Tyme Vs Beachwaver Straighteners – Which Brand is Better?

In hair styling evolution, one of the most common styles preferred by every other woman is straight hair. It has become very much normal for women of this generation to straighten their hair almost every day. They use it so much that the hair and beauty industry tries to innovate and launch new and upgraded hair straighteners for their customers. It has been recorded that hair straighteners are in great demand for the past few years.

Women prefer straightened hair become they find them easier to manage, and it also gives them a strong and bold look and personality. Most of the females are working women these days, so they almost use hair straighteners every day before heading out for work. You can get permanently straightened hair if you visit a hair salon or parlor, but it will cost you a lot of dollars, and they have certain drawbacks too. Chemicals are used to treat your hair, which damages the cuticles, and you cannot go back to your original and natural texture of hair. Also, permanent straightening takes a lot of your time and requires frequent touch-ups. The chemicals also have side effects, too, in the long run. Though using hair straightener are a temporary fix and styling product, but it is not time-consuming as a good hair straightener will take a few minutes to give you your desired result. They are also budget-friendly, and at the end of the day, you can get back your natural hair after a quick wash.

So in this article, we will talk in detail about two of the hair straighteners and also compare them based on their features and performances and other key points. The two hair straighteners are Tyme Iron Pro and Beachwaver Coast Pro Ceramic Styling Iron.

Tyme Iron Pro

Tyme Iron Pro Straightener

The Tyme brand was founded by Jacynda Smith in the year 2008. With time and effort, this brand revolutionized the concept of hair straightening and hair curling. They have brought new and latest technology and advancement to their hair styling tools and products to stand out among the rest of the brands who are in the market. New and improved version of hair straighteners is being launched by them, which are used by professional hairstylists and famous hairdressers. They try to make hair straightening an easier task and also efficient without compromising in the quality of the hair appliances and tools. Tyme uses the best materials to manufacture their hair straighteners. Their motto is to give women the best result while styling their hair and that too by saving time and energy and making it effortless. The products of Tyme look towards hair nourishment and hair care so that the hair looks beautiful and gorgeous, not only from outside but also from inside. If your hair is naturally healthy, then while styling your hair or straightening them will provide better performance and results. Using their hair straightener would not only give you confidence, but also you would owe your natural beauty and feel proud of it.

The Tyme Iron Pro is a superior quality hair straightener. It claims that the hair tool can create various looks, such as straightening as well as curling your hair efficiently. The product has a very unique and cute design that looks luxurious and is made up of premium quality. It has a very subtle metallic color, and if you look closely, you will notice it also shimmers, which makes the hair straightener absolutely eye-catching. The outer surface of the hair straightener is smooth and curved at the edges, which gives it high visual performance. The best thing about this product is that you can create a lot of style because of its unique design. The five different temperature gives you the flexibility to get precise straightening or styling. It has titanium plates that are of premium quality and will give you a smooth, sleek result once you straighten your hair, reducing the frizz and keeping the moisture locked in. It is a high-quality hair styling tool, so treat your hair with this product and get salon-style hair at home.


  • The titanium plates are infused with ionic technology, which gives a smooth and silky result.
  • It is versatile and multi-purpose as you can create many looks with just one product.
  • The product is safe to use as it has an automatic shut-off button.
  • Flexible as it has five different temperature settings for your convenience.


  • The hair straightener is slightly expensive.
  • It is difficult in the first try to get your desired hairstyle efficiently.
  • As the plates heat up fast, your hair becomes prone to breakage and damage.

Tyme Vs L’ange Hair Straighteners – Which Brand is Better?


Beachwaver Coast Pro Ceramic Styling Iron

Beachwaver Coast Pro Ceramic Styling Iron

Three strong profiled females founded the Beachwaver brand. They focus on making their products environmentally friendly and which would sustain for a long period. They believe that all women are beautiful, and they can achieve great things in life and are capable of doing anything they wish to. Beachwaver is continuously focusing on research and development to upgrade their hair care products and appliances. They are all about bringing new and innovative hair products and tools for their customers. With time and dedication, this company has grown and has spread globally, becoming a favorite brand for a lot of hairstylists and dressers. It is a very professional brand, and they keep up to their promises when it comes down to hair straightening and styling products.

