How To Do A Dutch Braid?

Dutch Braid is popularly known as a cousin of French Braid, also known as Boxer Braid. It is an elegant hair style, wherein you can have a double Dutch braid or a single one. Many celebrities love to have a Dutch Braid hairstyle.

Supply – Things needed to Make a Dutch Braid

  • Mirror
  • Hair brush or comb
  • Hair clip/clutch
  • Hair spray
  • Hair cream.

Steps to Make a Dutch Braid

How To Do A Dutch Braid?

Step 1: Make Your Hair Clean And Nit

Before you start your hairstyle, clean your hair by washing them with shampoo and water. Dry your hair. Detangle your hair, and your hair is ready for the Dutch Braid.

Step 2: Divide Your Hair Vertically In Two Even Parts

Divide your hair into two even parts vertically. You can use a simple hair comb or a Rat- tail hair comb. Now keep one part of hair open and tie the other half part with a hair clutch. We will be braiding the open part first.

Step 3: Braid The One Part

Now start braiding the open hair. Take some hair from the top middle part. Divide the hair into 3 parts. One of these three parts should be from the front hair. Now start braiding with these three parts. Cross the right part over the middle. Then cross the left part over the middle part. Now add some hair to the right part and cross it over the middle. Similarly, add some hair to the left part and then cross it over the middle part.

Try to add the same amount of hair to get perfect and even braid. Do this through your hair length and secure the hair with rubber once you reach the end. Keep adding hair to the Braid until the hair in that half part is included in the Braid. Make sure the hair is straight without any lumps to get perfect Braid.

You will have the Dutch Braid on the first half side.

Step 4: Braid The Other Part

Now follow the same steps for the other side of the hair.

Step 5: Pull The Braid To Make It Look Fuller

Now you are with the two Dutch braids. To make the braids look fuller, pull each section of the Braid gently with your fingers.

And your elegant Dutch Braid hairstyle is ready. You can master the hairstyle by doing it repeatedly until you get the perfect Braid.

For how long can I keep the Braid?

You can keep the Braid for one day. It is a really easy and quick hairdo, so you can do it daily. It is not a hairstyle which you can keep for more than 3 to 4 days.

How much time is required to do Dutch Braid?

It requires half an hour for an intermediate person to do it, whereas a professional hairstylist can do it in 10-15 minutes. You can reduce the time by practicing it, as its a quick hairstyle.

Can I add a hair extension to the Braid?

Yes, you can add hair extensions if your hair is short. You will have to embed the extension in your Braid at the start. Then braid the hair with the extension.

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