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4 Hot Air Brush Safety Tips You Should Follow

One of the best parts of being a woman is experimenting with all the fun hair tools out there to create beautiful looks that express our personality and sense of style.

Hair curlers give us volume and shape, straighteners offer a sleek and chic look, and hot air brushes come in handy when we’re in a hurry and want to style our hair while it’s still damp.

But there are a few things to remember when using these tools for optimum safety, especially when it comes to hot air brushes. Simply turning it on and going to town on your locks is not all this tool entails.

Before we get into the basic safety tips of using a hot air brush, let’s debrief those of us unfamiliar with hair tools on what a hot air brush actually is.

These handy hair best friends are tools that cut down on styling time while also giving voluminous or straight locks in the process. We’re sure you’re already pushing “add to cart” if you don’t have a hot air brush already!


Safety Tips for Hot Air Brush

To avoid any hair snafus and minimize safety risks with your hot air brush, make sure you follow these four easy to remember safety tips:

Keep It Clean

clean hot air brush

Gritty hair tools are not attractive or good for hair, so make sure you regularly clean your hot air brush. Obviously you will want to wait for it to cool and completely unplug it first.

When it’s cool to the touch, first remove all the strands of hair that might be caught in its bristles. Cleaning is easy: simply use a damp cloth to wipe down your brush, getting in between those bristles as much as possible.

Some women go as far as to buy special cleaning solutions for a professional clean-up, but it’s not necessary if you don’t want to spend the extra money.

The main goal when cleaning your hot air brush is to remove all the product buildup. Ideally, you would clean the hot air brush after each use, but once a week is fine too. A clean hair tool will make its work on your hair easier, give you better results, and make the tool last longer.


Avoid the Highest Heat Setting

heat settings for hot air brush

Raise your hand if you’re guilty of using the highest heat setting on your hot tools because it gives better results in a short amount of time! While the majority of us are guilty of this, we’re here to remind you that using your hot air brush on the lowest heat setting you can stand is the best way to go.

Hot air brush heat temperatures range from 250 to 400 degrees. Hot temps and soaking wet hair do not mix, so make sure your locks are only damp when you begin to use the hot air brush. The lower the heat setting, the safer you’ll be.


Always Turn Off When Not in Use

safety tips for hot air brush

While some hair tools come with a helpful little auto shut-off after not being in use for a certain number of minutes, some do not come with this feature. Make it a habit to turn your hot air brush the minute you are done styling.

If you’re a little OCD about safety, feel free to unplug it as well. The key here is just to remember to always turn it off right away to minimize any chance of a spark, overheating, damage to your dresser or counter, or even a fire.


Do Not Touch the Bristles When It’s On!

hot air brush safety tips

If you’ve ever been burned by a hot tool before, you probably haven’t made the same mistake again. It hurts! Hot air brushes are no different.

The bristles can get crazy hot and will hurt your fingers if you touch them when the tool is on. Pick up a pair of heat resistant gloves and/or work slowly when the tool is in use to minimize your contact with heat.


Like all hot tools, safety is just common sense and something you generally shouldn’t have to think about. Follow the four safety tips above when using your hot air brush and you won’t have anything to worry about when creating your perfect look!