10 Best Beard Brushes for Perfect and Dashing Beard

While it may not seem of much importance to some, a beard brush is a necessity for a man. All that facial fuzz can really outgrow the wrong way or make your beard look messy, especially if you have a large volume on your face and turn your look to something not very appealing.

Brushing out your beard is as important as brushing out the hair on your head, keeping them in place, and giving you a cleaner look.

If you’re looking to buy one, this article will be your one-stop for all you need to know about buying a beard brush and how to choose a good one, along with all the knowledge you need on why it’s necessary and how to use it. This compilation of the 10 best beard brushes in the market will find you the brush you need.

But before we dive right into it, lets clear out some things:


What Are The Benefits Of Buying A Beard Brush?

  • It’s an important part of grooming right from when your beard and mustache are beginning to grow out, as it gives the hair a proper direction to grow in and avoids fuzzy hair that pops out of the beard.
  • By increasing blood flow to your hair follicles, a beard brush will promote the growth of beard hair and prevent hair loss, making it a healthy hair growth on your face.
  • It uniformly distributes mustache wax or natural oils that sprout on your facial glands, to all the hair in your beard and mustache, which might not be the case if you don’t maintain your beard well. Distribution of these oils all over your beard will make the hair softer and make it grow well.
  • A beard brush is a great tool for dirt removal. Particles of dust and dirt can get stuck in the hair, and combing it out helps get all that dirt out in less effort.

Now that you are aware of why you need one let’s dive right into the 10 best beard brushes you can get your hand on in the market:

1. Smooth Viking – Beard and Mustache Brush and Comb Kit

Best Beard Brushes


Perfect for all-round grooming, if you’re looking for a kit that fulfills all your needs from maintaining a mustache to a beard, this kit from Smooth Viking is the product you’re looking for.

Detangling all that facial ruff with a simple grooming kit that strengthens your facial hair, it’s the one product that can make you pull off any look- be it classic or modern. Made with natural bristles shed from wild boars and a wooden base, the beard brush conditions your hair to grow in the right direction while evenly distributing face oil onto them while being soft on your skin.

Made with high-quality pearwood, the combo includes a mustache comb for men who are a fan of good grooming with dual bristles on either side and can be used on the hair on your head as well!

Fit the comb in your pocket when you’re on-the-go with this combo that works perfectly well with beard wax and oil and helps spread them evenly across the beard, mustache, or goatee. Keep your hair length in control with the Viking comb that acts as a good leveler to chop off overgrown hair and even them out.

Dandruff will still be miles away from your face with the bristles of this pro-grade beard brush that prevents flaking due to dryness. Get rid of all those knots in your beard with this all-in-one product from Smooth Viking.


  • High-quality beard brush bristles made from wild boar sheddings
  • Pearwood mustache comb with dual-bristle gaps on either side
  • Compact comb size that fits in a wallet
  • Prevents dandruff or flaking
  • Promote hair growth and spreading bear wax or oil evenly across the hair
  • Strengths facial hair and gives proper growth direction
  • Can be used on head hair as well


  • The brush might lose a few bristles in the initial stages


2. Grow a Beard – Complete Beard Grooming Combo

Best Beard Brushes


A combo for tools with complete grooming of your beard and mustache leaves less room to look elsewhere. Including a dual-bristle mustache comb, high-quality beard brush, and a trimming scissor, this complete beard grooming combo from Grow a Beard is a steal deal.

Compact and pocket-sized, the comb mustache comb easily fits in your pocket for easy access at any time. Curated naturally with boar hair bristles, the beard brush glides on your beard, giving it proper grooming and softening the hair strands.

Making it easy to clean your beard, the anti-static bamboo comb is stern and removes dirt particles as it moves through the hair. Even out your mustache while leveling it with the comb and chopping off the excess hair with the compact pair of razor-edge scissors that help remove split ends at home and are also perfect for professional use.

A perfect gift for your father or loved one, the combo comes in cute packaging, making it the ideal gift for a man. Made with all-natural products, the brush has a wooden base, and the comb is both eco-friendly products made with premium quality products that are long-lasting and will never disappoint.

