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18 Unique Blue Highlights for a Stunning Look in 2024

Blue is a very glorious color that should be tried on hair sometimes. Getting blue highlights can be the best thing you can do for your hair this year. It’s a color not everyone thinks about getting usually. So step away from the dull hairstyle and give your hair a makeover.

Gift yourself and your hair this beautiful color with so many unique shades. We have made a full list of shades and variations of blue for your hair. So this year, be creative with your hair and do something like this.


Different Ways to Style Blue Highlights on Your Hair

Let’s put a full stop to your curiousness and take you on a tour of fabulous hairstyles.

Asymmetrical Bob Haircut

blue highlighted bob
Instagram / jollychandasatinrose

An asymmetrical bob haircut will look good if you have a round face. What will make that face look more beautiful are neon blue highlights.

When this beautiful color falls on your face, you’ll look lovely. Keep your hair straight or slightly bent to get a stunning look.


Light Brown Wavy Hair

blue highlights on light brown hair
Instagram / jacdyed

It’s not always necessary to put one light and one dark color together. Two lighter shades look beautiful too together. For example, face-framing pastel blue highlights will suit light brown hair.

You can curl your hair too for a stylish look. Just the hair coloring is enough, so there is no need to use hairpins or clips.


Blue Berry Wavy Hair

blue highlights on black hair
Instagram / christahairnmakeup

If you want a hair shade that perfectly blends your natural hair color, this might be right for you. For example, light berry color on your light black hair will be a great fusion.

Frizzy and wavy hair will come in handy here. However, keep your hair loose to flaunt the new color you just got.


Purple Amethyst Shade

dark hair with blue highlights
Instagram / marlenedoeshairr

When you run out of ways to style your long hair, give them a new color. For example, a purple amethyst shade is a totally out-of-the-box hair color idea. A half updo with sassy hair clips will flaunt this beautiful color. Don’t disturb the natural texture of your hair; let it be natural.


Pixie Cut for Older Women

blue highlights for older women
Instagram / saloneisfeld

You can always get highlights no matter what your age is. Just a little front section of your hair in this beautiful color will be perfect. Older women can totally rock this shade in a pixie haircut. The same colored specs will look very cool on you.


Half Knot Hairdo

blonde hair with blue highlights
Instagram / dana.shaktisalon

Sky blue highlighted hair will look very beautiful with loose waves. To show these streaks clearly, make a half-knot hairdo. Medium to long length hair will be perfect for making this hairstyle. You should try this hairstyle for your next casual outing.


Long Box Braids

box braids with blue highlights
Instagram / fatimabraidingstudio

Sure, box braids look very sassy and cool but have you tried coloring them? If not, then try it now. Beautiful blue braids in between black braids will look so amazing. Teenagers and college students should now include this hairstyle on their bucket lists.


Curly Ombre Bob

blue highlights for curly hair
Instagram / jmilesbeauty

Natural curls already look so beautiful, but they look more beautiful when you color them. So give your light brown hair a blue, buddy. We mean to say that sapphire color streaks will make your natural locks look so beautiful.


Wavy Pixie for Thick Hair

blue highlights on brown hair
Instagram / hiushuolto.mard

Blue highlights on wavy brown hair give the appearance of waves on the ocean. Brown hair is surely going to add to this illusion. If you have naturally wavy hair, get a pixie haircut for a fabulous look.


Color Fusion

blue and purple highlights
Instagram / haircuttersinthepark

The color fusion of blue and purple will look magical on your long hair. The wavy hair texture definitely makes this fusion look ten times better. Don’t aim for any particular layer; combine these two colors in any way you want.


Blue & Teal Hair

medium hair with blue highlights
Instagram / belibeautyyy

How about getting highlights on dark blue hair? Though your hair will be colored in a shade of blue, teal, dark blue streaks will be perfect for them. This combination is going to look so beautiful when you actually try it.


Long Side-Swept Thin Hair

white hair with blue highlights
Instagram / stephanie_hair4dayz

As you grow older, your hair becomes thinner and white. Blue highlights can also give your thin hair a fuller impression and match the white hair. Get most of your hair in bright blue color to cover the thinness of your scalp hairline.


Ocean Color Streaks

blue highlights for long hair
Instagram / pilibhitgleemprofessionals

Are you obsessed with the oceans? Get the beautiful color of oceans for your hair. Face framing highlights will be perfect if you have a long or wide face. Having long hair will be an advantage here. The more the color is seen, the more it looks gorgeous.


 Afro Hair

black woman with blue highlights
Instagram / yvetteyourstylist

Most black woman has the gift of beautiful afro hair. Sometimes it can be confusing to style such beautiful locks.

Lapis shade of blue will make those curls looks so beautiful.  Getting your hair colored in layers will give you a gorgeous look. You’ll look like a stylish nerd who knows how to rock any hairstyle.


Half Braided Hair

braided hair with blue highlights
Instagram / cosmohairbyjj

Get most of your hair in azure color and see how shiny it makes your hair look. Make a half braided hairstyle if you have long hair. Use a beautiful scrunchie to tie your braids. It’s a very simple but beautiful look for students.


Multicolor Highlights

short hair with blue highlights
Instagram / shycheygorgeousity

Older women can now flaunt their white hair in style with blue highlights. Teal and light purple shades in straight layers all over will look great. This color combination will drive the attention away from your wrinkles. You’ll be the light of the room when you style your hair in such away.


Green Curly Shag

green hair with blue highlights
Instagram / hair_nature_by_alek

Do you know which unique color totally goes with the cerulean shade? It’s green in color! Both of these colors are so beautiful and go well with each other. Additionally, your natural curls will make this hairstyle look much better. Curly bangs will also look beautiful.


Long Face Framing Streaks

dark blue highlights
Instagram / sambemystylist

Everyone is familiar with how face-framing short hair looks. But try colored and long face-framing streaks this time.They’ll make your face look long enough, even if it’s not real. The azure shade will be the perfect choice for thin and light hair.


Blue highlights can be your hair transformation of the year. But, trust us, whoever will see you after this major makeover will not be able to recognize you at first. This is because all of the shades mentioned by us are unique.

Whichever shade you’re going to pick for your hair, you’ll look gorgeous in it. Flaunt your hair in the office, dance class, your kid’s school, or any place you like to show it off.