When is the Right Time to Cut Your Hair to Encourage Growth?

Growing your hair is not just something you can wish to happen, it requires taking conscious efforts. It is a process. While it is said there is no cure to baldness, we believe there is. The cure to baldness would be maintaining the quality of your hair. This is done by eating a balanced diet, reducing your stress and anxiety, knowing when is the right time to cut your hair, and consuming fewer antidepressant medications.

Just about everyone in the world wishes to grow their hair. They want their hair to grow faster. As haircuts are said to improve hair growth, they head to the salon to have their hair trimmed almost anytime they want which is counterproductive to their hair. Rather than hair growth, incessant haircuts leave their hair receding. Exploring the opinions of hairstylists on Collected Reviews, there are set times to cut or trim your hair to encourage quality.

Why Do You Need to Cut Your Hair?

Why Do You Need to Cut Your Hair?

There are arguments about why we need to cut our hair shared by hair clients on online shopping reviews. One argument suggests adaptability. Like wearing hats to work, drinking coffee in the morning, we are used to cutting our hair. We cut our hair out of habit, not necessarily because they are ripe for barbering. Another argument posits that hair-cutting or trimming is about impracticality. We cut our hair for easy maintenance and keep. Anything other than that would be seen as a health factor, according to this new argument. Trying to grow out a lot of hair makes some of the ends split and kind of gross. So the hair is cut off to keep it healthy and non frizzed. In summary, the three arguments center on adaptability, impracticality, and cleanliness.

We find the third and last argument plausible, however. Trimming or cutting your hair has been known to encourage hair quality. This is realized by getting rid of damaged and split ends. Not trimming makes your hair tangles and splits. Rather than grow longer, it grows shorter, thus negating the growth you had in mind.

When is the Right Time to Cut Your Hair?

When is the Right Time to Cut Your Hair

There is no perfect time to cut your hair. Hair growth is not informed by the rate or frequency at which you neither trim your hair nor is it dictated by the time period, and/or whether the trimming happens. On average, hair grows 0.5cm and 1.5cm each month, and there is no amount of trimming that can change this rate of growth. However, to keep your hair healthy, you are advised to trim or cut your hair every 3 to 4 months, or at the very least once every two months. This way, your hair is prevented from damages and split ends, as it gains in health and quality.


Trimming or cutting is highly recommended. Since it is claimed it helps to improve hair quality, we believe hair growth is possible through quality. Although there is no ideal time you can trim your hair, we suggest you do it once every two months.

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