If you’re a man that takes your beard seriously, this combo that promotes beard products and helps evenly spread it out on the beard is the best product for you.


  • Naturally made eco-friendly products
  • Boar hair bristles of the beard brush give a soft touch
  • The bamboo wood comb makes it firm and long-lasting
  • Razor-edge scissors help even-out hair length
  • Comes in good packaging and is ideal to gift
  • Promotes beard products such as beard wax and oil and helps spread them evenly
  • Keeps facial hair clean by removing dirt
  • Compact size


  • Beard brush may lose some hair during initial use


3. Grow a Beard – Facial Hair Grooming and Styling Set

Best Beard Brushes


A blend of the best hair grooming products in the market, this facial hair grooming and styling kit from Grow a Beard has plenty to offer. Including a beard oil, balm, brush, and dual-action comb, it is the complete grooming kit equipped with all the tools to give you a clean and finished look. 

Begin your grooming with the authentic boar-bristle beard brush that evens out all the hair in your beard while being soft on the face and finish the touches on your mustache with the anti-static wooden comb that puts knots out of the way.

Go natural with the purely organic beard balm and oil made with an assortment of the best quality products. The mix of jojoba and argan oils in the beard oil makes it fresh and smooth for the beard, and it absorbs faster, lasts longer, and is less greasy than other beard oils.

With no DHT inhibiting ingredients, it is the safest and best option for the health of your facial hair. For that dry and crunchy beard, the kit includes a beard balm that easily spreads over the beard, keeping it sturdy yet flowy. Feel free to move your fingers through the satin-finish hair that the beard balm provides, adding to the health of the hair.

Apply the beard products to your liking and then simply brush or comb out your facial hair; their premium quality brush and comb will facilitate an even spread of product all across the facial hair, giving you a fine look.


  • All products are made with eco-friendly and natural ingredients
  • The beard oil is less greasy and easy to spread
  • Wooden dual-action beard comb removes tangles in the hair
  • Boar-bristle brush with a wooden base is soft on the skin
  • Beard brush and comb promote beard product and help in even spreading
  • Beard balm removes crunchiness from the beard and gives a silky shine
  • All-in-one combo for complete grooming


  • The brush may lose a few bristles initially


4. ZilberHaar Regular Beard Brush

Best Beard Brushes


Crafted with the blend of the best materials, this beard brush from ZilberHaar is made in Germany with boar-bristles and a pearwood frame. Tailored for your beard with all the natural components, this brush is the perfect product for the all-round well-being of your beard. The soft bristles on the brush reduce itching or inflammation in the beard or the skin while smoothing out the strands and leaving your beard polished and ready-to-go.

Equipped with the highest quality materials, this brush is a sustainable and eco-friendly option to have as it also supports beard products such as oil or wax being applied and spread evenly throughout the hair. Strengthening the hair follicles at the root, it untangles the knots carefully while promoting hair growth in the right direction and bringing dirt down with it, covering your overall beard hygiene.

The oiled bristles reduce static in the brush and also activate the oils in your face that help exfoliate the skin and give you better growth and healthier skin. The product also comes with a lifetime guarantee and instructions to use it properly and most efficiently.


  • Boar bristles and pearwood make it completely natural
  • Eco -friendly and sustainable option
  • Oiled bristles promote skin exfoliation and reduce static
  • Promotes beard products and helps spread the evenly
  • Helps clean the hair while untangling them comes with a lifetime guarantee
  • Makes hair grow well in the right direction


  • Might feel harsh on the skin initially


5. Grow a Beard – 8-in-1 Beard Grooming Kit

Best Beard Brushes


For men that are both fond and conscious of the health and looks of their beard, this 8-in-1 beard grooming kit from Grow a Beard is a product that will satisfy all their needs. The kit includes a boar-bristle beard brush, pearwood beard comb, a beard shampoo, conditioner, oil, razor, a pair of scissors, and lastly, a beard bible Ebook.

