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Kristin Ess VS Babyliss Hair Straighteners – Which Brand is Better?

Everyone loves their hair, right? It is one of the biggest beauty attributing factors in women. Everyone loves to play with their hair in diverse styles. Most of us spend our time in salons and beauty parlors to get the hair styled.

Are you a big fan of straight or curly hairs? Or do you like wave-like hairs that go perfect with your outfit? Or you want to try all these. Invest in a hair straightener; you will get the styles you always cherished in the comfort of your home. But pick the right one. We recommend Kristin Ess and Babyliss 2860 Pro Nano hair straighteners. Take a look.

Kristin Ess Hair Straightener Babyliss Hair Straightener
Kristin Ess Babyliss
Great design.

Fast straightening.

Ionic technology.

Adjustable technology.

Auto shut off.

Fewer prices.
Lightweight and travel-friendly.

Ultra-fast results with a heating time of 30 seconds.

Ceramic plates for a perfect gloss finish.

Automatic shut down.

3-year warranty from the manufacturer.
No cons. Expensive.

Not suitable for sensitive hair types.


Kristin Ess Hair Straightener

Kristin Ess, a well-known celebrity hairstylist and beauty influencer, gives exciting and unique hairstyling goals with hot hair styling tools.

Over the years, she has launched various hair tools, including serums, shampoos, conditioners, blow dryers, curling wands, and flat iron. Kristin Ess’s products let the user distinguish between premium and mass products.

Compared to all the fancy hair straighteners on the market, Kristin Ess 3 in one flat iron has a great value. With over 200 five-star reviews, Kristin Ess hair straightener is, without a doubt, the perfect one to get your desired styles.

The straightener combines all the sought-after features and allows the user to try all the styling in minutes- sleek straight, flat waves, and beautifully polished curls.

The Kristine Ess is equipped with Titanium plates. The 1 1⁄4 floating plates assure smooth and perfect styling without hitching or creasing. Featuring temperature sensing rapid technology, the tool outperforms ceramic plates and delivers quick straightening.

The perfect curved body design ensures the straightener can easily render a subtle bend to get polished and textured curls and waves. The heat is distributed evenly from root to tip to leave a long-lasting styling experience. The negative ions seal in moisture, eliminates frizz and offers a shiny, healthy look for the hair.

Kristin Ess 3 in one flat iron goes with all types of hair. Considering the hair type and texture, the user can adjust the 4 preset temperatures in which 440° F is the maximum. The digital display helps to check the temperature levels.

After 30 minutes of inactivity, the automatic shut-off feature guarantees complete safety in using the tool. The nine feet swivel cord and the heat-resistant cap enable convenient usage with dexterity. The straightener is corrosive resistant, and hence it is easy to maintain.

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Babyliss Hair Straightener

Babyliss has been in the hairstyling industry for over 50 years and has produced several innovative electrical products, including hairdryers and straighteners. The tools delivered by Babyliss highly inspire creativity and professionalism in beauty salons and parlors.

Babyliss offers a wide range of hair straighteners suited for every hair type. The Babyliss 2860 Pro Nano hair straightener efficiently promotes tomorrow’s astonishing styles and must-have look.

The strength of the straightener is the ceramic plates, which make a difference in the hair straightening process compared to other straighteners. The ceramic plates heat up incredibly fast, ensuring an even heat distribution across the surface.

The plates glide through the hair, leaving no strands behind with no snagging, giving a super smooth finish and lasting styling experience.

The simple yet compact design makes it a better investment for camping or any other occasion. The 0.22 kg hair straightener 16 cm long doesn’t give the feeling of any weight and hence can be taken in your travels.

The straightener is excellent for short hair. Babyliss 2860 Pro Nano hair straightener makes the whole straightening process convenient and easy for people with shorter hairstyles and fringes. Instead of taking 30-40 minutes for straightening with other traditional straighteners, Babyliss 2860 Pro Nano spare your time wisely.

The temperature of Babyliss 2860 Pro Nano hair straightener hits up to 200° C in no seconds, and professional salon-quality results are delivered. The tool is the perfect one for touch-ups or while on-the-go purposes. The multi-voltage feature of the straightener makes it an ideal one for around-the-globe use. The automatic shut-off option guarantees 100% safety for the users.



The users consider the size and weight the most when it is to design. It is based on both these factors one can decide whether it is travel-friendly or not.

Babyliss 2860 Pro Nano hair straightener is extremely lightweight and fits in even a purse. This creates fewer messes and makes the straightener portable. The straightener can be taken to numerous occasions, even to festivals.

On the other hand, the design of Kristin Ess comprises a 9 ft swivel cord and a heat-resistant cap for easy usage. However, compared to Babyliss 2860 Pro Nano, Kristine Ess is not much friendly to carry with the user.



The performance of the hair straighteners is the main factor that matters the most in choosing one. This constitutes the effectiveness of straightening, the time taken for the process, and how long the results will stay.

While the Kristine Ess is equipped with titanium plates and has rapid heat technology. The plates outperform ceramic plate straighteners in the results. It covers the root to the tip of the hair, and ionic technology maintains the moisture in the hair, leaving a shiny look.

Babyliss 2860 Pro Nano’s ceramic plates deliver salon-quality results in less time. The straightener heats up so fast that it comes to 200° C in just 30 seconds. Babyliss 2860 Pro Nano hair straightener finishes the whole straightening process within 10 to 15 minutes and maintains it for a long time.

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Effect on Hair

Effect on hair refers to the heat a hair straightener leaves on the user’s hair. If the heat you are using is high, though it gives excellent results, it can harm hair.

Kristine Ess’s maximum temperature level is 440° F, and there are 4 preset temperatures that the user can change according to his/her preferences.

Babyliss 2860 Pro Nano hair straightener employs less heat than that of Kristine Ess yet provides professional results in less time than traditional hair straighteners.


Additional Features

Kristine Ess is corrosion-resistant, implying that the tool is pretty good with maintenance and will have high durability.

Babyliss 2860 Pro Nano hair straightener backs multi-voltage. Thus, you can take the hair straightener anywhere across the globe and can use it for your desired hairstyles.



A hair straightener is an investment for your stylish looks; hence it is necessary to select the right one. Kristine Ess can give the user the desired hairstyles, which is cheaper in the market.

Babyliss 2860 Pro Nano hair straightener is a must-have for short hairs. However, Babyliss 2860 Pro Nano is costly though it is worth the money. Consider the purpose and budget before purchasing a hair straightener.

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