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HSI Professional Glider VS Chi Hair Straightener

Perfectly styled hair makes a woman look adorable. There are many products in the market which help them to get their perfect hair, to name some hair gel, hair sprays, hair curler, hair straightener, hair creams, and much more. Hair straighteners are widely used for styling hair.

The market is crowded with various brands with various features. It is really very hard to decide which one is perfect for your hair. A comparative analysis of the best hair straightener available in the market can help to come out of this dilemma.

This article is a comparative study of two such brands in the market- HSI Professional Glider and Chi Hair Straightener.

HSI Professional Glider Hair Straightener CHI Hair Straightener
HSI Professional Glider CHI
Tourmaline-infused Ceramic plates.

Eight micro heat sensors for even heat and heat balance.

Wide temperature range of 140o to 450o.

360o swivel cord.

Dual voltage- 110V/220V.
Titanium-infused Ceramic plates.

Fast heating plates.

Color coded temperature settings.

Auto-shut off available.

Dual voltage.
Auto-sleep mode is absent. No heat sensors for heat balance.

No swivel cord.


HSI Professional Glider Hair Straightener

HSI Professionals are committed to bringing salon-quality hair products with excellent results and satisfying customers in the market. High-quality materials are used to manufacture these products. They try to provide the best solution for your hair problems.

The 1st Gen Ceramic Flat Iron by HSI is professionally designed with Tourmaline-infused ceramic plates. These plates generate negative ions and allow small water droplets to penetrate the hair shaft. The water droplet, along with the negative ions, reduces the frizz and static in the hair. The plates are durable and make the styled hair last longer.

The ceramic plates are embedded with eight micro-sensors with Heat Balance Technology. The sensors are used to maintain even heat and regulate the temperature for quick styling. This makes hair straightening fast. As a result, less damage is caused.

The quick heating iron can heat in the range 140o to 450o. The wide range of temperature settings allows you to choose optimum temperature according to your hair type. The temperature is suitable for all hair types from thin to thick.

This travel-friendly hair straightener comes with an extra-long 360o swivel cord with dual voltage. The Swivel cord makes the straightener really flexible for use, and dual voltage allows you to use it anywhere in the world. It comes with a 110V/220V dual supply.

This featured HSI Professional Glider comes with 1-year warranty. This travel-friendly hair straightener stands as a good option in the market.


CHI Hair Straightener

Chi Hair Straighteners are professionally designed to have an ergonomic design. This makes the use of the straightener more versatile. The dynamic design gives a sleek and shiny look to your hair.

The Titanium-infused ceramic plates heat up quickly. Thus, hair straightening is done within few minutes. The Titanium plates are manufactured with the advanced technology with heats in 40 seconds.

The color-coded temperature setting gives a wide range of temperatures. The plate heats up to 425o, making hairstyling a great experience. The perfect temperature preset is used to get the straight, shiny, sleek hair in just minutes.

The hair straightener has an auto-shutoff feature, which shuts the straightener after 1-hour of non-use. Chi has thus ensured the safety of its customers.

The Dual voltage feature makes it travel friendly. It can be used in any part of the world with safety. Chi gives a one-year warranty claim.

This professionally designed hair straightener by Chi is found in different styles and colors. The straightener is worth giving a try.



HSI Professional uses Tourmaline-infused Ceramic plates for an increase in negative ions and fast heating iron. The straightener has a swivel cord for flexible use.

The eight micro heat sensors are used to maintain even heat and reduce further hair damage. There is a wide range of temperature settings. The straightener is designed to have a dual voltage supply.

Chi Hair Straightener has Titanium-infused Ceramic plates. The plates heat quickly upto 425 Fahrenheit. The color-coded temperature preset helps the user to go with customized temperature. Dual voltage assures the safe use of the tool anywhere in the world.



Tourmaline infused Ceramic flat iron heats in less time. This reduces the time required for hair styling. The eight heat sensors observe heat balance and give a perfect look with no frizzes. The hair becomes pin-straight, sleek, bouncy, and shiny.

Titanium infused Ceramic straightener plates make hairstyling a quick task—the plates heat in just 40 seconds. The high heat provides perfect straightness to the curly hair. Hair loses its frizz and becomes straight and shiny.

Kristin Ess VS Chi Hair Straighteners


Effect on Hair

Balance technology used in HSI Professional Glider Hair Straightener prevents hair damage. The sensors maintain the temperature and protect the hair from burns. The hair is perfectly styled with safety.

Chi Hair Straightener gives a sleek look to the hair. But, the temperature may be harmful to thin hair. Thick Curly hair is perfectly straightened by the tool within a few minutes.


Additional Features

The 360-degree Swivel cord in HSI professional Glider makes the handling easy. The heat balancing sensors take care of over-heating. Dual voltage is made available for universal use of the tool.

The auto- shut off is used for saving energy and observing safety. The tool automatically shuts off when kept idle for 1 hour. The dual voltage feature makes the hair straightener travel friendly. The color-coded temperature setting allows adjusting the heat.



A good hair product claims not to harm your hair. It is wise to study the effect of the product on hair before buying it.

Hair product with good performance and less harm is the best pick. It is always better to compare and select the best suit for you. Go with the one which satisfies your needs with less damage to your hair.

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