How To Do Ez Braids

How To Do Ez Braids – Step by Step Guide

EZ braids are pre-stretched extensions that can be used for braiding and other such styling methods. The EZ braid has become a favorite consumer product for many of its users. It is made of superior quality and aligns with your natural hair quite perfectly.

A key feature of the EZ braid is that it is made with itch-free fiber, which is also anti-bacterial. This is a huge advantage over normal extensions that start to itch after a few days or weeks and can cause quite the trouble when the hair is tucked in as braids. The fiber is also developed in such a way to keep it lastingly fresh and clean. As we mentioned before, the number one advantage of this product is that it is pre-stretched hair. Therefore, with pre-stretched hair fabric, you no longer need to spend hours to stretch the hair to use them for styling purposes manually.

Pre-stretched hair is naturally flawless and smooth, and you just need to use it on your hair; no additional work is required. Same a lot of time on styling and look stunning at the same time. So, how do we use EZ braids in doing braided styles? Read more to find out how to do an EZ braid by yourself.

How To Do Ez Braids

Supply You’ll Need To Make EZ Braids

  • Comb
  • EZbraid hair extensions of chosen length and color
  • Styling gel and styling wax

Steps To Make EZ Braids

  1. Doing the EZbraid is as simple ad doing a normal box braid itself. EZ braids have been specially developed for braiding purposes, so it is way better than normal extensions, and you can feel the difference once you have tried out both.
  2. First, divide your hair into equal sections. With the EZbraid, it’s easier to start working from the bottom sections, so make sure that the rest of the hair is tied up. Starting from the
  3. Take hair from one section and braid it till you reach the end of the original length of your hair. Once you reach the end, take your EZbraid, gently fold it in, and then tuck the folded side with the sections of the hair you are braiding.
  4. After both the original braids and the extensions have been tied together, begin the process of making a stitch, or just doing the normal braid style.
  5. Repeat these steps until you braid your whole hair. Once you’ve completed braiding, you can cover your whole head with a hot towel or use hot water to secure the braids and give a neat look.

You are now ready to go out and rock your look.

Do EZ braids cause itching?

No, it does not. The hair is made with itch-free and anti-bacterial fiber with a special focus on reducing the itch. Itchy scalp is a major issue, but with EZ braids, you can simply wear these extensions as it is and don’t need to do any extra DIYs or home remedies to curb the itchiness.

What is the length of the EZ braid?

The typical length of EZ braid is 20 inches, but you can also get extensions up to 26 – 28 inches.

How many packs of EZ braid will I need to do full braiding?

Around 8-9 packs are sufficient enough to cover your entire head. You don’t need to buy each pack separately; usually, it comes as a set of 8 packs itself.

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