Including literally everything a man with a beard could possibly need, this kit is the one-step guide to that health and long proper looking beard.

Made with 100% natural ingredients, all products in this kit are both eco-friendly and beard-friendly. Boar bristles on the beard brush and a dual-action pearwood beard comb help remove the knots from the hair and spread the oil or wax uniformly across the length.

Keep your beard in the best of health by giving it the necessary oils and vitamins with the beard shampoo and conditioner that helps remove any unwanted oils and dirt from both the hair and your skin keeping it clean and healthy. Add that shine to your hair with the beard oil that comes with the kit and includes no harsh chemicals or artificial ingredients.

The premium-quality comb acts as a leveler while the razor-sharp scissors help you conveniently maintain your mustache length, and the sharp razor helps get you an easy and clean shave at home in a single swipe. Nothing beats this combo for you if you have the beard length that needs all the maintenance that you can get.


  • The 8-in-1 combo kit includes everything a long-beard could ask for
  • The shampoo and conditioner has all-natural ingredients eliminating all harmful body oils easily
  • Beard oil helps add shine to the hair
  • Boar-bristle beard brush is soft on the skin and helps in exfoliation
  • Pearwood comb has a dual-action feature and acts as a good leveler
  • Razor helps clean shave with a single swipe
  • Scissors help maintain the mustache length to your liking
  • No artificial ingredients make it soft on the skin


  • The brush might feel a little harsh on the skin initially


6. BF Wood Beard Brush for Men

Best Beard Brushes


Great for all shapes and sizes of beards, this boar-bristle beard brush from BF Wood is one of the best designs in the market. Compact in size, its circular shape, and small size allows it to fit in your pocket during travel simply and can be used anywhere and comes with a small travel case included.

Crafted with the best products, the brush has 100% boar bristles that are soft on the skin and exfoliate it while being the perfect product on beard hair and a walnut wood base, making it eco-friendly, sustainable, firm, and easy to hold.

Regular use of the product helps keep your beard shiny, and the brush also promotes beard products such as beard wax or oil and helps spread them throughout its length. Clean the brush on occasions for hygiene and take it along as you go, anytime and anywhere.

Being compact yet premium in quality, it is one of the best things to give to a loved one fond of maintaining their beard well. The bristles help in keeping the beard clean while also promoting hair growth in the right direction and untangling the knots.


  • 100% Boar Bristles add shine to the hair and exfoliate the skin
  • Walnut wood base makes it easy to hold and firm
  • Eco-friendly option
  • Promotes even spread of beard oils and wax
  • Compact – can fit in your pocket and good to travel with and has a small travel case included
  • Makes a great gift


  • Small sizes might not be preferable for longer beards


7. Viking Revolution Beard Comb & Brush Set

Best Beard Brushes


Avoid any irritation or inconvenience that a beard brush could give with the Viking Revolution beard comb and brush combo.

Made with purely natural ingredients, this product includes the Viking premium-quality beard brush made with 100% boar bristles and a pearwood comb. Made from all-natural elements, these products are eco-friendly while also being good for your skin and beard health.

Capable of easily making their way through the strands of your beard hair, both the brush and dual-action comb remove the knots from the hair while adding a little shine to them by removing any unwanted dirt stuck on them.

Feel free to use both products on hair oil, wax, conditioner, etc., as they promote the even spread of these products throughout the beard, leaving it much cleaner and healthier than before.

The brush helps exfoliate the skin and bring down essential oils from the glands on the face into the face while promoting hair growth in the right direction. The products come in good packing, and a velvet bag includes making them the perfect set to be gifted to a loved one.


  • Boar bristle brush and dual-action pearwood comb are both naturally made and eco-friendly products
  • Promote the even spread of beard products
  • Adds shine to the hair by bringing down necessary face oils
  • Rush helps exfoliate the skin keeping dandruff away
  • Both products can easily make their way through the hair
  • Comes in good packing and with a velvet bag included making it appropriate to gift


  • The brush might lose some bristles in the initial stages


8. Hunter Jack Beard Brush Kit for Men – Set of 2

Best Beard Brushes


Keep your beard shiny and smooth, whether it’s on a trip or a usual day at work – with the Hunter Jack beard brush combo of two. Including one pocket-size and one travel-size beard brush, this combo comes in handy as a gift or for someone who is always on the go.

