NuMe Vs Babyliss Hair Straighteners – Which Brand is Good?

A sleek hairstyle can be achieved using a hairdryer or a round brush, but still, nothing can beat the shine and sleekness that proceeds from sealing your design with a straightening iron. The problem is it can be difficult to find the one that’s the best for your hair from a wide variety of choices available in the market. Some flat irons challenge to prevent damage, others require to be done with the best substance for a healthy shine. Still, as a customer, it can be difficult to tell if ceramic, tourmaline, or titanium is most useful. Straightener plates come in various sizes. The more scattered the plate, the quicker you can slide your hair within it. While thick hair types expect wider plates, thin hair can be handled using narrow plates.

The edges of these hair tools affect their versatility, and the outer edges of the iron should be slightly rounded. It will be more comfortable to change your straightener tool into a curling iron. A flat iron with sharp corners is less flexible but may give you silky and smooth, straightened hair. The quickness of straightening hair is fast if it has got wider plates. If you intend to move with a flat iron, you’ll want slightly smaller plates that can comfortably fit into your travel bag. In major cases, women with fine hair may also find that wide plates use too much heat, weakening the hair strands.

In this article, two popular brands named NuMe and Babyliss Hair straighteners tools are described below:

NuMe Hair Straighteners

NuMe Hair Straighteners

NuMe hair straightener is a pleasant, even iron that every lady wants to have an encounter with. It provides your hair that perfect trained look you get from an expert hair salon and still maintains the natural glow of your shiny hair. The smooth design of the NuMe Flat Iron gives a comfortable feel to your styling device. This NuMe hair Straightening iron can be used without pressure to create gorgeous viewing, straight, waves, or the best curls attainable to your beautiful hair. Due to the classic ceramic plates of this hair straightener, radiation is spread uniformly on the hair and solely eliminates hot spots and parts of the hair, which happens when you use other hair straighteners out in that region.

The nature of the ceramic plates brings about ions that moisture in the hair dermis, which ultimately leaves your hair healthy, shiny, silky, smooth.

It comes in various colors, which are showy and suitable for design plans.

The longer plates other than flat irons include a huge area of hair while styling, and this decreases the time required for the styling.

NuMe straightener is created with a light beam that directly leads far-infrared radiation strongly into the hair dermis even more than previously.

It also features an iron projector that delivers more negative ions during the hairstyling purpose.

The floating ceramic plates improve it to align specifically to your hair at the molecular level to produce certain that the great iron grows in contact immediately with the beautiful hair strands. NuMe Hair Straightener is designed with flexible temperature environments that differ from 170-410 degrees Fahrenheit which grants you several heat choices to pick the one that will be proper for your hair kind. It is designed to heat up in 10 seconds to create traditional styles with expert salon results making it an indispensable feature of the product.

The classic straightener is uniquely designed to provide for the needs of every lady who craves flawlessly smooth, gorgeous waves and curvaceous rolled hair without any hotspots or other difficulties. It warms up within seconds quickly, and you select the temperature range that will be proper for your hair type and thereby saving a lot of time during the styling process. The problem of dry hair is not a question while using the tool as it instilled in the ceramic plates. The easy to handle nature makes it to use while traveling purposes, and the plates allow the hair straightener to glide smoothly. It will also easily slide into your hair, leaving a soft and silky to the touch hair for any occasion. The NuMe Flat Iron gives you comfortable to accomplish salon-quality hairstyles at home with little trouble and less money.


  • Heats up very instantly.
  • Designed with adjustable temperature settings.
  • Ergonomically designed handle.
  • A flat iron will glide smoothly through hair.
  • 100% pure tourmaline-infused ceramic plate.
  • Sleep mode.
  • A professional standard swivel cord to prevent tangling.


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Babyliss Hair Straighteners

Babyliss Hair Straighteners

One of the well-known brands in professional hair styling tools recognized as BaByliss offers a wide range of hair straighteners for all hair types. It is mainly designed for short- to medium-length hair, which helps you achieve salon-like shiny and silky-smooth hair at home. The hair straightener handles ultra-high heat, allowing you to get ready instantly with its featured titanium plates. The thin and lightweight design of the straightener presents it easy to manage. It also provides gentle straightening with moisture-locking, producing zero hair damage. The enamel ceramic heating technology permits even the spread of heat over the metal and produces far-infrared radiation that preserves the hair’s luster. The easy maintenance of thick and curly hair is possible now because of this variety straightener. The world-class expertise in styling tools and BaByliss’s answer to the puzzle is the Porcelain Ceramic Straightening Iron With Teeth.

