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How to Get Your Hair Color Back After Dyeing It Black

If you want to remove black hair color, you probably should have started out with a temporary or even semi-permanent black hair dye. This way, there is more of a chance that you can reverse the process.

If you went for a permanent look, your hair color is already gone! But there are ways to fade the black and re-color your hair to get it back to a shade you like.


The Problem with Permanent Black Hair Color

Permanent black dye is different from others. It requires more color molecules to get your hair so dark and keep it like that. So what it does is fill the hair on the inside, expand, and lock it in place. That’s a box dye.

If you got your color done in a salon, the stylist probably used a filler first, so that the black dye has more color molecules on the inside to stick to. This makes the color less likely to wash out. Wait, what?

Well, at least it won’t wash out easily. Okay, that’s not accurate. You’ll have to use bleach.

And because your hair is so dark, to preserve the integrity of your hair, it’s best to do so over three or four sessions. And it’s really optimal to use a professional service.


Permanent black dye is different in that it requires more color molecules to get your hair so dark and keep it like that.


Bleach Bath

bleach bath to remove permanent black hair dye

To use bleach, make a bleach bath instead by mixing one part bleach powder and one part 30-volume developer. Once mixed, add shampoo to the same volume and blend. To avoid damaging your hair and scalp, don’t lather it. Just let it sit for 10 or 20 minutes then rinse.


Removing Semi-Permanent Black Hair Dye

So you didn’t go permanent, that’s great! This means your natural color is still underneath the black, somewhere.

Luckily, semi-permanent hair colors are designed to only stain the hair cuticle, not the inside of the hair. But because black is so intense, some might have seeped into the interior of your hair shaft.

Either way, it will take some work to get the black out.

Expert’s Tip: But because black is so intense, some semi-permanent black dye may have seeped into the interior of your hair shaft.


Color Removers

Use Color Removers to Remove Semi-Permanent Black Hair Dye

Some of the most powerful products in removing hair color are Color Oops and Joico. You only need to follow the instructions. With Joico, you can add foil wrappers if you want your session to be more intense.


Clarifying Shampoo

Before you get started with a color remover, first try a clarifying shampoo to remove some of the pigment that’s sitting on the outside of your hair.

Some people swear by Dawn dish soap for this, but it can be extremely drying. Whichever you choose, start first by cleansing with something powerful.

Deep condition in sessions, one or two, until your hair feels normal again, then move to the color remover.


Removing Temporary Black Hair Dye

Congratulations! You chose the route that most people should take when considering whether to color their hair — choosing a temporary color. But maybe you didn’t know that black looks best on those with olive or brown complexions?

If it’s washing out your skin tone, no worries, temporary hair color is the easiest to remove. It only sits on the surface of the hair and doesn’t blend in with the hair cuticle or shaft.


Black hair color black looks best on those with olive or brown complexions look best on those with olive or brown complexions as it doesn’t wash their skin tone out.


Shampoo or Clarifying Shampoo

Use Shampoo to Remove Temporary Black Hair Dye

Let me qualify that, this is still black. So it might take some extra effort, especially if the color seeped into your hair cuticle.

Try a regular shampoo first. If that’s not as effective as you’d like, go for a clarifying shampoo. That should be ‘end of story’.



How can I remove black hair dye naturally?

If you used a temporary or semi-permanent dye, you can try vinegar. Use equal parts of white vinegar and water. Douse your hair thoroughly, apply a shower cap and leave it on for 15 minutes before rinsing thoroughly. Your hair will probably be dry, so use a deep conditioning treatment afterward.


How can I remove black hair dye without damaging my hair?

Whichever method you try, it will damage your hair or make it dry and frizzy. Take advantage of deep conditioning treatments after each removal session.


How do I go from black to blonde hair?

You would have to use a bleach bath in sessions to lighten your hair. Then use outright bleach powder to remove the color completely. Remember to treat your hair after bleaching to prevent damage.. Make sure to give your hair a three or four-day break between sessions and deep condition as it will be quite damaging to the hair. Then color your hair the blonde you would like. To limit damage, go to a salon to lift your color and re-dye.


How can I dye my hair from black to brown without bleach?

Try a hair color remover. Then depending on what color results, you might be able to add a brown semi-permanent brown color over it. But if you’re trying to reach a medium color like brown, it’s best to go to a hair salon.


How do you strip black box hair dye at home?

You can use a color remover or a bleach bath. The results will vary.


How long does it take to get black box dye out of hair?

It depends how long it’s been in your hair. If you just dyed it and don’t like it, work on removing the color right away. It might come out in one color remover or bleach bath session. Otherwise, it might take two to three sessions with a three or four days break in between each.


Which hair color remover is best?

Joico is our favorite.


How hard is it to remove black hair dye?

It depends whether you used temporary, semi-permanent or permanent dye. Permanent dye is the most difficult to remove and might take several weeks.