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Tyme Vs L’ange Hair Straighteners – Which Brand is Better?

Women always wish to present their best version before the world. They pamper themselves to look prettier. Hair is one of the deciding factors of one’s personality. Women spend lots of time and money styling their hair to get the perfect look. There are many hair styling tools available in their market today.

A hair straightener is one tool used to make hair straight. It applies heat to hair to remove the curls and make them straight. Many other features are added to a simple straightener to get better results.

This article provides detailed and comparative information about two hair straightening tools – Tyme Hair Straightener and L’ange Hair Straightener.

Tyme Hair Straighteners

Tyme Hair Straighteners

Tyme Hair Straightener follows the theory of where hair cool is where it stays. Jacynda Smith was the creator of Tyme Iron. The iron is made such that it is travel-friendly and makes everyday styling easier.

Today, the company is expanded globally to 32 countries. Tyme has worked on making hairstyling faster by combining many different size curling irons with straighteners. And now they manufacture irons that can curl and straighten the hair.

The Tyme Hair Straighteners are padded with titanium plates for faster heat transfer. The titanium plates get heated when power is put on. It gives a sleek and shiny look to the hair.

Tyme provides five heat settings. The user can set the heat according to her requirement. The temperatures options available are 300o, 325o, 350o, 375o, and 400o. Tyme also provides a temperature memory facility. This means the straightener will set to the previously set temperature when switched on.

The automatic Shut-off feature is also made available in the product. This feature automatically shuts off the Hair Straightener when left idle for 30 minutes. Also, the straightener is designed for a dual-voltage supply. Tyme Hair Straightener thus assures the safety of the user. You will not end up burning yourself or your hair.

Swivel cord used in Tyme Hair Straightener allows the user to use the straightener on hair comfortably. Swivel cord gives flexibility to the straightener to sustain the twists and turns without breakage. So, don’t twist your wrist. Let swiveling interior and angled plates do the work.

Tyme has launched a series of hair styling products. They have patented a curler + straightener, which can be used in 5 different ways. Tyme Iron Pro 2-in-1 Hair Curler and Straightener can be used to curl the hair and can also be used to straighten them. Tyme offers a good hair styling product with safe and easy use.


  • Provides 5 heat settings.
  • Has a Swivel cord.
  • Easy to use.
  • Automatic Shut-off is available.


  • It is expensive.
  • The temperature setting can be quite high for thin hair.


L’ange Hair Straighteners

L'ange Hair Straighteners

L’ange supplies elevated hair tools and hair care products that’s fits the lifestyle of Modern Women. This brand was founded in Southern California in 2017. The company is now leading in fashion and style.

L’ange Hair straightener has Tourmaline-infused Ceramic flat irons fitted in it. This amalgam of Tourmaline and Ceramic boasts 400% more negative ion output. It helps in reducing the frizz, making hair smooth and shiny. The plates have rounded edges and create versatile styling. They are corrosion and stain-resistant. L’ange specially designs straighteners for effortless and painless hair straightening.

The straightener comes with a simple ON-OFF switch with an LED indication. An adjustable knob for easy temperature setting between 140o – 450o is fitted on the straightener. Advanced heating core maintains even heat distribution and fast heating in less time.

L’ange also provides a 360-degree swivel cord. The cord makes it easy to use the straightener comfortably without getting the wrist twisted.

L’ange has launched a variety of straighteners. L’ange Hair Black Aplatir Tourmaline Ceramic Flat Iron, L’ange Hair White Aplatir Tourmaline Ceramic Flat Iron is the two straighteners available in the market.


  • Plates are made from Tourmaline-infused Ceramic.
  • Adjustable knob for setting the temperature between 140o – 450o.
  • 360o Swivel cord is available.
  • Simple ON-OFF switch with LED indication.
  • Suitable for thin to thick all types of hair.


  • Automatic Shut-off is not available.
  • Dual voltage protection is absent.



Tyme hair straightener has titanium plates that transfer heat quickly. Five temperatures are setting from 300o to 400o  and indicated by 5 LEDs on the handle. It is designed with a swivel cord for easy handling. It can be carried in a bag.

L’ange hair straightener is designed with an amalgamation of Tourmaline and Ceramic plates. This makes the plates corrosion and stain-resistant. A 360o  Swivel cord is attached, which makes handling comfortable. An adjustable knob is fitted for temperature control between 140o – 450o. The straightener is powered with a simple ON-OFF switch with an LED indication.



The straightener designed by Tyme follows safety practices. It has an auto shut-off system that shuts off when the straightener is not used for 30 minutes. Additional safety provision of the dual voltage supply is included to deal which the power supply. This makes the product safe to use.

On the other hand, L’ange does not provide any special safety setting in the straighteners. Some of its users have shared their reviews of getting hair burns.


Effect on Hair

For thin hair, a hair straightener by Tyme will be quite harmful. The lowest temperature set by Tyme is 300o which is quite hot for thin hair. The straightener works very well for all other hair types. It gives a sleek and shiny look to the hair, and the users are highly satisfied with the results.

The hair straightener by L’ange is suitable for all hair types from thin to thick.  The smooth ceramic plates flow through the hair, making them pin-straight and shiny.


Additional Features

Tyme Hair Straightener comes with additional features like LED indication for the temperature setting. Five LEDs glow based on the temperature selected. It has an embedded memory, which saves the last set temperature. When the straightener is switched ON, the temperature is set to the previous temperature. Tyme also provides auto shut-off and dual-voltage features that take care of the safety of the user.

L’ange comes with a simple ON-OFF switch. An LED indication for the switch is fitted on the straightener.

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The higher the quality, the higher is the cost.  Tyme Hair Straightener comes with Titanium plates and many safety options, which is worth being a bit costly.

The L’ange Hair Straightener, on the other hand, has Tourmaline infused with Ceramic to form the plates. Less safety is observed, making it less costly. But it is suitable for thin hair also.

While selecting any styling tool, all the parameters should be considered. We should never compromise on safety over price.  Go with the one with a good balance of performance, safety, and cost.

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