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Babyliss Pro VS Ghd Hair Straighteners

Hair straightening or hair “rebonding,” as it is called in some countries, is not a new concept. This styling technique has been in existence since the late 1800s and is popular amongst girls because of the sleek look it gives for hair. Shampoos, conditioners nowadays facilitate straightening.

Straightening tools or straighteners are the electronic devices that help in giving your hair that popular smooth and straight look. This article deals with the comparison of two innovative brands, which are known for their straighteners- Babyliss Pro and GHD (Good Hair Day).

Babyliss Pro Hair Straightener GHD Hair Straightener
Babyliss Pro Hair Straighteners GHD Hair Straighteners
Travel-friendly version.

High-temperature settings.

Heat resistance.


Dual voltage.

Convenient Usage.

Maximum heat setting of 185F to refrain your hair from heat damage.

Warranty of 2 years for all products.

Reduction of hair breakage by 50%.

Predictive technology that enhances styling experience and output.

Universal voltage.

Automatic shut-off after 30 minutes if not in use.
Absence of 360-degree swivel cord.

No automatic shut off.

Small plates may take longer time for straightening.

Not very effective on curly hair.

Unavailability of temperature settings.


Babyliss Pro Hair Straighteners

Babyliss Pro Hair Straighteners

BaByliss PRO has been in the market for over fifty years and has delivered electrical products for hair straighteners by incorporating the finest technologies. BaByliss PRO also offers a wide range of hairstyling tools like hairdryers, straighteners, stylers, curling irons, rollers, clippers, and much more.

These styling tools embedded with technology give a hassle-free styling experience, which is why they occupy a dominant position in the hair styling market.

BaByliss hair straightening tools mostly incorporate Porcelain ceramic plate technology and Nano titanium-plated technology in their hair straighteners. The latest hair straightener with the most innovative technology is BaByliss PRO nano titanium flat iron, which is available in mini and full sizes.

The portable hair straightener defies all norms of compact straighteners that don’t deliver a convincing output. BaByliss PRO never fails to couple functionality with portable dimensions, which can also be travel-friendly without compromising the effectiveness of a full-sized counterpart.

The plates of BaByliss PRO are designed in such a way that the straightener can get as close as possible with the scalp and ensure sleek hair from root to tip. The lightweight and six inches long portable size can give you a hassle-free straightening experience and can also easily fit in a purse or bag.

The plates are an amalgamation of titanium and ceramic, thus enabling you to access the best features of both. Titanium enables quicker heating up, and ceramic ensures even heat control.

The temperature of the plates can be adjusted to a maximum of 430F, thus making the straightening process easier for people with curly, coarse, and coily hair. This is because the above-mentioned hair types require a higher temperature for straightening.

This straighter is of dual voltage, which saves you from the worries of frying your hair or straighter. The same key features of the normal-sized BaByliss PRO Nano Titanium are offered at this affordable and portable straightener as well.


GHD Hair Straighteners

GHD Hair Straighteners

GHD hair straighteners are known for their easy styling. They are padded with new technologies to keep your hair stylish. This brand, true to its name, has always ensured to create amazing hair days for their clients. The hair straighteners are available for customized needs of professional and personal use. The straighteners also come in amazing colors.

GHD Original Styler, GHD Gold Styler, GHD Platinum Styler, GHD Max Styler, and GHD Mini Styler are the hair straightener series launched by GHD. The latest hair straightener GHD Platinum+ is the world’s first smart hair straightener, which is capable of functioning by predicting the needs of your hair.

This smart hair straightener ensures less breakage and promotes color protection. The GHD Platinum hair straightener is said to have six sensors that help in protecting your hair from styling damage. The heat capacity of this model is said to be at least 20 seconds faster than any other model.

The thickness of your hair is calculated by its key feature, ‘Predictive Technology’, based on your hair sectioning for styling. For sleek, strong, and healthy hair, this hair straightener has its heat monitored 250 times per second. All of these helps in preventing styling damage and promote faster styling.

The maximum heat setting is 185 F. This styler is suitable for all hair types and people of all age groups. The products weigh around 1kg and usually are returnable up to 14 days from the date of arrival. GHD also gives your straighteners a warranty of two years. The features and the customizability that Platinum stylers offer are worth the cost.



Products for personal use should attract a bigger crowd if they are portable.

Babyliss Pro

The latest BaByliss PRO straightener which uses Nano Titanium technology offers a full-size and a mini-size version. This mini version can be carried even in a purse.



The latest GHD straightener Platinum+ weights 1 kg and is mostly used for professional and home use. This technology does not come in travel-friendly versions.

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Babyliss Pro

Babyliss Pro Hair Straightener

Though the mini straightener of BaByliss PRO comes in a compact size, this version takes more time for straightening your hair when compared to its full-sized counterpart.

The maximum temperature provided in BaByliss PRO is 430F, which helps in the effective straightening of curly and coarse hair when compared with GHD’s Platinum+ straightener.



Ghd Hair Straightener

The GHD’s Platinum+ straightener is long and slender and is great for personal use. This is the first smart hair straightener that uses Predictive technology. This straightener can save 20 seconds than other hair straighteners and tries to give your hair its finest looks within a few strokes.

However, the maximum temperature of this straightener is 185F, which is not very effective for curly and coarse hair as they require more heat for straightening. The heat damage is highly reduced because of the high-end technology embedded in it.



Babyliss Pro

The maximum temperature provided in BaByliss PRO is 430F, which helps in the effective straightening of curly and coarse hair when compared with GHD’s Platinum+ straightener.

However, with high temperatures comes the inevitable hair damage and hair breakage caused due to heat.



On GHD’s Platinum+ Straightener, the maximum temperature is 185F, which can facilitate reduced hair breakage and hair damage. Also, predictive technology helps in assessing the temperature needed for your hair, thus helping in keeping your hair healthy.



Babyliss Pro

In the full-size versions of Babyliss Nano Titanium hair straighteners, the plates are 5″ long. This enables you to style wider sections of your hair in one stroke.

Also, the titanium plates are corrosion resistant and heat protectant. These straighteners are light in weight and easily holdable, which helps you prevent hand fatigue.

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Platinum straighteners of GHD come with a wishbone hinge for heat control. The heat-resistant protective plate guard is what that assists in preventing your hair from the styling damage that can be caused.

Breakage due to hair straightening is reduced to 50% due to the high-end predictive technology. The swivel cord, which helps in comfortable styling, comes in a dimension of 2.7m.



With the latest technology incorporated, comes higher cost. The cost of the GHD Platinum+ Straightener is higher as it is the first smart hair straightener in the world.

BaByliss PRO uses Nano Titanium technology and is found to cost less than the Platinum+ straightener of GHD. It is always better to analyze products before using and choose the one that suits your hair type the best.