How To Do Lemonade Braids – Step by Step Guide

Lemonade braids have been around for a long time now. But you probably think it became popular only in the last few years because lemonade braids were previously known as just side braids. They used to be a fairly popular hairstyle. Still, They grew in an explosion like popularity in 2016 when the braids were featured throughout in Beyoncé’s music album, which goes by the name Lemonade. Ever since that debut, lemonade braids have become one of the most popular braids hairstyles and are done in many versatile ways that look colorful, exuberant, and all kinds of lovely.

Basically, lemonade braids are just micro braids and cornrows that are worn to the side. A typical feature in this side-swept cornrow style is the long length of the hair. It can go as far as till your waist and are a very low-maintenance protective hairstyle. You can wear them without any trouble for up to 2 months. Although lemonade braids can be done with your normal hair itself, they look their best when they have extensions combined with them. You can try colorful extensions or single color extensions with beads, yarns, cuffs, and various other dashing hair accessories to get that wholesome look.

In this article, we’ll be looking at how you can do the classic side-swept lemonade braids by yourself with very little supplies.

Supplies You’ll Need To Make Lemonade Braids

  • For a basic look, a comb and hair extensions are all you’ll need
  • But for more complex and colorful looks, you’ll need different kinds of accessories like beads, yarns, strings, cuffs, etc.
  • Hairclips
  • Hair ties
  • Elastic hairbands

How To Do Lemonade Braids

Steps to do a Lemonade Braids

  1. As always, the first step is to wash and moisturize your hair with shampoo and conditioner and then let it dry completely. In fact, a wash and dry routine like this one is a standard procedure you should do before attempting any braided hairstyle. Remember that your hair is going to be locked in for longer durations, so you need to keep your hair and scalp clean, healthy, and hydrated.
  2. With a comb, preferably a rat-tail comb, take out one section of your hair from the top middle creating a U-shaped partition. This section will be done only later, so tie it up or secure it with a hair tie.
  3. Starting from the nape of your neck, divide your hair into straight horizontal sections. Create a base braid right on the nape by braiding your hair horizontally from one side to the other. Once you have done a few stitches, add in your extensions and then continue braiding your hair again by combining both your natural hair and synthetic hair. To do this, fold your extensions or bent them in half to form a u-shape. The right side of your extension should be added into the right strand of your normal hair braid. The left strand then becomes the middle part and continue making stitches similarly.
  4. With every 2 or 3 stitches, add more extensions to get that fuller and thicker look. When you have reached your desired length of the braid, tie and secure it with an elastic hairband.
  5. Repeat the above processes for each section, all the way from the back to the top till you cover your whole head.
  6. Next, untie the front section that we had separated in the beginning. Divide this into further small sections and do the braids in the same manner as described above. Instead of completely towards the sides, the hair on this upper section can be braided down towards the direction of your face. Add extensions for every two stitches and it will create the side-swept bangs look.
  7. And with that, your whole head is lemonade braided.
For how long can I wear my lemonade braids?

They are perfectly safe to wear for as long as 4-5 weeks, and you can even extend its life for up to 8-9 weeks if you do proper maintenance. But make sure not to wear them for longer than 8-9 weeks.

How did lemonade braids get their name?

These braids get their name from Beyoncé’s music album Lemonade, which extensively featured this style.

Do lemonade braids offer the same protection as box braids?

Yes, they do. They provide superior protection to your hair, and since the hair is done in cornrows with extensions, your real hair would be very safe and healthy.