyle with a gorgeous white-colored gown.

Elsa Inspired Braids

7. Undone Elsa Braid Hairstyle

Every bread has a distinct appearance. To style this hairstyle, you will require a texturizing spray. A smart thing to give your hair the natural volume is to turn your head upside down and shuffle your hair up a bit. This will add not only texture and body but also a great deal of volume that has been created naturally. After flipping your hair back in position, create sections that are even and tie them up in the French braid hairstyle manner. The braid will be one-sided and secure the end of the bun with a transparent elastic band.

Elsa Inspired Braids

8. Highlighted Elsa Braid

Fashion is all about changing the trends. For each new season, there comes a new hairstyle and this season the trendiest hairstyle is the Elsa braids. In this recreated Elsa braid hairstyle, the beauty quotient is quite high. Gone are the days of the age-old traditional braid styles. Let fishtails be the style factor as you browse through several hairstyles. These braids are loose braid and so elegant. A lot of volume is added to the crown area and after the braid is done the highlights come in such a pretty way that the entire look of the hairstyle becomes a piece of real art.

Elsa Inspired Braids

9. The Blonde Fishtail Hairstyle

In this hairstyle blonde color is actual USP. This hairstyle can be done on hair that is thin and short after you have induced volume in the hair, thereafter putting hair on one side and start to braid in a fishtail manner. Tie such that the base is broad and when it comes downwards, it is slightly tapered. Secure the narrow end of the fishtail braid with an elastic rubber band so that it is not visible. This hairstyle indeed is a pretty and an inspired style. The blonde fishtail hairstyle is indeed a style that can never grow old. It is a very trendy hairstyle.

Elsa Inspired Braids

10. High Pony Fishtail Braid

This Style has a very quirky note added to it. The style incorporates the braid and ponytail, both of which are high in fashion. To do this hairstyle, you will need to do it neatly. Pull your hair in a high ponytail after you have done the Pony, braid from the base of the Ponytail in a fishtail manner. After the fishtail is done, keep 2 inches gap between the loose end of the braid. Secure it with a rubber band. This hairstyle is appropriate for gym and another such physical activity where you need to sweat a lot yet style is something you can never let go.

Elsa Inspired Braids

11. Wedding Inspired Elsa Hairstyle

Fairy tales have always provided a source of inspiration for women. There has always been an element of a dream that girls at some point in their lives, wanted to turn it into a reality. The hairstyle is one of the most admired styles, girls have always lived to look like them. The princess, Elsa’s wedding hairstyle, can be an ideal one. On a wedding day, every bride wants to look like a princess, no matter how old she is. This hairstyle can be definitely tried on. The blonde color of the hair resonates with the Elsa hairstyle. And the fishtail braid is just like the one you see in the movie.

Elsa Inspired Braids

12. The Accessorized Elsa Inspired Hairstyle

In this hairstyle the look created is Princess Elsa in a perfect way possible. The braid is however, incorporated with a certain amount of laugh which makes the look a very carefree one. The one-sided braid after it is complete can be decorated with blue flowers and place it in between the crevices of the strand. The incorporation of the blue accessories will accentuate the look even more. The color blue is chosen to balance with the thematic look of the color code blue. This hairstyle will be very charming and go well with a themed party look.

Elsa Inspired Braids

13. Loose Elsa Inspired Hairstyle

Braids are an all-time hit hairstyle. One can indeed never go wrong with the braided hairstyle. However, with so much variety in the hairstyles of a braiding technique, one might be confused as to which style to choose. Well, if you want to look like a princess, then this Loose Elsa inspired hairstyle is definitely a great try. The braid is tied in the fishtail braiding style. However, after you have tied the hair loosely, make sure to pull out the in-between strands. This gives more volume to the hair and thus creates a carefree look. Use a texture spray to set the hair properly in place.

