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Conair Unbound VS Chi Hair Straighteners

Through the years, people with all kinds of hair have tried various methods to change their hair look in some way or the other. There are ample numbers of hairstyles that people try daily. Some are happy because the hairstyles they have tried suits them, whilst some are not. But, amongst all the hairstyle transformations through time, one of them has been the most stable one.

Straight, shiny, and natural-looking hair rocks it all. Most of the time, people run to salons to get their hair straightened. But, for how long are you going to waste your money so often on Salons and Beauty Parlours? The perfect solution for all such styling problems is to get a good, reliable hair straightener.

Conair Unbound Hair Straightener Chi Hair Straightener
Has a sleek body which can fit in small spaces.

Has LED digital display for convenience.

Shuts off automatically after 15 minutes.

Titanium plates ensure frizz-free hair.

Allows flexibility in temperature with 4 heat settings.

Has high-quality lithium-ion batteries.

Can touch the highest temperature of 400F.

Can also be used to style curls, waves, etc.

Prevents tugging or discomfort of hair.
The hair straightener is lightweight which eliminates fatigue to arms.

Heats to the max very quickly within 40 seconds.

Is suitable for all hair types whether it is dry hair or coarse.

Is very durable.

Has an LED display that changes colors according to temperature.

Heat settings are adjustable.

Titanium infused ceramic plates ensure a smooth and silky outcome.

Has floating plates that eliminate discomfort via pulling or tugging.

Dual voltage makes it fit for traveling.

Long length cord enables flexibility.
The battery lasts only about 25 minutes which may not be enough.

May not heat up properly at times.

Even distribution of heat across plates is not guaranteed.
The positioning of buttons may make it difficult to access.

May result in overheating.


Conair Unbound Hair Straighteners

Conair Unbound Hair Straighteners

An American Company, Conair, is based in Stamford. Conair has been selling personal care products along with beauty and health products for years now. It not only concentrates on professionally used products but also cares for commoners.

Conair focuses on giving reliable products. It allows you to play with your hair without the worry of damaging them as Conair comes with a backup for all your hair related problems.

The Conair Unbound hair straightener is a pioneer to the modern world tools. It is a revolutionary design that eliminates all limitations. The unbound is a cordless design that allows you to style your hair at any time and any place.

It is perfect for you to travel with as you need not have to worry about your frizzy hair when you are on a trip. Conair Unbound is a rechargeable straightener which comes with lithium-ion batteries. It also has a USB charger for the batteries.

The plates on the Conair are of Titanium. These plates are of 1 inch and ensure that your hair is styled beautifully and give out a shiny, healthy glow. The Titanium plates easily glide through the hair whilst making sure that no discomfort is caused through tugging or pulling of hair.

The body of the Conair Unbound gives out a very modern and sleek look. It has an LED temperature display, which adds to the look. The LED display helps in keeping a constant check on the temperature easily, in case it goes up or down by mistake, causing damage.

There are 4 heat settings available that help you adjust the temperature according to your will. The highest settings allowed by the straightener is 400F, which is enough for any textured hair to be straightened.

The Conair unbound has an advanced feature of automatic shut off. The straightener goes off after 15 minutes of inactivity, which ensures the safety of the people around you, in case you leave it on. This auto shut feature also helps preserve the battery life for longer use. The straightener can be used for up to 25 minutes continuously. However, the battery life depends on the temperature that the straightener is being used.


Chi Hair Straighteners

Chi Hair Straighteners

Chi is a beloved brand found years back in 1986. This Houston based brand was found by Farouk Shami, a hairdresser that brought a change in the beauty industry. This renowned brand focuses on innovation being its main motive.

Along with that, Chi also focuses on caring for the environment. The products offered by Chi are not only durable but also intend to solve the everyday hair related problems at an affordable price.

The perfect solution to frizzy hair is the Chi PRO G2 Digital Titanium Infused Ceramic hair straightener. This straightener proves to be the most innovative product that the brand has ever produced. As the name suggests, the Titanium infused Ceramic plates glide through the hair smoothly, making it look naturally healthy and shiny.

The material on the plates ensures that the heat distributes through the plates evenly, which results in minimum damage.

This Chi hair straightener is a product loved by professionals, so you are guaranteed a salon-sleek look at home. The plates are of 1 ¼ inch, which is the perfect size to get as close to the roots as possible. It has a dual voltage feature, which makes it hassle-free to travel with. It does not let you stress over converters when you plan on taking a trip with fabulous hairstyles.

There is temperature flexibility allowed in this hair straightener, which makes it compatible for all hair types. Be it just straightening or trying out different styles like curling; Chi covers it all.

The heat can rise to a temperature of 425F, which is enough for any texture of hair. It takes just 40 seconds for Chi PRO G2 to reach the highest heat setting, making sure that your precious time is not wasted.

NuMe Megastar Vs Chi PRO G2 Hair Straightener


The body has a completely digital LED display, which gives a modern look to the straightener. A fantastic feature includes that the digital screen shows different colors according to the temperature of the hair straightener.

Red being the max setting, Blue being the lowest and Green showing the temperature in between. This enables checking the heat easily at one glance.



Conair Unbound

The Conair comes in a beautiful color with its revolutionary feature of being cordless, which is not provided by Chi. Conair has a stylish but heavier body when compared to Chi. This is due to the two lithium-ion batteries inside of the straightener. The body also has easy to access controls and a digital display.



The Chi hair straightener has a very sleek body and is light in weight when it is compared to the Conair Unbound. It weighs just 1.5 pounds.

The feather-like body causes no stress to the arms while styling. It comes with a long cord that enables flexible straightening. Chi, too comes with a digital display and controls on the inside, making it difficult at times to access.



Conair Unbound

The Conair has titanium plates. These plates give beautiful and smooth performance over the hair. The straightener can work any time and at any location due to its cordless feature.

However, the battery lasts only about 25 minutes, which might not be enough for everybody. The highest temperature that the straightener can hit is 400F.



Chi hair straightener has Titanium infused Ceramic plates. These plates make sure that the heat is evenly distributed, which might not always be the case for Conair.

The plates make sure that the goal of frizz-free hair is achieved. The highest temperature is 425F, which is greater when compared. Faster performance is achieved as it takes only 40 minutes to heat to the max.



Conair Unbound

The Conair works wonders when it comes to smooth performance. It can work on any texture of hair. Since the temperature is easily adjustable, the Conair helps set temperature according to will and hence minimizes damage on hair.



Chi hair straightener has plates of Ceramic with Titanium infused. This material makes sure that the hair looks naturally healthy, as well as shiny and flawless. The evenly distributing heat adds more to the health of the hair.



The feature of the Conair straightener being cordless is the most innovative one. It can be used while traveling without any worries. It shuts off automatically just in 15 minutes on inactivity, which is lesser and better when compared to Chi.

Chi hair straightener has an excellent feature of changing colors of its digital display. This feature changes colors according to the temperature, which helps determine the temperature at just a glance.



The desire to get stylish hair each day should be fulfilled, but not by getting expensive salon appointments every day that will not only damage your hair but also spend your money. Instead of this, getting either one of the Chi or Conair hair straighteners is the right solution. Both brands give out durable products.

These products leave your hair looking absolutely stunning. Most importantly, the quality of both products is good, and they promise high performance. The price of the Conair Hair Straightener can be lesser at most sites when compared.

All specifications, along with their pros and cons, should be read thoroughly for you to get a good idea about the straightener that is perfect for you!

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