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5 Reasons You Should Switch to A Wooden Hairbrush

Most people don’t understand why using a wooden hairbrush is better than using any plastic hairbrush on sale at the pharmacy; they just go for the cheapest products available. But the benefits of using wooden hairbrushes are plentiful, and the more you learn about them, the more likely you’ll decide to switch to wooden hairbrushes.

To start, let’s clarify a couple of essential points:

  • The term ‘wooden hairbrushes’ also refers to brushes made of another natural, vegan materials, such as bamboo. Think of it like this: if it had roots at some point, it’s considered ‘wooden’.
  • This article discusses the benefits of wooden hairbrushes that not only have wooden handles but that also have wooden or bamboo bristles.


Why Pick a Wooden Hairbrush?

It was challenging to narrow down our list of reasons for switching from plastic to wooden hairbrushes because there are so many benefits. Here are the top five we’ve come up with:

1. Gentle on Hair and Stimulates the Scalp

Benefits of wooden hair brush

No question about it, wooden hairbrushes do a better job of stimulating the all-important hair follicles on your scalp, and you know what they say, “Healthy scalp, healthy hair.”

Brushes with wooden bristles press against the skin and trigger acupressure points that encourage increased blood circulation. If you are experiencing thinning hair, using a wooden hairbrush can promote increased blood flow to your scalp, helping stimulate hair growth.


2. Nourishes and Protects the Hair

In addition to encouraging increased blood flow to the scalp’s follicles, wooden bristles also do a great job of removing dirt and transporting naturally occurring scalp oils from the roots of the hair down the length of the hair shaft. Your hair will benefit from better nutrient levels, and you’ll notice that it won’t appear as oily as before.

By distributing the nourishing sebaceous oils produced in the hair follicles, wooden hairbrushes reduce dry, itchy scalps and dandruff accompanying them. They also protect the hair against tangles and knots; over time, you will notice your hair has less breakage, resulting in a healthier, bouncier, and more glossy appearance and texture.


3. Combats Static Electricity in Your Hair

Fine and straight hair prone to static electricity; you know how difficult it can be to style your hair. You can avoid the problem forever when you switch to a wooden hairbrush. Wooden hairbrushes with wooden or bamboo bristles are naturally anti-static and help keep your hair looking tame and healthy.


4. Encourages More Brush Strokes

Firm and flexible wooden hairbrush handles ensure that each brush stroke is comfy and efficient. Wooden bristles feel fantastic and provide a stimulating scalp massage as you run them through your hair. And when your hand is comfortable and your scalp feels excellent? You tend to brush your hair more often and for more extended periods. More brushing means healthier and longer hair!


5. Good for the Planet

environment friendly wooden hairbrush

We don’t necessarily recommend tossing all your plastic brushes as soon as you finish reading this article (that would be wasteful and could cause more harm to the planet than good!).

That said, do consider selecting a wooden bamboo hairbrush the next time you need to purchase a new one. Doing so can prevent innumerable plastic, nonbiodegradable hairbrushes from being tossed into landfills.

Wooden hairbrushes are durable, and when you take good care of them, they can last for years, which also helps to reduce waste. The key to maintaining your wooden hairbrush in good condition is to avoid using it in the shower and keep it away from soap and water around your sink. Remove all excess dirt and hair after each use, and always leave it bristle-side-down on a dry counter.


Making the Switch to a Wooden Hairbrush

You won’t have any problems switching to a wooden hairbrush; they’re easy to find and come in various styles and sizes. They also work well on all hair types, another excellent benefit of using a wooden hairbrush instead of a plastic hairbrush. Whether your hair is as straight as a horse’s tail or as curly as a corkscrew, you’re sure to find a wooden hairbrush in a style and model that works best for you.

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