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50 Hairstyles for Women Over 50 with Thick Hair

September 13, 2018
hairstyles for women over 50 with thick hair

Every lady desires to have a thick mane, but the ones who have it, find quite challenging to maintain it. Thick hair looks fantastic but it is their monolithic natural character that makes them a bit boring. A wrong haircut for your thick mane can ruin the entire look, and your hair will look artificial without any movement or bounce. Thus you need such hairstyles that show off the ends and enhance them by adding the required movement. Such haircuts will flatter the tresses and look very flattering on you.

One length cuts should be avoided, and progressive cuts with grades should be adopted, as it will make your style more dynamic. Tips of thick locks are bound to look dry and sticky; hence you should avoid it by providing them regular trims. Use good quality hair styling products as the weaker products will not give you the desired hold.

Here are 50 hairstyles for women over 50 with thick hair which will surely awestruck you. Have a look:

Simple and straight hairstyle

The beauty of simple longs, thick, straight hair can never be denied. They are a beauty to be cherished, it is difficult to maintain the length, but you can style it anyway or even let it open with some accessory, whatever the case may be these hair are a treat. Moisturize your hair and include nutritious elements in your diet to maintain the tresses.

Short waves

Side partitioned hair with short soft waves are something to die for, and on thick hair, the beauty of waves simply enhance. The curls need to be maintained as lack of proper moisture can break the curls. Add tiara or clips to enhance the beauty of the curls.

Hairstyle with ending waves

Long straight cascading hair that end in waves looks stunning. Beautify it with clips or the lower waves can also be colored to enhance their look. Curl the hair with rollers and use holding products to hold the waves. Any shinning product can be used to add shine to the hair.

Shoulder length straight hair

It is difficult to maintain thick hair thus shortening the length of hair can be a big relief. Shoulder length straight hair is easy to maintain. Maintain the straight hair with smoothening and straightening products. Such hair is a blessing and can be easily styled, or any braid of your choice can be done on it. It’s a great hairstyle for women over 50 with thick hair as it will be easy to maintain it.

Pixie cut

Thick hair with short pixies cut is a boon as it is fuzz free and easy to maintain. Style it simply with gel and let the crown shine in its full glory. It will make you look modern and take off years from your face thus an apt style for women above 50.

Layered cut for shoulder length hair

Middle partition of hair with the sides teased a bit to add volume to the already thick hair looks stunning and is simple; thus it is apt for older women hairstyle. The layers fall gracefully on the sides of the cheeks adding a soft frame to the face. Any accessory or streaks can be added to the hair and add a bit of glam look to the otherwise simple style.

Soft coiled hair

Long hair that have soft coils looks very beautiful, and thickness of hair adds to its beauty. Simply no accessory is needed to enhance its beauty. It is appropriate hairstyle for thick hair, maintain it with lots of conditioning as the length and thickness will require it the most. Regular trims will give fresh look the hair.

Long layers

Side partition with puffed hair and ending in layers looks classic and apt as older women hairstyle. Simple to style and with the use of holding products it can be maintained. Use a simple long earring to sneak from the hair to make it apt look for the party.

Middle parted long straight hair

The long straight thick hair has its charm which is evergreen. It is a style that can never go out of fashion. Part it from the middle and let the tresses fall on your shoulder from the side of the cheeks and see how beautifully they give soft frame to your face and take away the signs of aging making it an apt hairstyle for older women.

Bun with tendrils

Middle partition of hair with bun and side tendrils look very feminine and the tendrils fall near the eyes taking off the years from face thus making it an apt style for women above 50. It is an easy style and can be done at home with almost no tools.

Side-parted layered cut

Side partition hair with soft layers look beautiful and yet it is a simple style without much efforts it can be created at home. Regular trims to maintain the freshness of layers will be required. The side layer falls on the face covering half the forehead and thus looks very beautiful and feminine.

Back brushed layers

The layers are up to the shoulder length. With a bit of teasing on the roots, add to the volume and height of the hair thus looks very glamorous and it is a suitable hairstyle for women with thick hair. No styling products or tools are needed to recreate the style at home.

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The flying waves

Side partition hair with layers that fall on the shoulders covering the sides of the face giving the face a soft frame. With rollers curl the hair and let them fall playfully on your face. Keep the makeup subtle as the hair will steal the show. Maintain the tresses with regular moisturizing to maintain the beauty of the hair. Layers will help to manage the thickness of the hair easily.

Short round cut

The cute short round cut looks cute with thick hair and is a fuzz-free option as it needs no efforts to maintain it. Thus it is a hairstyle for women with thick hair. Side partition the hair looks great as it covers some part of the forehead. Add a tiara or cute clips to enhance the beauty of this style.

Side low bun

The hair has been side partitioned steeply, and a low bun on the side has been made. An effortless style to be recreated at home.  Thick hair can be easily styled in this style which is easy to manage too. The cute stone studded arrow pin looks very ravishing with this style thus it is apt for the party. It is a hairstyle for elderly women as they can maintain and style it very easily.