A remarkable trait that would surprise you is the digital representation use of the straightener that shows the commonly used heat setting and presents styling service.

The full-wave Thermal technology provides immediate heat recovery and temperature subsistence. The ceramic plates decrease hot spots and provide even heat distribution, while the far-infrared heating technology permits soft straightening of hair. This hair styler from BaByliss not only gives you straight hair but also grants you waves, curls, crimps, and several different hairstyles as it comes with different additions. If you enjoy experimenting with different hairstyles, then this hair styler is an excellent choice. It is a versatile styler, and it’s a big idea to invest money in it as it is long-lasting.

BaByliss is one of the global firms that produce expert hair styling products. It offers straighteners for every hair kind and produces flat irons for both professional and home practice. The brand has earned good customer support since the beginning of its first product, which is only achievable with high-quality results. A noteworthy characteristic that impresses the customers is the digital memory capacity of the straightener that shows the commonly used heat environment and provides styling service. The digital temperature environment provides specific heat regulation, and the nano titanium technology diminishes hot spots and diffuses heat uniformly for no hair damage.


  • Suitable for all hair types.
  • Smooth, shiny and sleek hair.
  • Digital Temperature Display.
  • Both Straightening and curling with the same tool.
  • Advanced heaters.
  • Preferred heat setting selection.
  • Soft grip handle.
  • Dual voltage.


  • Quick overheating of the iron.
  • Hot handles in resting position.
  • Durability issues.
  • Higher heat could damage the hair.


NuMe hair straightener offers stainless tourmaline ceramic plates with an inbuilt on-off power indicator to select a temperature of the desired range. This modern technology attracts customers to buy the product. The negative ion conditioning technology, entirely revolving swivel power cord, excellent design with a soft-touch finish are the model highlights.

Babyliss Hair straightener is typically designed for short, medium, or any long hair helping you achieve shiny and salon finish hair at home. The four-inch-long ceramic plates of the hair straightener conduct ultra-high heat, allowing you to get ready instantly. The thin and lightweight design of the straightener makes it easy to manage and can be carried anywhere while traveling.


NuMe hair straightener has a fundamental benefit of the tourmaline ceramic plates that ensure in absorbing high heat up to 450F for this even iron and not harm your hair during the styling process. The flawlessly smooth, gorgeous waves and curvaceous rolled hair can all be achieved by using the hair styling tool for any type of hair.

Babyliss flat iron reaches ultra-high temperature up to 450° F for more lasting straightening. It also provides soothing straightening by moisture-locking, causing zero hair breakage. The one-inch-wide plates are great for quick hairstyles as they get adjacent to the hair strands.

Effect on Hair

NuMe straightens hair with fewer issues of snagging, pulling, or damaging hair strands as it uses ceramic strips. The tool can be used with applying less pressure and the right temperature for the perfect styling. The strands are hydrated even on continuous use and give hair looking beautiful and feeling silky and smooth just using at home.

The porcelain ceramic heating technology of Babyliss hair straightener allows continuous distribution of heat over the iron and produces far-infrared radiation that preserves the hair’s luster from breakage. It needs to apply slight pressure for being effective, but it heats faster in less time.

Additional Features

NuMe hair straightener assures a guarantee of two years and provides a pouch to help keep things in one place in proper order. The specialty of the hair styling tool is it comes with a sleep mode feature to automatically turn-off if not used after several minutes.

Babyliss Hair straighteners are accessible in different sizes and are reasonable in price too. It swipes through the hair easily and reduces the straightening time with multiple heat setting conditions.

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It is always recommended to check the performance of a particular product before deciding to buy a perfect hair straightener. High heat means quicker, more efficient straightening, but not all hair types require the most heated irons. NuMe Hair straighteners are expensive, while Babyliss hair straighteners range from low to high prices. The difficulty with cheap straighteners is that they lead to break more immediately. They may also harm your hair, considering cheap straighteners may intermittently apply heat, and even overheating can cause damage.

The pricier straightener iron will last for ages, and you won’t need to spend out cash on high hair treatments to alleviate the harm caused by a reasonable price straightener. Both the straighteners are different with their own unique features, and customers can buy as per their preferences and above-mentioned features.