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Can I Use Olaplex 0 or Olaplex 3 on Dirty Hair?

Olaplex products have a vast, well-deserved following, but to get the best results, you must use them properly. Many people ask, “Can I use Olaplex 0 on dirty hair?”

You may think it’s alright, but unfortunately, you can’t use Olaplex 0 or Olaplex 3 on dirty hair if you want to achieve that coveted glassy, split-end-free look.

Can I Use Olaplex 0 on Dirty Hair?

No! You shouldn’t use Olaplex 0 on dirty hair. Olaplex 0 is a product you can use in tandem with Olaplex 3, and you should apply both to freshly washed, clean hair.

While either Olaplex 0 or Olaplex 3 will work well on their own, they compound upon the effects of each other when applied together.

Can I Use Olaplex 0 on Dirty Hair?
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Not really! While you technically can use both Olaplex 0 and Olaplex 3 on dirty hair, you simply won’t get the same results that you would from applying these treatments to clean, damp hair.

Since Olaplex products tend to be pretty expensive, salon-quality hair care tools, it’s wise to use them properly to get maximum results.

Essentially, you want to apply Olaplex 0 to clean and dry hair, and layer Olaplex 3 over it. Olaplex 0’s consistency is very liquidy and allows Olaplex 3 to adhere to the hair and sink in.

Therefore, the longer Olaplex 3 has to soak into damp, prepared, clean hair, the more it can work its magic. Let Olaplex 0 sink in for 10 minutes to prime your hair correctly before applying Olaplex 3.

Then, comb it through your hair with a wide-toothed comb. Then, you can let the mixture sit for another 10 minutes, or even longer if you want it to work its way into your hair.

Finish with the Olaplex line of shampoo and conditioners to make your locks look as lustrous as possible.

Can I Use Olaplex 3 on Dirty Hair?

Can I Use Olaplex 3 on Dirty Hair?

No! As with Olaplex 0, you should only use Olaplex 3 on clean hair. If you’re using it by itself, make sure that your hair is damp before applying it. Otherwise, the Olaplex 0 will make your hair wet enough for the product to adhere to your strands.

Using Olaplex products in the proper order increases their potency. However, while you will get some benefits from Olaplex no matter what state your hair is in, clean hair allows it to sink in more.

When dirty hair has a lot more product buildup, it can act as a barrier to Olaplex’s restorative qualities and prevent each strand from getting the love it needs.

Also, many people mistake Olaplex for a leave-in conditioner. However, it’s a bonding agent that strengthens your hair, not a nourishing treatment. As such, you need to rinse it out when you’re done and do other things, like regular hair masks, to keep your thirsty locks happy.

Olaplex 3 is one of the brand’s flagship products. If you have any Olaplex goods on your shelf, this one is probably it. If you’re unfamiliar with the benefits of using Olaplex 3, here are some things you can expect after applying it to freshly washed, damp hair.

  • Repairs and bonds damaged hair
  • Strengthens your existing hair and wards off future damage
  • Enhances your hair’s appearance
  • Minimizes split ends

In addition, you only need a small, dime-sized amount. Just remember to comb through your locks and apply the product evenly.

Why Do I Need To Clean My Hair Before Using Olaplex 0 And Olaplex 3?

Why Do I Need To Clean My Hair Before Using Olaplex 0 And Olaplex 3

Simply put, you need to clean your hair before using both Olaplex 0 and Olaplex 3 because the products can create a barrier between the Olaplex and your strands.

Dirty hair usually has a lot of oil build-up, plus mousse, gel, hairspray, or pomade, all of which can stop Olaplex in its tracks or only allow a little bit to get in.

This is especially true if the products you’re using are silicone-based or if there’s a lot of dry shampoo in there. Then, after you’ve let the Olaplex soak into your hair for the appropriate time, you can shampoo, condition, and style it as usual.

Although you can leave Olaplex on as long as you’d like, the products lose a lot of their potency when your hair dries. That’s why combining Olaplex 0 and 3 is so powerful; the Olaplex 0 keeps the base of the hair nice and damp. Realistically, you can wash out both products within about 30 minutes.

Since everyone’s hair care routine and needs are different, talk to your salon professional to see how often you should be applying Olaplex 0 and Olaplex 3.

Generally, it’s wise to use these products once a week, but if your hair has damage or is very fragile, your stylist may suggest applying them more often and cutting back your treatments once your hair is healthier.

So, Can I Use Olaplex 0 on Dirty Hair?

You shouldn’t use Olaplex 0 or Olaplex 3 on dirty hair as it prevents the products from fully locking to your hair follicles. In addition, the products are not as effective when you apply them to dry hair.

Having clean, damp hair will give Olaplex products the best chance of super-conditioning your hair thoroughly. 

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