30 Unique Hair Colors and Highlights for Women of All Age

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Hair colors are very much stylish and fashionable if done the right way. Coloring the hair is a very old practice and it is as common in men as in women. in earlier days, women and men would use natural leaf and plant extracts to color their hair. Colored hair was supposed to be an integral part of beauty.

These days, however, one does not have to go to such lengths to get their hair colored. There are many solutions for hair coloring available in the market. Also, there are many colors and shades which can be used for hair coloring. People these days prefer unique and eye-catching colors. Unique Hair Colors for the hair are very common in fashion these days. Women and men love to color their hair in unique shades. It is because the unique hair colors look very trendy and also made to match with almost any kind of outfit. Choosing a brand or color, one should keep in mind the quality of the hair color. Also, it must be seen that the hair color should match with one’s personality and complexion. Hair colors once done must be maintained properly to maintain the look. Proper hair care regime is important after coloring the hair.

Golden Blonde

Golden blonde hair color is very common and looks very classy with almost any kind of outfit. Here, the hairstyle is kept complementary with the hair color. The hair is styled into soft waves. The light golden blonde color is done throughout the hair length. The hair is also kept longer which enhances the color. A bold outfit and dark makeup would suit the hair color.

Unique Hair Colors

Platinum Violet

The platinum violet color is a unique one and also subtle. If one wants to color their hair in a mild tone and also look different from the crowd, then the platinum violet color is a perfect choice. The hairstyle is kept straight and simple. The hair color is mostly maintained at the hair lengths and towards the outer side. Casual outfits are best suited to carry with this unique hair color.

Unique Hair Colors

Vibrant Red

The vibrant red is such a hair color which immediately captures the eye. The color itself is eye-catching and unique. The length of the hair is long so that the hair color looks prominent and beautiful. The color is maintained throughout the length of the hair. this color is so unique that almost any kind of outfit would suit it. Be it casuals or formals, the vibrant red color would rock any outfit. Since the hair color is vibrant, the makeup can be kept light and minimal jewelry look can be achieved.

Unique Hair Colors

White Lavender

The lavender color is seldom used as a hair color. Yet, recently these quirky colors are gaining most of the attention. The white lavender is the pale shade of lavender. The hair color immediately and instantly grabs attention and can bring about a big change in the entire look. The roots are colored darker than the wavy locks. The hair texture is fine which brings out the white lavender color. Casuals can look vivacious with this hair color. Formals in dark color would make the color look gorgeous.

Unique Hair Colors


When people think of unique hair colors, blue is one of the color which pop up. Different shades of blue are being used by men and women both for bringing about a change in the getup. The blue color looks vibrant and gorgeous with any hair length or any hairstyle. Here, the hair color is deep teal blue. It is kept darkest towards the roots and light as it goes towards the ends of the hair strands.

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Unique Hair Colors


Burgundy is also a common color but this shade of burgundy can make the hair color stand out. The deep burgundy color of hair is used throughout the length of the hair. the hairstyle is kept natural and casual. Medium hair length is kept wavy at the ends. Dark makeup and minimal jewelry look would suit this hair color. Casuals which are dark colored can be matched up with the hair color.

Unique Hair Colors


These days, people do not just hide greys. Many people color their hair grey to look different and unique in the crowd. The grey hair color would suit people with long face cut and long hair length. The roots of the hair are kept dark whereas rest of the hair strands are kept comparatively lighter in color. A dark mouth with highlighted eyes and a bold outfit are the perfect match for grey hair color.

Unique Hair Colors

Pure Violet

The pure violet color looks just like the hairstyle of a fairytale. The wavy hairstyle is kept natural looking and slightly wavy at the ends. Bright purple color is maintained evenly from the roots till the tips of the hair. This stunning hair color is the first thing people are going to notice when they look. This bright and vibrant hair color would look perfect with casual outfits of lighter color. Light makeup and highlighted eyes can be done to suit the hair color.

Unique Hair Colors


The rainbow hair color indeed looks like a rainbow indeed. It has got all the colors. Such a pattern of hair color must be done by a trained professional. If done correctly, the rainbow hair color can look very beautiful and is sure to grab attention. The hair closer to the roots are kept dark. Rest of the hair progressing down is colored in various shades. The lighter shades are especially done at the ends of the hair strands.

Unique Hair Colors


silvery and wispy hair is a dream of many. Well, now the dream can come true easily as it can be done from a good hair parlor. The silver hair color must be done properly and carefully as it does not suit all kinds of hairstyle. The silver color is especially meant for a graceful and elegant look. The color would look very well with any dark colored formal and bold look. To complement the color, the makeup and eyes must be kept highlighted.

Unique Hair Colors

Dirty Blonde

Whereas the blonde color is meant for elegance, the dirty blonde is usually done for a casual chic look. This hair color can go very well with semi-formals. Also, almost any hair length and hairstyle would look good with this hair color. Minimal makeup and dark eyes would look good with the hair color.

