13 Tips to Get Healthy Hair at Home

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Are you tired of all the expensive chemical products for your hair? Do you know you can attain a healthy hair from the comfort of your house? Well; there are a couple of natural remedies that have proven effective over the years. These home remedies accompanied by other remedies can give you a healthy hair within a short period. Use these Tips to Get Healthy Hair at Home:

1. The use of coconut milk

Tips to Get Healthy Hair at Home
Do you hate the looks and the length of your hair? If yes, consider using coconut milk. This home remedy has been used since time in memorial to give you a healthy hair and speed up hair growth. Coconut oil is rich in good fats, potassium and iron. Hair experts recommended using fresh coconut milk from a coconut, rather than buying processed milk. Put your coconut milk in a container before mixing it with some fresh lemon juice. Go on and add some lavender oil on your mixture and thoroughly mix it. Apply it on your scalp and leave it for roughly five hours before washing it off. You will steadily notice the health of your hair has improved as time progresses.

2. The use of onion juice

Tips to Get Healthy Hair at Home
A lot of people are surprised that onion juice can enhance hair growth and bring out an amazing look. Onion juice is one of the oldest hair products used to enhance the general hair look. Sulphur found in onion facilitates the growth of your hair. This statement also applies to lost hair. Sulphur also enhances the rate of collagen production in the scalp and the surrounding region. Slice a few onions and use them to make juice. It can be through grating or crushing. Afterwards, apply the onion juice on your scalp and leave it for roughly fifteen minutes. Afterwards, wash off the onion juice with some shampoo.

3. Make your own egg mask

Tips to Get Healthy Hair at Home
We all know eggs have high protein levels. Our hair needs protein to formulate new hair. This trait is what makes eggs be used across the globe to help people naturally grow their hair. Eggs are also rich in zinc, iodine, selenium, sulphur and phosphorous. Break one egg in a bowl before adding a reasonable amount of olive oil. Feel free to add honey to the mixture before starting to stir. You will attain some sort of paste from the mixture. Apply the mixture on your hair and scalp. Massage it for a while before leaving it alone for a couple of minutes. Use both shampoo and cool water to wash off the egg mask. Your hair will start glowing after a few weeks of continuous use of egg mask.

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4. Green tea

Tips to Get Healthy Hair at Home

There is no doubt green tea deserves to be on this list. It has helped a lot of people improve their general health. Surprisingly, green tea can help you attain a healthy hair within a short period. Green tea is well known to contain different types of antioxidants, that prevent hair loss, improve the growth rate of your hair and nourishes your hair. Don’t throw away used green tea bags. Instead, warm the used green tea before placing them over your scalp. Leave them there for a couple of minutes before washing it off. Repeat this procedure until you attain your desired hair results.

5. Fenugreek

Tips to Get Healthy Hair at Home
You should be familiar with this herb if you well know hair products. It is sometimes recommended for people with hair problems. These problems range from hair growth problems, weak hair and discolored hair, among others. Fenugreek contains nicotinic acid and proteins that stimulate the growth of healthy hair. So, how does this magical herb work? Add a couple of tablespoon full of fenugreek in a bowl. Systematically add some water in the bowl while grinding to form a smooth paste. Move on and add some milk on your paste before applying it on both your scalp and hair. Wash off the paste after a while. You will notice change on your hair after a while.

6. The use of apple cider vinegar

Tips to Get Healthy Hair at Home
Apple cider vinegar is different from the ordinary vinegars. It balances the PH of the hair and cleanses your scalp. These two functions are known to enhance the growth of your hair. Normal PH levels on your head also reduce the possibility of contracting different hair conditions. Therefore, add a dilute solution of apple cider vinegar on some warm water. Give it some time before using it to rinse your hair, immediately after washing it. Apple cider vinegar also gives your hair a shiny look. You will notice your hair has significantly improved after a specific period.

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7. Banana mask

Tips to Get Healthy Hair at Home
Bananas are rich in potassium, one of the components that facilitate proper hair growth. This fruit also can improve the elasticity of your hair by making it strong. Anyone can comfortably make a banana mask. Simply take one banana and mash it up. You can either use a blender or a strong fork to make a fine paste. Add some milk on the paste to make it easier to apply on your hair. Apply the banana mask on your hair and scalp. Feel free to massage your scalp after which the mixture should stay for roughly thirty minutes before washing it off.

8. The use of a curd conditioner

Tips to Get Healthy Hair at Home
Consider curd conditioner if you are looking for an amazing hair conditioner. This hair conditioner contains different types of nutrients, which ensure you attain a healthy hair. In fact, you will notice the texture of your hair has changes as time goes by. A combination of curd conditioner, lemon and aloe Vera can help fight numerous hair problems. Additionally, this conditioner will improve the general strength of your hair and fight off dandruff. Therefore, combine aloe Vera, lemon and curd conditioner. Apply the mixture on your hair and wash it off after sometime.

9. Rinsing your hair with beer

Tips to Get Healthy Hair at Home
It might sound funny beer can help you attain a healthy hair within a short period. This home remedy is still being used by numerous people across the globe to attain fantastic hair. Flat beer is recommended for this process. Take some beer and leave it open for a few hours for it to become flat. Use beer to rinse your hair immediately after washing it with both Shampoo and hair conditioner. Massage your hair for a few minutes once you have poured the flat beer on your head. Rinse it off after twenty minutes. Flat beer also works well when combined with honey.

10. The use of mayonnaise mask

Tips to Get Healthy Hair at Home
Do you want to hydrate your hair and attain a soft texture? If yes, mayonnaise will give you these results within a few weeks. Mayonnaise acts as both a hair conditioner and hydrating mask. There is no precise measurement of mayonnaise you should use on your hair. The length of your hair and your desired results determine the amount of mayonnaise to use. Gently massage some mayonnaise on your hair and scalp if possible. Don’t wash it off immediately. Instead, leave it for thirty minutes before washing it off. During this period, the mayonnaise mask works its magic to give you an amazing hair.

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11. Using Indian gooseberry

Tips to Get Healthy Hair at Home
Indian gooseberry is commonly referred as amla. It comes in two forms, namely powder or juice. This fruit is known to contain numerous nutrients, which facilitate proper hair growth. Vitamin C found in the Indian Gooseberry nourishes the hair while accelerating its growth rate. You can either use Indian gooseberry juice or powder. Mix either of the two with a reasonable amount of lime juice. Apply it throughout the head and give it sometime. Use some warm water to rinse off the Indian gooseberry juice or powder. The mixture of Indian gooseberry with lime juice has proven effective in the fight against hair pigmentation.

12. Practicing proper brushing techniques

Tips to Get Healthy Hair at Home
The way you use your brush determines the condition of your hair. First, look for a proper brush. There are different types of brushes you can use. Choose a good brush based on the type of hair and its length. Secondly, avoid brushes with plastic bristles. Such brushes increase the likelihood of your hair breaking because of static current. Form a habit of combing your hair from its ends. This makes it easy to remove tangles without a lot of ease. Thereafter progressively comb your entire hair. Don’t brush your hair for too long. Ten to fifteen minutes works perfect.

13. Protecting yourself before jumping into the pool

Tips to Get Healthy Hair at Home
Harsh pool chemicals such as chlorine can immensely damage your hair. This is the reason you are encouraged to protect your hair before jumping into the pool. There are numerous ways you can protect your hair. It can be by either wearing protective head gear or applying some hair conditioner. Protecting your hair against these harmful chemicals ensures it properly grows.

Be consistent on the selected technique you have chosen. Some techniques take longer to deliver your desired results when compared to others.

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