11 Tips to Increase Beard Growth Naturally

A lot of young and old men desire to increase the growth rate of their beard. Beard brings out a unique look. It also makes a person look mature. The growth rate of beard is mostly linked to both genetic and hormonal issues. This is the reason some people attain beards easily and fast than others. Other men develop patchy beard on their face. There is a norm that regular shave is the only technique you can use to improve the beard growth rate. This statement is true but cannot instantly increase your beard growth rate.

Some men are desperate to the point they invest in cosmetic products to help them increase the growth rate of their beard. Some products are effective, whereas others are not. Some cosmetic products react negatively reacts on people. Consequently, some people are likely to develop some side effects. There are numerous natural tips you can use to give enhance the growth of your beard. Here are some of the reasons you should consider natural remedies for the growth of your beard:

  • They can be used by anyone. Some people exhibit negative reactions when using cosmetic products for their beard. Well; natural remedies can be used by anyone without fear or reaction or side effects.
  • There is a wide range of natural tips to choose from. You simply need to check out a couple of these tips and choose ones you are comfortable with.
  • They are effective. There are numerous positive reviews across online platforms praising these natural tips for the increase growth rate of their beard.

Below are some proven natural tips that can give you your desired beard within a short period:

1. Adopting a Healthy Diet

Tips to Increase Beard Growth Naturally
Do you pay close attention on your diet? Diet plays an important role in normal body functioning. A lot of men currently feed on junk meals. This might be one of the reasons your beard growth rate is stagnant. These junk meals contain bad fat and high sugar levels. These components don’t support the growth of beard. You should consider a healthy diet if you want to increase the growth rate of your beard. A healthy diet influences the amount of DHT and testosterone levels produced in the body. These hormones are directly involved in the growth of beard.

Ensure your diet contains proteins, carbohydrates, vegetables and good fat. You should also drink plenty of water and fruits. First, carbohydrates are directly linked to the increase in production of both DHT and testosterone in the body. An increase in production of these hormones automatically increases the growth rate of your beard.

Proteins should also be included in your diet if you want to enhance your beard growth rate. Try and balance both animal products and natural sources of protein.

Good fat is also used in building testosterone. Focus your attention on monounsaturated and saturated fat for positive results. Adoption of healthy diet for a long period helps in the growth rate of your beard.

2. Increasing Testosterone Levels in the Body

Tips to Increase Beard Growth Naturally
There are numerous ways testosterone levels in the body can be increased apart from focusing on a healthy diet. Emphasize is stressed on testosterone and other androgens because they can boost the growth of facial hair. Here are some natural ways you can increase the testosterone levels in your body:

  • Getting enough rest – Sleeping for roughly seven to nine hours each night has been linked with increased product of testosterone levels in the body. Getting enough rest for a while can increase the rate in which your beard grows.
  • Regular work out – particularly lifting weight can increase the production rate of testosterone and other androgens that influence your hair growth.
  • Shedding off excessive weight – Overweight or obesity has been linked with making DHT inactive and crushing of testosterone in the body. This might affect the growth rate of your beard. Try and shed off some extra weight if you want to boost testosterone in the body.
  • Avoid stress at all cost – High stress levels in the body have been medically proven to suppress testosterone. Therefore, try and reduce stress levels at all cost. Keeping your stress levels at bay increases your testosterone levels.
  • Avoid usage of artificial chemicals – Some artificial chemicals have harmful compounds such as bisphenol and parabens. Such compounds are renowned to suppress all hormones in the body. Avoid these chemicals if you want to increase the production of hormones linked with hair growth.
  • Avoid excessive alcohol consumption – Long terms excessive drinking can crush the hormonal health growth. Therefore, tame your drinking habit for increased testosterone production in the body.

3. Proper Care of Your Face

Tips to Increase Beard Growth Naturally
How often do you take care of your beard and face at large? Proper care on your beard can increase its growth rate. Your lifestyle influences the rate in which your beard grows. Therefore, regularly wash your beards. You should also moisturize them with some natural oil. Paying keen attention on your beard promotes the general health of your beard increasing its growth. Here are some other tips on how to take care of your face:

  • Regularly scrub your hair. Regular scrubbing helps remove dirt and oil which might have blocked some hair follicles. There are numerous natural scrub you can use on your face.
  • Use natural oils to protect your beard from damage and stimulate growth of more beard. Consider using coconut oil. Coconut oil protects your beard from the harmful UV lights. It also contains some nutrients renowned to speed up beard growth rate.

4. Microneedling

Tips to Increase Beard Growth Naturally
Microneedling has been used for years to naturally increase beard growth rate. This process entails puncturing holes on skin surface around your face. Microneedling the beard growing path can increase its growth rate. You simply need to purchase a dermaroller to perform this function. Microneedling process signalizes the body to direct nutrients and fresh blood towards the punctured region.

The entire process can forcefully stimulate the growth of facial hair from beneath the skin. A combination of Microneedling and minoxidil can drastically boost the growth rate of your beard. You should trim low your beard before Microneedling. This helps reduce snagging. Microneedling should be done after a while. You should give your skin some time to recover.

