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12 Peach Hair Color Shades to Stay On Trend in 2024

Pastel hair is incredibly trendy right now, and that trend shows no signs of going away. You’ll notice it everywhere on social media and even in person. This isn’t shocking, as these light shades suit all skin tones. They also suit all kinds of hairstyles.

There are lots of pastel shades to choose from, but peach hair, in particular, is exceedingly popular. However, this can be a tricky shade to get right, and there are many variations. 


Perfect Peach Hair Color Ideas

Below, you’ll find plenty of ideas to help you rock this peach hair color look. You too can hop on this trend!

Peach and Blonde Hair with Braids

messy peach hair with braids

Blonde mixes very nicely with peach. Dark roots also go well with both shades, as they add a lot of depth. Overall this is a simple, thick hairdo with lots of volume. There are two braids framing the face like bangs. This makes the style look sweeter.


Chic Bob

short peach hair

This hairstyle is the perfect bob. It reaches the chin and curls in towards the face in a totally classic style. It has a nice side parting that keeps it looking modern, too. This very pale peach tone makes this great for maintaining a glamorous aesthetic.


Feathered Hair with Middle Part

middle part peach blonde hair

Sometimes your peach hair can very easily get in your face. This style combats the issue by curling the hair away from the face. The bangs fall lightly over the eyebrows and feather out of the face, too. 


Tight Curly Bob

curly peach hair

If you like tight curls, then this hairdo is perfect for you. It can be achieved with naturally curly hair or a perm. It’ll be slightly harder to achieve this style with a curling wand, but you can do it if you’re very dedicated. 

The peach tone in it is darker and has a pink tinge. Dark roots are also very prevalent.


Brown Tresses with Face Framing Highlights

face framing peach hair highlights

Pairing natural shades with pastel ones is super fun. This is a nice natural brown tone. Peach waves then frame the face to create highlights. This helps draw the eye to your features very nicely. 

Overall, the hair is shoulder length and has a nice, subtle wavy texture.


Wavy Balayage

peach balayage hair

Adding peach tones on your naturally dark hair helps it look vivid and eye-catching. The balayage style helps it appear very natural.

The waves also appear very natural, but it’s also chic. It’s an excellent style for women who want to look ultra-chic every day.


Vivid Mullet

peach mullet haircut

Mullets are coming back into fashion. This one has peach hair very short in the front with layers in the back. The peach tone has a reddish tinge to make it vivid. It’s great if you want an edgier or more out-of-the-box hair color.


Peekaboo Hairstyle

peekaboo peach hair

If you like haircuts that hide the unique portion of your locks, then check out this peekaboo! The tresses on top are dark with chunky sections of highlights. If you lift the locks, then the colorful sections underneath are revealed.


Pink and Peach Ombre

peach ombre hair

You’ll adore this peach ombre if you like experimenting with your look. The locks start off a deep bubblegum pink and transition into a lighter tone. It’s slightly longer than shoulder length and has some delightful waves to add texture.


Two-Tone Hairdo

two tone faded peach hair

Here’s another look with two tones in it. It starts off with beautiful pastel peach hair, but it transitions into a yellow tone. It forms a shoulder-length style that tucks in towards the face. 

It’s also a very thick hairstyle so it would suit a woman with plenty of hair to spare. It’s great for looking glam while framing your features.


Split Hairstyle with Bangs

split peach hair

Splitting your hair right down the middle is a great way to show off two different tones. One of them is a pastel shade, but the other side is vivid red.

Full, thick bangs sit across the forehead and help make the look appear very sweet. They have a straight texture, but there’s some waviness in parts of the hairdo.


Curly Ombre Style with a Twist

curly peach pink ombre hair

Ombre peach hair with light tones has a great summer vibe. The top here is pink and it changes to the pastel shade around the nape of the neck.

This is mostly a messy, curly look. However, one side twists towards the back. The twist is secured with lots of little butterfly clips for a sweet look.


You can’t deny how glamorous every style looks when you have peach hair. It’s easy to hone your natural beauty and make this hair color work in your favor.

You can use orange, pink, red, or rose gold tones to create the perfect fruit-inspired shade for you. It’s fun and summery, and you’ll feel just right when you find your perfect look.

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