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Dyson Corrale VS Bio Ionic 10X Straightener

Hair straightening is no longer exclusive for high profile beauty parlors and salons. With the arrival of advanced hair styling tools into the market, people can do it in their own home and have a fantastic look. It doesn’t matter if you are wearing an ethnic or modern, or semi-western attire; straight hair perfectly goes with everything.

But finding the best hair straightening is a little difficult, right? Thanks to the numerous products arriving each day. Before the purchase, you should Google around, see some reviews, think about the budget, and so on. Check out a detailed preview of new prominent hair straighteners in the market.

Dyson Corrale Hair Straightener Bio Ionic 10X Hair Straightener
Dyson Corrale Bio Ionic 10X
Quick straightening.

Flexing plates.

Adjustable temperature.

Less damage to hair.

OLED display.

Curls effectively.

Suitable for all types of hair.


Automatic shut off after 10 min inactivity.
Suitable for all types of hair.

Vibrating plates.

Smooth straightening.

Quick results.

Leaves shiny hair.

5-year warranty.


Charge only stays for 30 minutes.


Dyson Corrale Hair Straightener

Dyson has been in the personal care market for more than 40 years. Over the years, it has delivered products like vacuum cleaners, fans, hairdryers, and hair straighteners by integrating advanced technologies and has become a household name in the industry.

The products embedded with a unique brand identity blow the cut-throat competition away and establishes a dominant position, especially in the hair styling market. To enhance the hairstyling experience, Dyson launches a new hair straightener with better performance and less hair damage.

The new Dyson Corrale comes up with intelligent heat control technology. The sensors present in the straightener measure the heat about 100 times a second and controls the heating system by communicating with a microprocessor. This assures delivering a precise amount of heat while straightening.

Unlike the conventional hair straighteners which use classic tourmaline or ceramic plates, Corrale is equipped with manganese copper plates that can subtly flex and can apply tension and heat evenly by bending around the hair.

In the display on the OLED panel located below the plates, the user can see the heat setting. The temperature can be adjusted within three heat settings- 330° F, 365° F, and 410° F. The straightener is an ideal one for all types of hair and length for favorite styles, be it perfect straight hair or beautiful waves or even curls.

The checkmark appears on the display signals that the straightener is hot and ready to use. The straightener shuts off automatically after 10 minutes of no use.

The design of Dyson Corrale is similar to that of Dyson Airwrap styler and the Dyson Supersonic hairdryer. Featured with premium design traits, the straightener possesses the industrial look Dylon products always have. It also comes in three different colors- Black, Purple, and Black Nickel and Fuschia. The straightener accompanies a luxurious carry case and a charging stand.

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Bio Ionic 10X Hair Straightener

Bio Ionic is one of the dominant brands in the international hairstyling industry with great success in its shelf. The strengthened look and eminent performance render absolute professionalism in the hairstyling experience.

All the products from Bio Ionic are made up with a user-friendly design and easy operation. If you are looking for a professional salon hair straightening experience in the comfort of your home, you should consider Bio Ionic 10X straightener.

The natural volcanic rock joined with proprietary mineral complex features moisturizing heat. That is, the volcanic minerals emit negative ions and infuse micro hydration.

The sonic vibrating plates equipped in the straightener are also infused with Volcanic MX, making Bio Ionic 10X hair straightener to leave long-lasting styles on the hair in just 10 minutes. The ions drive molecules of water deep into the hair, making it hydrated as well-conditioned. This assures a vibrant, shiny look for the hair.

The vibrating hair glides through hair and creates an enhanced surface contact, thereby leaving no strands from smoothening and polishing. By shifting the strands of hair back and forth, fast straightening is offered by the vibrating plates.

The Bioceramic heaters make sure that the heat falls on the hair is constant and is distributed evenly. The rounded barrel allows the user to have a versatile styling right from root to the end and also makes it a multitasking tool for desired styles. Digital temperature can be controlled up to 450° F, offering a high gloss finish.

The ergonomic design offers a soft-touch handle for easy handling and convenient usage and a 9ft swivel cord. The result is an unparalleled hassle-free styling experience as it works on a dual voltage of 120V – 220V.

The tool has the automatic shut off feature if not used for an hour. The products, including Bio Ionic 10X Hair Straightener, comes with an assured 5-year warranty from the manufacturers.



One important thing people often scrutinize before choosing a hair straightener is its design. Products differ in their size and design.

Although Dyson Corrale has the cordless capability, it is big and heavy, and hence is very difficult to travel. But the tool supports a battery disabler as well as the universal voltage that is approved by TSA. Hence, it can be taken with you anywhere as it is safe to fly with.

On the other hand, Bio Ionic 10X hair straightener has a matte design. The ergonomic design lets you take the hair tool with you wherever you go.



Both Dyson Corrale and Bio Ionic 10X offers quick results. The flexible plates in Dyson and the vibrating plates in Bio Ionic 10X and the adjustable temperature feature ensures perfect hairstyling.

However, the Dyson Corrale has an underwhelming battery life, and the magnetic connection can get disconnected during usage. Also, it takes 40 minutes for the tool to get charged by 90%. This makes Bio Ionic 10X feature a convenient hair styling tool for most of the time.

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Effect on Hair

The effectiveness of a hair straightener is determined by the heat the tool applies to the hair. Excess heat can damage the hair forever.

The maximum temperature offered by Dyson Corrale is 410° F, which is comparatively low to that of Bio Ionic 10X hair straightener, which offers 450° F. That is Dyson Corrale is the safe hair straightener for the users.

Users often take maximum temperature providing hair straighteners because high levels of heat can deliver accurate straightening results. But Dyson Corrale is a one-go straightener, and the flexible plates ensure every hair strand is straightened effectively.


Additional Features

Dyson Corrale hair straightener rings you up in various situations, especially when the tool is heated up, reached the chosen temperature, low battery, charging mode, idle mode, and even service alerts. Dyson Corrale offers the efficacy of a coded straightener with no frizz and high perfection.

The Bio Ionic 10X hair straightener is loved by people with medium-thick hair as it takes less time for styling. This also results in saving the hair from exposure to excess heat. If you are a person who user hair straightener frequently, Bio Ionic 10X straightener is the suggested one.



There are several things one needs to consider before purchasing a hair styling tool, and the price range falls on top of the list. A hair styling tool is an investment for your beauty hacks. Hence the product you buy should be worth it. Both Dyson Corrale and Bio Ionic 10X hair straighteners are expensive, considering the price range.

However, the results they provide to your hair are incredible, and hence you can use any of them. If you want a 100% home-friendly straightener Dyson Corrale is the one, and if you are looking for salon experience at your home, Bio Ionic 10X hair straightener is the best.

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