Unique Hair Colors

Deep Brown

the deep brown hair color can be done in many ways and in many different styles. However, it looks best in sleek, straight and long hair. the makeup is kept very neat to suit the hair color. The highlighted dark and light brown shades are kept at the ends of the hair strands to add uniqueness to the entire hair color.

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Unique Hair Colors

Ash Blonde

Ash blonde is yet another variation of the blonde hair color. The ash blonde hair is perfect for any casual or formal look. For a subtle yet classy look, this hair color can be tried. This unique hair color can suit the younger or older people both. Light makeup and simple jewelry are best to complement the look.

Unique Hair Colors


The honey colored hair is supposed to give a unique as well as casual look to the entire getup. The messy hairstyle looks perfect with the honey hair color. This look is perfect for the casual and chic look. No makeup or jewelry look can suit the hair color. The honey color is specially made prominent towards the ends of the hair strands.

Unique Hair Colors


The platinum hair color looks elegant and graceful. It looks better in shiny sleek hair. the long hair with slight waves at the ends makes the hair color more prominent. The color is done richly at the roots and is lightened at the ends of hair strands. An elegant dress for a gala party and chandelier earrings with light makeup would suit the look.

Unique Hair Colors

Dip Dyed

The dip-dyed hair color is indeed a very unique color. Any color can be chosen for this style. the main thing is the way the hair has been colored. The hair looks as if it has been dipped in color. While the rest of the hair color is kept natural, the ends of hair strands have been colored making the hair ends more prominent.

Unique Hair Colors


The auburn hair color brings out the facial features clearly. For people having medium long to long hair, the auburn hair color is very much suitable. The hair color has been covered in the entire hair length of the straight hair. this style with the hair color is suitable for formals as well as casual outfits.

Unique Hair Colors


People looking for some unique hair color which is eye-catching yet subtle can do their hair mauve. This color is mild and also looks gorgeous on almost all kinds of hair. the hairstyle can be made voluminous to bring out the hair color prominently. This color can be worn with casuals or formals. Minimum jewelry is required and dewy makeup would suit the style.

Unique Hair Colors

Golden Brunette

The golden brunette is a very casual hair color and yet creates a unique look. The advantage of putting this hair color is that it can be done in medium length or long hair as well and any hair texture. Complementing with the color, berry lips and highlighted eyes can be done.

Unique Hair Colors

Dark Brunette

Brunette or blonde hair throughout is very classy in itself. The dark brunette is a slight variation to change the entire look. Brunette hair color is maintained throughout in the long hair. the ends of the hair strands have only been done in light colors to bring out the contrasting hair color.

Unique Hair Colors

Candy Blonde

It is not mandatory that an elegant or graceful look can only be achieved with the combination colors or dark colors. The candy blonde is a very classic example how the classic color blonde can be merged with a quirky one and yet add grace to the entire look. This is a very cute hair color to pair with casuals.

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Unique Hair Colors

Ashy Brunette

The ashy brunette is a refreshing change from the usual brunette hair color. People looking for variation can definitely go for this look. The brunette color is maintained throughout the head. the ash color is done in a few strands of the hair. the look would go well with casuals or formals both.

Unique Hair Colors

Icy Light Blue

Blue is trending these days. No matter what shade, everyone adds blue to their hairstyle to look different. The icy blue is no such exception and also is a very different one too. The icy blue color is maintained most from the roots till the mid-length of hair. rest of the hair, lighter color has been done.

Unique Hair Colors


Pastel colors are not only popular in dresses. They are also included in hair colors these days to make it look unique. The pastel color is done from roots till the tips. For a very contrasting look, bold makeup and outfits can be done to bring out the hair color.

Unique Hair Colors


Copper hair color looks very well for people having prominent facial features. Matching contact lens and semi-formal outfits can be worn for the classic chic look. The hair color is done in the entire hair strands. To match the color, red mouth and bright makeup would suit well.

Unique Hair Colors

Chocolate Brown

The chocolate brown hair color is a very subtle hair color for those who do not want too much highlight for their hair and also want to maintain it close to the natural hair color. It is a very subtle shade of color which merges well with the natural dark color of the hair.

Unique Hair Colors

Peek A Boo

The peek a boo is basically highlights done on the hair color. The hair is maintained straight and sleek to bring out the highlights. Contrasting to the natural hair color, any shade can be chosen for highlights to be done at the ends of hair strands. It is only maintained at the ends.

Unique Hair Colors


The Morena is a popular style of hair color which has been done by celebrities and is inspiring a lot of people. A lighter shade of brown is used in the longer hair strands with the dark shades done close to the hair roots. Dewy makeup and minimal jewelry would suit the look well.

Unique Hair Colors


The flamboyant hair color would look better in straight and sleek hair as it is done making the lower hair ends prominently. The natural hair color or the dark shade is kept at the upper portion of the head. the outer strands of hair in the ends have been colored with a lighter hair color.

Unique Hair Colors


Ginger is another unique shade. It is a very bright shade which if done correctly throughout the hair makes the traditional look classy and elegant. The hair color is maintained throughout the head and can be best paired with dark formals. Light makeup and no jewelry would be suitable for this hair color.

Unique Hair Colors

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