Elsa Inspired Braids

14. Elsa Braid For Beginners

As the primary braid seems to be interesting yet complicated this easy beginner’s style is perfect for the amateurs. To recreate the style this simplified look is great and gives the effect of Elsa’s braid. The excellent thing about this type is that you can do away with the fishtail. Gather the hair by making a mid-section on the crown area. Take three sections and braid this section a little. Then take the rest of the hair from below and start to join the two strands making this braid work as the middle strand. This hairstyle can be done in the hair of small girls with long or medium hair and get her ready for her Frozen-themed birthday party.

Elsa Inspired Braids

15. Fishtail Dutch Braid

The Dutch fishtail braid can also be claimed as a hairstyle that looks like the Elsa braid hairstyle. First, prepare your hair for the braid. Spray up for some extra grip and texture. After that start the side braid from the side scalp area. After that start to weave in the rest of the hair in the front along with this section of braid to make a long trail of the fishtail braid. This side-aligned braid with the bouffant front part gives a sophisticated look. This neat fishtail braid hairstyle will give you a sassy look.

Elsa Inspired Braids

16. Romantic Elsa Braid Hairstyle

This particular hairstyle is replete with feminine charm and overall, the ultimate look created is indeed very dreamy and romantic. As the Elsa braid has a side alignment, so does this braid. The braid is done in a fishtail braid manner and such that even if there are some loose end hair sticking out here and there, it is not a big issue. The effect of the hair increases further with the carefree way of styling. You can place a very pretty crown of stones and place a hair accessory in between the braids. This hairstyle is just appropriate for wedding day or such occasions that demand you to actually dress-up in a royal way.

Elsa Inspired Braids

17. Simple Three-Strand Braid

If you love the Elsa princess hair look yet do not want to go to so much fuss of trying the fishtail or the Dutch braid, this hairstyle is your forte. Plain and simple yet resonates with the style of Elsa braid; this hairstyle is also for the novice. Put your hair all to one side of the shoulder and take three strands by sectioning the individual strand. Now tie up in the technique where you put the left strand over the middle and then right strand over the middle. Carry on with this technique neatly and there you go! The simplest Elsa braid hairstyle is done. You can pair this simple hairstyle with jeans and a tank top. This particular style is indeed versatile and can be worn as a daily hairstyle.

Elsa Inspired Braids

18. Fat Braid Hairstyle

This hairstyle too is done on the side resonating the theme of Elsa. The braid is tied up very loosely. First, you need to brush the hair properly and put it in one side. Now section the hair in large strands of three. Start to braid in the simple three-strand hair technique where you put the left strand over the middle and then right strand over the middle. Thereafter as the basic braid is done, join new large strands of hair to form a fat textured braid. Tug out the strands of the second braid to pull out and give a loosely structured effect. To end the hairstyle effectively, do not forget to spray some hair setting solution. The spray will let the hair sit properly and hold the volume in place very appropriately. Pair up dignified black short dares with this hairstyle and make the look very sophisticated.

Elsa Inspired Braids

19. Ponytail Braid Hairstyle

This hairstyle is for the ponytail lovers. Comb your hair clean and then tie it up in a ponytail such that the scalp area is stretch and is perfectly stuck to give a tidy approach. Do remember to take one section and leave the rest. This rest of the hair is adjacent joints in the pony to give a fluffed –up ponytail braid hairstyle. The hairstyle looks super cute and adorable. It is appropriate for young girls. Also, you can incorporate cute looking floral hair accessories in the joints of this braid. The overall look of this hairstyle is indeed super sweet. This hairstyle is appropriate if you have medium length hair or long hair. The hairstyle will look gorgeous when the hair is highlighted.

Elsa Inspired Braids

20. Flat Braid Hairstyle

The hairstyle has a very broad look at it if you have hair that is highlighted then this hairstyle definitely for you. In the hairstyle, as stated earlier braid in a side looped hairstyle. The braids are tied in such a loose manner that the strands should be pulled out after the braid is tied. The front section can be enhanced more by bringing in two to three strings of hair from the front to give a carefree and charming look. This hairstyle ends up in such a way that the highlights fall beautifully at some places of the hair. Pair this highlighted flat braid hairstyle with a lace top to enhance the appeal.