5. The Use of Minoxidil

Tips to Increase Beard Growth Naturally
Minoxidil is clinically proven natural alcohol mix. It is usually applied to the regions you want your beard to grow. It also helps people with patchy beard and those developing baldness. Minoxidil enhances beard growth rate by improving blood circulation around this region. This automatically enhances the rate in which nutrients are transported to follicles on your face.
Don’t expect instant results when you start using this natural alcohol mix. People attain results differently. Some people attain instant results, whereas others take time. Be assured of permanent results once you attain your desired beard length through the help of Minoxidil.

6. The Use of Red Light Stimulation

Tips to Increase Beard Growth Naturally
Extensive studies have revealed that you can increase your beard growth rate through red light stimulation. Researchers have revealed that specific red light wavelength is capable of activating cytochrome C oxidase. This enzyme has power to boost cellular metabolism thus increasing the testosterone levels in the body. Increased testosterone levels in the body will automatically improve your beard growth rate. Red light stimulation only brings out light after long term exposure.

7. Using Natural Beard Boosting Supplements

Tips to Increase Beard Growth Naturally
Do you know there are some natural supplements you can take to boost your beard growth rate? Furthermore, these supplements don’t exhibit any side effect. They can be used by anyone. There are some multivitamins you can use to increase the amount of DHT and testosterone in the body. These two hormones are responsible for the growth of beard. Both hormones are also responsible for stimulation of hair follicles.

These multivitamins contain different levels of components. Therefore, look for a beard boosting supplements that will help you address your various needs and help you attain your desired beard.

8. Try and Balance Your Hormones for Increased Beard Growth

Tips to Increase Beard Growth Naturally
Hormonal balance can also be used to increase the growth rate of your beard. There are numerous ways you can balance hormones in your body. It can be either through adopting healthy diet or regular workout, among others. Here is a list of some hormones that influence your hair growth rate:

  • Estrogen- Estrogen imbalance is common among both men and women. Toxins around our environment influence hormonal imbalance. High levels of estrogen levels in the body promote hair loss and stagnation in beard growth.
  • Cortisol- Cortisol is also referred to as stress hormone. This hormone deals with both acute and chronic stress. Uncontrolled stress levels can increase the production of cortisol. This hormone can impede beard growth if not controlled.
  • Thyroid hormone- Reasonable amount of thyroid hormone is linked to proper metabolism. This automatically means increased beard growth.

9. Consumption of Collagen to Increase Beard Growth Rate

Tips to Increase Beard Growth Naturally
Collagen can be partaken inside the body in powder form. This protein contains very unique amino acid that aids in proper growth of nails, hair and skin. Consistent consumption of collagen can increase your beard growth rate. People exhibit different results after continuous usage of collagen. Some people exhibit increased beard growth rate, whereas others take time. Patience is the key towards attaining your desired results.

You can consider using gelatin if you cannot easily access the powered collagen protein. Gelatin performs the same function as collagen.

10. Possessing Adequate Stomach Acid

Tips to Increase Beard Growth Naturally
Do you know your beard growth rate is influenced by the amount of stomach acid? Stomach acid technically means hydrochloric acid. Stomach acid performs one major task which is nutrient assimilation. Low amount of stomach acid is linked to indigestion and heart bun. The amount of stomach acid is influenced by nutrients levels in the body and your stress levels. So, how does stomach acid influence the rate?

  • First, hair comprises protein Keratin. Our body needs enough intake and assimilation of protein for improved beard growth rate. As we all know, digestion of protein starts in the stomach.
  • The stomach should contain high hydrochloric acid after consumption meals rich in protein. High acidic levels hasten the process of breaking down protein to amino acid.
  • High acidic level also signalizes the body to slow down digestion on digestive track. Stomach acid also encourages the body to release more digestive enzymes.
  • Afterwards, the digested meal is directed to various parts of the body. This is what hastens increased beard growth rate.

This is the reason you should focus on improving the amount of hydrochloric acid in the body.

11. Focusing More Attention on Thyroid Health

Tips to Increase Beard Growth Naturally
Metabolism rate in the body plays an important role on the growth rate of your beard. Thyroid hormone is responsible for the metabolism rate in the body by enhancing energy production rate on your cells. Therefore, you must ensure the thyroid levels in the body are reasonable, enhancing metabolism rate in the body. High metabolism rate in the body is linked to increased hair and beard growth rate.

Regular trimming can also be used for increasing your beard growth rate. Trimming should be done until your attain your desired beard growth rate. Please note that people attain different beard growth rate. Your lifestyle and your diet play a crucial role on your beard growth rate. Therefore, pay keen attention on these two aspects. Your diet and lifestyle influence your hormonal levels in the body. Focus strictly on a balanced diet and drink plenty of water. That’s not all; focus your attention on warm water when washing your face. Hot water can damage hair follicles on your face instead of protecting it. Hot water deprives beard all the important nutrients and oil. This stagnates beard growth rate. Treat any infection that might occur on your beard. Skin infection is common among people who share hair trimming equipment. Treat any infection that might occur as soon as possible. This ensures the infection doesn’t affect your beard thus affecting its growth rate.

11 Tips to Increase Beard Growth Naturally