Tips to Transform Relaxed Hair to Natural Hair

Who wouldn’t want long, beautiful, and healthy hair? Long and beautiful silky hair is considered one of the best thing a woman can have. Relaxed hair might give you 6-8 weeks of beautiful silky and straight hair, but the transition from relaxed to natural hair is tough. Here are some tips for you to transform relaxed hair to natural hair.

Best Tips to Transform Relaxed Hair to Natural Hair

#1 Maintain Healthy Hair

  • Hydrate Your Hair

    Hydrate Your Hair

Your entire body needs water. It needs to be hydrated to be fresh and healthy. Water intake actually affects the way your hair or face looks. If you have dryness or damage, you know that you’re hydrated!

You can start hydrating your hair by applying coconut and olive oil in your hair before going to bed. This will moisten it and get all the nutrients in your hair.

And avoid using shampoo each day, and just use two or three days in a week. But yes, you can use the conditioner whenever you shampoo your hair. You can also, buy leave-conditioner, apply it, and leave it for a day.

  • Apply Deep Conditioner

    Apply Deep Conditioner

A deep conditioner will moisten your hair to the next level. You can use this once a week. For a complete professional makeover, you can visit the salon.

If you don’t want to use it, you can use the mayonnaise instead. It may smell, but it has the required amount of protein that comes from the olive oil and egg whites. Apply the mayonnaise for 30 to one hour, and wash it with normal water. Yes, you need to shampoo it after to get rid of the smell.

  • Avoid Hair Curler and Straightener

    Avoid Hair Curler and Straightener

These may make your hair beautiful with all the styles in the magazine, but at the same time, they spoil it. They dry the hair and makes them breakable. Avoid these tools, and try drying your hair naturally. Even style them in a natural way.

  • Lesson Your Hair Washings

    Lesson Your Hair Washings

Washing often can result in removing your natural oil from hair. Wash your hair less often and use a lot of conditioner. Wash them every 7-8 days, giving time to the natural oils to coat each strand.

  • Hot Oil Massage

    Hot Oil Massage

A frequent scalp massage can not just take away the stress, but can also, promote hair growth. A proper massage can circulate the blood and oxygen, hence, helping your hair get the required circulation.

Just warm any oil, and apply to your hair. Gently massage your scalp with fingers or hair massager. Relax and get a good night sleep. You’ll feel fresh, relaxed, and your hair will get a gorgeous look.

  • Use Supplements For Hair Growth

    Use Supplements For Hair Growth

You can take biotin or viviscal for hair growth since it will increase the growth rate. With this, make sure you are eating a lot of vitamins and minerals. Even vitamin A and D will help your hair to grow fast.

  • Avoid Hair Products

    Avoid Hair Products

When you style your hair, you can use hairspray, gel, wax, etc. These may look great, and make your hair get a fantastic, eye-catching style, but they also take the natural look away. Often application may damage your hair permanently.

  • Buy Natural Hair Products

    Natural Hair Products

Since you are in the transition phase, you need to buy the products as per that. You need sulphate-free conditioning shampoos along with other hair treatments. They will not cause any further damage to your hair and reverse the current damage in your locks. You can ask experts advice on the same.

#2 Change Your Style

  • Big Hair Cut

    Big Hair Cut

Well, most people prefer to go for a big haircut, where they cut off the relaxed hair, just leaving short hair near the scalp for new growth. It is no doubt a good idea to create healthy growth, but not all will be happy to cut their hair leaving just one inch long. In case you are okay with the new look, it will be the best idea to chop off the relaxed hair, giving an immediate transition to natural hair.

  • Go For Regular Trims

    Regular Trims

Relaxers provide a permanent effect, so the hair which came in its contact will not grow back naturally. Thus, to get the natural hair again, at some point, you have to cut the relaxed hair. In case you don’t want to cut altogether, you can go for regular trims. Like once in a month, you can cut 1/4-1/2 inch hair. With time, all relaxed hair will be gone, and you will have natural hair.

  • Cover Your New Hair Growth

    Cover Your New Hair Growth

The new hair might look strange as compared to the relaxed hair. To avoid any further damage with such styles, you can use accessories to hide the new growth. You can use headscarves or headbands to hide the roots while showing the rest of your hair.

  • Make Twists or Braids

    Make Twists or Braids

Do not go for tight cornrows, as it might result in hair breakage. You can go for loose braids, twists, and cornrows. The best one is box braids or Senegalese twists. It protects the hair. But be gentle with your hair since its most fragile near the demarcation line.

  • Use Better Styling Products

    Use Better Styling Products

You can use a decent pomade, hair gel or spray to manage your style.

  • Avoid Touching Your Hair Too Often

    Avoid Touching Your Hair Too Often

Touching too much of your hair or styling them might result in making your hair frizzy. It might even result in breakage. Do not brush your hair often, avoid styles and put less strain on your scalp. Use a comb, not a brush for your hair.

Follow these tips to get your natural hair back and get rid of the relaxed hair.

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