Good Hair Routine

The Ultimate Guide to Creating a Good Hair Routine

You see women with long and shining hair on Instagram and instantly want your hair to be that way. Hair growth is not rocket science. It is, in fact, a responsibility – a duty to be executed every morning with proper maintenance, professional hair care, and adequate cleaning. Cleaning and maintaining your hair is one way to ensure hair quality. If hair quality is assured, hair growth would be no problem.

In addition to good diets for keratin and other measures aimed at hair growth, a good hair routine is necessary. It begins with knowing your hair type while finding proven ways to enhance it. Although there are places you could check to guide you on this, we have resolved to stick with reviews of hairstylists on to put this guide together. We believe in experience. Rather than be told or informed, this guide will walk you through the choice of a perfect routine.

  1. Know Your Hair Type

Good Hair Routine

Your hair can be straight, wavy, kinky, or curly. Knowing the type of your hair is the first attempt to finding a perfect hair routine. More so, ensure you are familiar with their average length, diameter, and density. Also, you don’t want to overlook the texture of it and its elasticity, which is your hair’s reaction when it is stretched. Knowing all of these would keep informed of the perfect routine to go for and the perfect products based on the best online shopping reviews.

  1. Go for Products

Good Hair Routine

After spending a moment or two with your hair and you are familiar with the details, the next step is to gather the products that uniquely meet those details. However, there are a few products you must have. Shampoos and conditioners come in pretty all of the hair types. Your kit also should include dryers, spray, gel, and hair creams.

  1. How to Clean and Wash

Good Hair Routine

As earlier said, proper maintenance of your hair improves its quality. Still, you should learn when to clean and wash your hair. It shouldn’t be done too much or done too little. You should maintain a balance. Only clean and wash about a few times a week. Certain hair products require you to use them once every week. Always keep this in mind.

  1. Drying and Styling

Good Hair Routine

After maintenance, you want to dry and style. This stage also is procedural. It requires patience and attention. To begin, first, apply a hair protectant and let your hair dry properly. Then start styling using the right styling products. Keep in mind, however, the responsiveness of your hair to your applications.

  1. Other Things as Necessary

Good Hair Routine

There are always more tips for your routine such as hair masks and conditioners. Hair extensions also work as a great addition to your hair care routine. In all, be careful how you go about it and only keep applying if you are convenient with the products.


Finding a perfect routine is not assured, but a good one will maintain the quality of your hair and enhance its growth. Whatever the routine is, ensure it is what your hair and body can accommodate.

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