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20 Astonishing Hair Streaks Looks You Must Try in 2024

Gone are the days when uniformity used to be in trend. Today, hair streaks are the new trendsetting styles that add much interest to your hair. From Gigi Hadid to Jennifer Lopez, several celebrities have tried this technique to get a great look.

One of the most popular streak looks is the ‘just back from beach look’, which provides a sun-kissed effect to your hair. However, unlike in the past, it comes in various shades that look quite natural. So, they can be dramatic and laid back, depending on the shade you choose.


List of Classic Front Streak Hair Ideas

From bold to subtle looks, read on to find a look that best suits you.

1. Blonde Front Streaks Hair

blonde hair streaks

If you don’t want to go for a much bold or out-of-the-crowd look, then opt for these hair streaks. This will add funk to your hairdo and give you a more natural look. You can even try combining with highlights or lowlights, creating a multi-dimensional effect.


2. Angled Bob 

angled bob with blue hair streaks

Another prominent trending hair color is blue, which has created a lot of buzz on the internet. When it comes to coloring your hair, blue seems to be a bold choice.

But, it requires more maintenance as the blue color fades away quickly, leaving back a hint of green. So, try dyeing only the front strands to get a unique, bold look.


3. Streaked Hair for Older Women

older women with streak dyed front of hair

If you are over your 30s but still want to get a trendy hairstyle, this is the right option. These blonde highlights look great when contrasted with lighter colors. It is a subtle look that will go well with a fair skin tone and is ideal for a softer effect.


4. Pink Hair Streaks

pink hair streaks

Try wearing these pink streaks that require minimal upkeep and add fun to your normal hair. It is bright and eye-catching and shows up the best in black or brown hair. You can wear this look to any casual as well as a special occasion.


5. Green Streak Dyed Front of Hair

green hair streaks

In order to get a bold and vibrant look, try this shade of green paired with blue. If you feel doubtful about wearing this combination, just watch out for Nicki Minaj’s picture, where she was dressed in matching neon blue and green shades. Thus, making this shade ideal for any skin tone.


6. Purple Hair Streaks

purple hair streaks

Purple highlights create an appealing and versatile look. These light highlights frame the face perfectly and are ideal for any occasion. The pastel purple or lavender hue can serve as an exquisite shade for cool-toned blondes.


7. Orange Hair With Blonde Streaks

streak dyed front of orange hair

When considering the orange color, always remember that this shade fades away quickly. This means that it is a high-maintenance look that will require you to visit your colorist for regular touch-ups.

Pairing this vibrant shade with a light blonde hue in the front strands can give a more unique look.


8. Funky Highlights

red hair streaks

Bring out your inner rockstar with this red front-streaked hair. This goes best with black hair and is neither vibrant nor light. Thus, this is the most appropriate shade if you’re looking for a balanced look.


9. Teal Front Hair Streaks

streak dyed front of teal hair

Blue hair with front blonde highlights is a great way to style your hair for a fresh summery look. Instead of dying all your hair blonde, you can try this alternative streak style. You can use a dry shampoo to absorb all the grease and avoid frizziness.


10. Short Hair for Black Women

short hair streaks for Black women

This is the perfect option to get your hair a different look without making it bold or vibrant. If you have a darker skin tone, then opt for this look by highlighting the front strand of your bangs. Pair it with a big hair accessory, and you’re all set for the event.


11. Asymmetric Bob for Asian Women

hair streak for Asian women

For all the Asian women out there, this is the best option. Just get a blunt bob with bangs while leaving a strand longer than the rest of your locks. Then dyed streak front of hair with orange-brown or any shade you like to get a different, stylish look.


12. Blue Tribal Vibe

front streaks hairstyle

In order to get those tribal looks, color your front strands blue while keeping the rest of your hair natural black and pair it with a flower accessory. This is a simple hairdo that will accentuate your facial features.


13. Super Coiled Afro Hair

hair streaks for Afro women

Another bold and attractive look is the afro coils with streaked front strands. This will best suit medium to dark skin tones and is ideal for getting a voluminous look.

You can wear this look to any occasion by pairing it with subtle makeup for a casual occasion and bold makeup for a special event.


14. Short Quiff Hairdo

short quiff with dyed hair streaks

Try this quiff hairdo with a streaked strand to get a bold, masculine look. This is the ideal hairdo for getting a ramp model look. It will best suit fair skin tone and an oval-shaped face.


15. Light Blonde Streaks

streak dyed front of hair

Opt for this simple yet amazing style to add warmth and dimension to your look. Center part of your hair and add waves at the end to get this beautiful look. This style will go well with fair skin tone and any hair type.


16. Blue Highlights for Straight Hair

straight hair streaks

Try this blue-streaked hair to get a modern, stylish look. This is suitable for straight, medium to thin hair and a heart-shaped face. You can wear this look to any special occasion.


17. Grey Streaks for Women Over 50

grey hair streaks

Instead of wearing just silver hair, consider getting these grey highlights in the front. This is an ideal look for women over their 50s. Just put on pink lipstick and wear hoops to get ready for any occasion.


18. Asymmetrical Haircut

asymmetrical hair with front streaks

The asymmetrical cut with brown highlights is a simple and subtle look to try. Here, the hair streaks are clustered around your face and pop out only when you wear them in a particular way. It will go well with a round-shaped face and any skin tone.


19. Retro Streaks Hairdo

long hair streaks style

To get those princess vibes in a snowy land, get your natural black hair some red highlights and pair it with a beautiful hair accessory. Iron your hair straight, side part them, and put on a fluffy shrug to get the exact look.


20. Front Streak With Bob Cut

hair streaks style for young girls

This is an ideal option for all the youngsters who want to get themselves a cool look. The bob cut with front streaks will go well with short faces as the blonde highlights broaden the face.


These were some of the best front streaks hairstyles that are definitely worth trying. Whether you go for a natural or a more bold and funkier look, the streaks hairstyles will surely make you stand out from the crowd.