Made with durable materials and given an aesthetic design, both brushes sport 100% wild boar bristles that maintain the best health of the beard hair.

Groom your facial hair at any time with the pocket-size brush and a travel-size brush that perfectly fits in your case without occupying much space. With a hardwood back, the brushes are firm and come in a great gift box packing as well.

Being made of natural material only, the brushes are hypoallergenic and also support the use and even distribution of beard products such as balm, oil, or wax as the bristles make their way through the hair eliminating dirt and knots.

The long-lasting warp-resistant handles are durable enough to survive long periods of grips and stay intact for a long time. Being the optimal size and sporting an aesthetic design, these brushes are definitely one of the best to grab on to in the market.


  • Includes two brushes perfect for travel and to carry in a pocket
  • 100% boar bristles that untangle hair well and add shine
  • The firm handle gives a sturdy and aesthetic design
  • The optimal size for any situation
  • Comes with a gift packing
  • Perfect for any type and size of the beard
  • Hypoallergenic and natural materials
  • Exfoliates the skin and helps spread beard products well


  • Brushes may lose a few bristles initially


9. Viking Revolution Beard Care Kit

Best Beard Brushes


No need to look elsewhere when you’ve got this beard care kit from Viking Revolution that includes everything a man that likes to maintain a good beard could ask for.

Including a beard boar bristle brush, wooden dual-action pocket comb, unscented beard care oil, citrus scent beard care oiling balm, and a pair of scissors, the kit comes in a sleek and ready-to-gift metal box. Facilitating complete grooming, this kit has all the essentials you need, especially if you’re one for keeping a long beard.

Untangle the hair with the boar bristle beard brush and wooden comb and then use the scissors to chop off the excess length while leveling with the dual-action comb. Then move on to grooming by applying the less greasy hair oil and finally scent it up and remove the crunch using the beard balm.

Repeat another round of the brush and comb to spread the oil and balm on the length of the beard and remove any knots or disruptions that might occur and give it the last and final shine. Get rid of any dandruff or dryness with this complete kit that not only exfoliates the skin on the face but also, owing to its natural ingredients, makes it better and improves the health of the beard hair.


  • 6-in-1 complete grooming kit made of natural ingredients only
  • Boar bristle brush with a wooden back has a good grip and exfoliates the skin
  • Razor scissors help give a fine cut
  • Wooden comb prevents static and acts as a good leveler
  • Unscented beard oil adds shine to the hair
  • Citrus scent oiling balm adds texture and scent to the hair
  • The brush and comb promote even spread of the bear products
  • Comes in a silver tin box that can be gifted as it is
  • Moisturizes and improves skin eliminating dandruff and dryness


  • Brushes are not compact


10. BF Wood Beard Brush With A Long Handle

Best Beard Brushes


Sporting a long wooden taper handle, crafted well for any beard out there, this beard brush by BF Wood is one of a kind. With 100% boar bristles, the brush sports a long ergonomic wooden handle that makes it easy and comfortable to hold. The soft bristles glide on your skin, not irritate, and make their way through dense beard hair very easily.

Use the brush on bear wax, balm, oil, etc. without fear as it helps spread the products all across the beard as the brush is specially crafted for men that like to keep longer beards. With an easy spread of wax and oil, it helps condition the beard hair making them smooth and shiny and delivering a clean look.

The boar bristles on the brush help exfoliate the skin eliminating dandruff of dryness, and the complete product is made of natural materials, making it eco-friendly and hypoallergenic. Being the perfect size to carry around in a case or backpack, this brush is ready to go with you wherever you go.