Bangs with soft waves

Bangs can easily frame your face and help to distract attention from the signs of aging. Thus with this style, you will look younger, and the soft waves can be done with rollers. Use holding products to style the soft waves. Thick hair can be really flaunted with this style. Women above 50 can easily adapt this style as it will add more grace on their face.

Messy curls

The curls itself look exciting and on thick hair, they just look ravishing. It is a suitable hairstyle for women with thick hair. The curls need to be maintained as lack of protein and moisture can break the curls thus dampen the look. Apt style for women as it can be streaked or braided or even tied in a bun.

Long luscious waves

The beauty of long luscious waves can never be defined in words. The curls are back brushed looks cute and very stylish. With rollers, the hair can be curled, and with setting products, the curls will maintain the hold. Use taming products to keep the hair from flying. It is a great style for women above 50, but women of any age can adopt it.

Messy low bun with tendrils

The messy low side bun with soft tendrils give the soft feminine look and also frame the face beautifully and take off the years from the face. The bun makes it easier to manage thick hair, which are otherwise very difficult to be handled.  It is a no-fail hairstyle for women over 50 with thick hair.

High puff with a bun

The hair has been puffed to give height, and the low bun at the back looks uber smart and sassy. Holding product to hold the style is needed. It is a style that can be recreated at home. Thick hair can be easily styled in this hairstyle and women with thick hair can use it to look ready for the board meeting or any event.

Teased ponytail

On a bad hair day or even good hair day, this style is apt. Women with thick hair can easily opt this style as it will make it easier to manage thick hair. Moreover, this style is very crisp and edgy thus take off years from your age, and even women above 50 can make it their staple style. Use some taming products to keep your hair from flying.

Pony with braids

Tightly back brushed hair with spread out pony and a bun to add to its beauty is a hairstyle for women with thick hair. People might think pony hairstyle is not meant for parties but with this style, a pony with braids can prove to be a perfect style for any party. Nice danglers with this style will complete the look and make you ready for the party and will steal the show. Use taming products or gel to keep your hair from flying.

Long choppy layers

Thick hair looks the best in medium length haircuts for thick hair with low light layering. The hair has been teased at the roots to give a perfect style for the party. Women above 50 will also find it apt as it is easy to maintain it and even the weight of thick hair can be easily handled.

Long shaggy hairstyle

Today is the era of long thick hair to be in layers as it looks interesting and can be easily managed also. Thus women with long and thick hair can opt for this style. This style will add sheen and volume to your otherwise limp hair. This style will help you to rock the party, just add some braids to create the flavor of elegance with this style. The short side bang covering the forehead looks very stunning and stylish.

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Shinning straight hair

Shinning straight hair gelled in place looks entirely fit for any corporate meet. It is a stunning style that can be recreated at home with a straightener and smoothening product. Thick hair if styled like this look stunning and are easy to manage at the same time. Women above 50 will definitely look more graceful with this style.

Topknot with a front puff

The steep straight hair has tied in a puffed style at the crown portion, and the lengths have been tied in a top knot with a simple pin. An easy office-ready style that will tame your thick hair and give you the sassy edgy look. Use gel to tame the hair and adorn simple studs to complete the formal look. Women above 50 will look very stunning with this style.

Shoulder length edgy style

This style has apt length and ends exactly above the shoulder and is tucked behind the ears to give the face a solid confident look. This style looks perfect on any face type. The hair have side partition and gelled to give the sleek look. Use of gel has also been done to tame the hair. Wear some bold earrings with the style as it will compliment your style. It is an apt style for thick hair as the use of gel will help to handle the hair easily.

Bangs with half hair updo

Bangs are so pretty, they conceal the signs of aging since they lie precisely above the eyes covering the major part of the forehead; thus bangs are the best option for women above 50. Also the rest of your hair is done in a half updo which makes it so easy to manage. The hairstyle is the best of the two worlds open hair, but has no difficulty in managing it. Regular trims to maintain the length of bangs is needed.

Teased back brush

The hair is teased at the roots, and some volume has been added to the thick hair. Holding products will be needed to hold the teased hair. If the volume of thick hair is too much to manage a loose bun can be opted to ease out things, women with thick hair are naturally suitable for this hairstyle.

Lob with balayage

Shoulder-length middle-partitioned hair with lob and balayage is an excellent option for women with thick hair. It will help you in managing the length and will also make you look sexy. Thick hair is ideally suitable for layered texture as it adds to its beauty. This is a flattering hairstyle for women with thick hair.

Bouncy layers

limp look or being too flat, but with such layers, this statement will just be a myth. The layers are flicked with the straightener and some holding products to maintain the flick might be needed. Use taming products to keep your hair from frizzing or flying. Middle partition of hair adds to the youthful looks thus women above 50 should give it a try.

The cascading curls

Middle partition and the cascading curls in the hair to take off years from your face is a blissful look. Try the look at the next party and leave a deep impact on all. Use rollers and holding products to get the gorgeous curls. No accessory will be needed, even the makeup should be subtle. Simply means, with these curls you need nothing. Wear big earrings with the curls could be the best option for the party.