Elsa Inspired Braids


21. Ginger Spice Dutch Braid

If you are looking for inspiration for an everyday hairstyle, a classic Dutch braid can be perfect for you. Take a small section from the top of your head and start braiding in an inverted way, unlike the standard braid. Braid throughout the length of your hair. The ginger spice hair color is less intense than fiery red and gives an autumn feel.

princess elsa inspired braid for long red hair


22. Copper French Braid

A French braid works on medium and long-length hair. Start braiding your hair near the forehead and continue braiding along the length of your hair. Secure the braid with a hair tie. The warm copper shade adds shine to your hair. You can accessorize your hair with different clips and flowers.

princess elsa inspired braid with flowers


23. Messy Puff

The hair is kept loose and messy, just like Princess Elsa’s. Use a blow-dryer for a lift, comb back your hair at the top, and create a loose puff with stray locks framing your face. Divide your hair into three equal sections and twist them around each other, keeping your hair lax. The blonde highlights provide detailing to the sections of the braid.

elsa braid with dirty blonde hair


24. Double Braids

If you have fine hair, you can opt for double Dutch braids. Side-part your hair and start braiding your hair close to your forehead near the parting. Create a braid along the length of your hair and secure your braid. Roll a section of your around the hair tie. Repeat at the other side and pull out the sections of your braid to make them look bigger and thick.

woman with elsa inspired two braids hairstyle


25. Voluminous Side Braid

A big and voluminous side braid requires long and dense hair. You can use hair extensions for length and volume. Gather all your hair to the side and start braiding from a little below the top of your head like a pigtail. Your dark hair with chocolate brown highlights makes the braid intense and eye-catchy.

elsa braid for thick long hair


26. The Bridal Crown

Create a bridal crown with your fine, long blonde hair. Side-part your hair and start braiding a little away from the forehead. Take in sections of hair as you keep on pleating. Create a side-Dutch braid. The caramel hair shade blends perfectly with your pale skin. Perfect for an outdoor spring wedding.

princess elsa inspired wedding braid hairstyle


27. Twisted Braid

Create a side part and gather all your hair falling over one shoulder. Separate your hair into two clear sections and gently twist them around each other to achieve this braid. Create side-swept bangs with your hair by sweeping them over your forehead. A ribbon running through the twisted strands creates the bow design throughout your braid.

elsa braid for long blonde hair


28. Double French Braids

Start by making a middle part and comb your hair nicely. Create a French braid on one side. Tie the braid in an unfastened way with wispy strands coming out of it. Tie the hair on the other side in a similar manner. The dark to blonde Ombre hair paired with messy braids gives a hippie finish to your look.

princess elsa inspired braid for long hair


29. Untidy Twists And Knots

The untidy hair embraces the messy look with no visible braiding pattern. Tousle your hair over one shoulder. Twist your wavy hair at the side and add small spiral knots to your hair. White highlights and ends are a feature of Princess Elsa-inspired braids. Use a lot of accessories to push the untidy effect.

elsa braid with blonde highlights


30. Frozen Hairdo With A Fishtail

Among Princess Elsa-inspired braids, this hairstyle features a fishtail instead of a standard braid. The hair on the top is messed-up. A thick fishtail braid is created by keeping the hair loose and pulling the sections. A side fishtail braid is connected to it for further styling. A caramel balayage creates a beautiful cascading effect.

elsa inspired blonde ombre braids


Hairstyles have the power to give you a whole new look. A look that is indeed personality-changing. This hairstyle has become popular after the movie Frozen from the house of Disney. This Elsa princess hairstyle has created a rage and women have loved the style since. With so many distinct styles of braid, this hairstyle has fetched the name from the protagonist Elsa and thus the birth of the Elsa braid hairstyle. If you are wondering about which one to select, check the style that resonates with your face, hair texture and type. There is so much variation even in Elsa’s braid hairstyle. Get the gorgeous and royal princess-like look now!

Princesses Elsa Inspired Braids