  • Tapered and wooden, long ergonomic handle
  • 100% boar bristles exfoliate the skin and promote beard products
  • Eco-friendly and hypoallergenic
  • Easy to hold and maneuver
  • Compact and travel-size
  • Easily makes it way through dense hair


  • Not appropriate for smaller beards
  • Might lose bristles initially

And with that, we wrap the top 10 beard brushes that we think are the best for you out there in the market.

Now let’s answer a few of the most common questions about beard brushes:

What Should I Look For In A Beard Brush?

While you ponder upon so many options, let’s try to understand what are the features and factors that you should consider before buying the right beard brush for yourself:

1. Materials

The materials used to make the brush matter a lot to the quality of the brush. The rule of thumb always says- the more natural ingredients, the better. Thus, a beard brush made out of wood and boar hair or any other naturally available products is the best for both your skin and beard hair.

This is because most natural products are hypoallergenic and will never cause irritation or static and create a fuss. It is always better to choose a natural bristle and base to avoid any side effects and also because of those work the best on your skin and is also easier to clean while being eco-friendly.


2. Stiffness Of The Bristles

A major factor is how stiff are the bristles on your brush. When made out of boar hair, the brushes can be a little stiff and irritate your face or scratch it continuously. Thus for a softer beard, it is better to check the firmness of the bristles on a brush before you purchase it as it really adds value to what that does to your skin and hair.

You should still go for a natural bristle option as it only takes some initial smoothening, and then the bristles work just fine and soft.


3. Your Beard Type

The type of beard you sport tells you what kind of brush you need. For a longer beard, go for a bigger brush with a longer handle made with natural materials so that you can untangle the hair easily and remove dirt as well.

On the other hand, if you like to keep a shorter beard or a mustache, go for a compact size of the beard brushes, preferable a pocket-sized one as that will be most appropriate for the hair length.


How To Use And Maintain A Beard Brush?

It’s very simple to use a beard brush and maintain it well. Here are a few steps you can incorporate into your grooming routine to get the best facial hair grooming:

1. Regularity

The most important part of grooming is having a routine. Be regular with your beard brush. Using it once in a day works well, but it’s always better to do a touch-up every once in awhile in the day to promote hair growth in the right direction.


2. Use Products First

If you are a person that truly cares about maintaining a beard, it is always advised that after a shower, you first apply beard products that you own and then brush your beard.

Use the beard oil, wax, balm, or other products that you own and apply them well on the beard. Now simply brush them with the beard brush, which helps in evenly spreading them all across the length of the beard.


3. Be Gentle

As you work your way through the beard with the brush or comb, move gently, especially if you have a long beard.

Rushing through knots and being harsh on them will pull the hair follicles causing harm to both your skin and your beard. Thus, go slowly and gently and brush out any irregularities well while not being too harsh or scratchy on the face skin.


4. Clean The Brush

Remember to clean the beard brush once a week. This is probably the most important step as it helps maintain the overall hygiene of your face and beard. With the use of beard products, they can get stuck in the brush over time, making it not the best option to keep using.

Thus, simply leave the bristles of the brush fully soaked in soapy water for an hour or so and then rinse clean it with water. Doing this once a week will increase the lifespan of the brush as well.


Beard Brush or Comb – Which One Is Better?

The answer to that question is simple- use both. For areas like your mustache, a comb is preferred since a brush can be too tedious to use on a smaller width of a hair, and similarly for a smaller beard. A brush is perfect for beards and smoothens them out easily.

But if you only want to purchase one- there are pros and cons to both. While a beard comb is said to be better overall due to good grip and better styling, it can be a task for long beards as it may get stuck in knots too often. On the other hand, a beard brush might be irritable on shorter beards as it will constantly hit the skin but is really good for longer beards.

Therefore, which one to choose really depends on the type of beard you wish to keep.


To Conclude

In conclusion, we believe that there are some really good brands out there that offer almost everything you could possibly be looking for in terms of facial hair grooming.

Based on the type of beard you sport and your requirements, we hope you find the best beard brush that fulfills all the needs of your facial hair. Always remember that a beard can make or break the look for a man and is the true game changer!