Wavy hairstyle for women with thick hair

Loose curls have been in a rage for quite some time, and their popularity does not seem to fade away. For thick hair, this style adds movement making them look elegant. A try style for women with thick hair as managing the thick hair will become so easy. Use a simple clutch or clip to further enhance the look with great ease.

Shaggy thinned out layers for thick hair

This is a style that will give frame to your face and the bounce needed for thick hair. Blow dry the hair with serum and shinning products to nail the look will be needed. Soft middle partition looks very sassy and feminine.

Bangs with sleek straight hair

The bangs are longer and slightly twisted at the sides. It looks very feminine as the hair cover the entire forehead falling sideways and making the style apt for women above 50. The straight hair has been slightly rolled inwards with rollers and use of holding products to let it be the same.

Vintage curls in half updo

The hairstyle has been tied in a half updo. The hair has been gelled to keep them from flying, and the hair in the half updo has been done in vintage curls thus make it a good option for women with thick hair as thick hair are beautifully managed in curls. Wear small earrings to complete the look.

Streaked, teased short bob

Bob cut is an evergreen option and women above 50 can also grace it as it will look good and will be easy to manage also. Streak the hair and tease them here and there, add a soft middle partition and use a setting spray and you are ready to rock the day. Thick hair looks really ravishing with this short bob style.

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Jagged lob with long side bangs

Jagged lobs are functionally the best hairstyle for thick hair, and if women above 50 adopt it, they look young. It is all due to the essence that they give off they are so popular. The uneven chops work well on full thick manes as there is lots of volume and movement to keep the hairdo looking rich and luscious. The long side bangs take off years from the face. Blow dry with some tricks can help to recreate the style at home.

The sleek straight pony

The back brushed side partitioned tightly tied pony is apt for the bad hair day or to get the professional look for the next board meeting. Use gel to hold the hair and prevent them from flying. Use a straightener to recreate the look. Wear long thin earrings to look stunning

Teased and curled

Tease the hair at the front, and the then tie the tresses in a pony and curl them in the retro style. It is a simple, classic style and apt hairstyle for thick hair as more the curls more is the beauty of the style. A very crisp and edgy hairstyle for the women of the era.

Flamboyant loose curls

Loose curls are in rage and this style on thick long tresses is mesmerizing. Soft partition of the front part with loose half updo and then curling the hair in loose curls will add to your beauty and grace and women above 50 need to consider this style for the next party.  A minimal style yet quite impactful hairstyle to be recreated.

Volume and with the bun

It is a ravishing style yet simple and classic style. Adopt the style for the red carpet event and shine in your full glory. The front hair is tied in a back brushed style with clips, and the remaining have been done in a bun to help in efficiently handling the thick tresses. Wear big dazzling earrings with the bun and live everyone smitten.

V-cut choppy layers

A straight long bob is a great style for those who have thick hair. It add more bounce and movement to your hair making them more attractive. Choppy layers give slightly shaggy yet very feminine look thus older women with thick hair can use this style to take off years from your face. Apt style for any face type.

Medium shag cut

Shag cuts have gained immense popularity and there is no doubt in understanding why it is so. The messy waves add sexy movement and bounce to the hair and add great texture to the thick hair. Thick hair can be easily managed with longer layers as the volume need not be sacrificed but the beauty is enhanced.

Slightly side parted long curls

For thick hair, this is an excellent style which will tame your hair perfectly. Comb your hair, slightly part them, keep it straight or little wavy near the mane and create curls at the edges. Let the hair fall freely, giving you a more stunning look.

Short sectioned updo

Since you have short but thick hair, you can definitely try this hairstyle. It will give you a new bold and sexy look. Comb your hair, take small sections from the front, tease your hair backwards and make a small updo with it. Use a small band to tie it on your hand, keep doing the same with the rest of the hair and you are done.

Middle parted loose curly hair

Women over 50 always look for such hairstyles which they can easily manage and carry. Simply comb your hair, show your natural curls. Create a middle partition and flaunt your hair. Use hairspray to set the hair.

Curvy bob cut for shoulder length hair

With this hairstyle you can easily tame your thick hair. Use a straightener to straighten the hair, keep them a little curvy at the edge. Middle-part the hair to get a great hairstyle. It’s easy to maintain and carry and requires very less products for its maintenance.

Messy updo with side bangs

It’s a natural hairstyle, pull your hair back and make a messy updo. Keep the front bangs as it is, slightly part them from the middle so that they fall on your forehead, giving you a classy look.

Long pony with side bangs

For women with long thick hair, having a pony is an excellent choice. Simply pull your hair backward and make a pony, let few of the tresses fall in front of your shoulder and rest on your back. Let the side bangs cover your forehead giving you a more attractive and alluring look.

You can try any of these hairstyles for women over 50 with thick hair and enjoy a new look.

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