Many fashion bloggers and influencers are in love with their products and use them in their daily life. The brand makes environmentally friendly hair care products and also educates its customers about it as well. Their brand has a very global perspective, and so all their hairline tools are versatile so that every hair type can get the best of results with their hair straighteners and other hair tools. Professionals use all their products made with high-grade technology

The Beachwaver Coast Pro Ceramic Styling Iron is a multi-purpose hair styling tool. It gives a professional-like hairstyle within minutes and that too at your home. This hair styling tool can be used for all types of hair. It gives a very salon-style blowout look. You can style your tresses in different and unique ways as it comes with few attachments. It makes it versatile and multi-purpose. So you do not have to buy another hair styling tool to get beach waves or curls, this will do it all along with straightening your hair. It has both large and small attachments, which gives you precise styling of hair. It has touch sensor technology, which will reduce the heat when not in use and will get back to its temperature once touched. The ceramic plates will give you a smooth result and will glide through easily. You can easily adjust the temperatures between 280 degrees to 450 degrees, which is a wide range to suit your hair type. If you want to protect your hair while straightening them, this is the ideal hair styling tool for you.


  • The touch sense of the product reduces the heat when not in use, which prevents accidents and burns.
  • The ceramic plates will give even and smooth heat throughout the hair.
  • The swivel cord is 9 feet long, which gives better control over the product and no snagging.
  • It is lightweight.


  • It does not have a packing case.
  • The plates do not hold the hair properly.

Tyme Iron Pro Vs Beachwaver Coast Pro Ceramic Styling Iron


Tyme Iron Pro has a rounded and curved exterior. Once you clamp the plates, they will not shut together, unlike normal flat irons. One plate extends over the other. The design is sleek as well as attractive to look at. The body is gold in color and has a slight shimmer to it. The design is patented. There are 5 temperature settings, and the light indicates that.

Beachwaver Coast Pro Ceramic Styling Iron has a very sleek design, and the outer surface is smooth, which is comfortable to hold and style your hair. The edges of the flat iron are rounded so that you can curl your hair at the end effortlessly. You can easily slide the extra attachments on the plates, even if you are in a hurry.


Tyme Iron Pro is multi-purpose. You can create any style without any attachments in a few minutes, which saves time. It has titanium plates, which will serve you for a long period. The product has a single button to power it off and on. You can easily customize your style with this one product. The hair straightener uses dual voltage for your safety. The temperature memory will turn on to the last setting when used again.

Beachwaver Coast Pro Ceramic Styling Iron is versatile and comes with attachments, which can help you to achieve a lot many styles, and it has endless possibilities. The touch sense technology is innovative and unique. It reduces the heat on the plates when it is not in use, and once you touch it, they will switch to the previous temperature within seconds.

Effects on Hair

Tyme Iron Pro comes with 5 different temperature settings. You can choose any one of them depending on your hair texture and type. If you have thin hair, then choose the 300 degrees to 325 degrees temperature. For dense and coarse hair, switch to a higher temperature. As the plates are of titanium, they get easily heated within seconds, and you might get burns in your hair. The negative ions generated from the plates reduces the frizz.

Beachwaver Coast Pro Ceramic Styling Iron has ceramic plates that are good for your hair as they provide heat to your hair evenly. It prevents bending and crimping of hair. This styling tool is perfect for curly and coarse hair as the ceramic adds shine and gloss once you pass the plates through your hair. You can also adjust the heating temperature as it has a wide range for your convenience.

Additional Features

Tyme Iron Pro comes with a heat sleeve, which prevents any damage to the surface you keep the hair straightener while using. The brand also provides free tutorials from professional hairstylists. It is an interactive session, and you have to book an appointment. It will help you to get a better result while using the styling product.

Beachwaver Coast Pro Ceramic Styling Iron will give you a salon-style blowout every time you use it with attachments. It helps you to create multiple looks with just one pass of your hair between the plates.


No matter which hair straighter or hair styling tool you purchase, you must always use a good hair protectant spray or serum before using them. Its because a heating tool causes damage to your hair cuticles and using a serum or spray minuses the heating effect on your hair shaft. The right hair straightener must be a good investment for you and should be durable and last for a long time. Always care for your hair and nourish them whenever you get time.