20 Trendy Rose Gold Hair Color and Highlight Ideas

The best way to describe a rose gold hair color is that it is like a subdued version of pink hair. It is like the perfect mix of pink and blonde that is ideal for any brunette looking to change her hair or any blonde looking for some hair experiments.


The things required to color rose gold hair

  • Old towel and bowl
  • Plastic or Rubber gloves
  • Hairbrush
  • Sectioning clips
  • Hair bleach
  • Rose Gold Hair Color dye
  • Hair tinting brush
  • Shampoo and Conditioner


The method of coloring the hair

  1. Mix the bleach in a bowl and drape the towel around your shoulders to prevent getting your clothes stained with the bleach or dye.
  2. Divide the hair into sections using sectioning clips and start applying the bleach. Avoid getting the bleach on the roots. Rinse the bleach well after it dries out.
  3. Bleach more than once if needed. The hair needs to have a yellowish tinge for you to proceed to the next step of coloring.
  4. Coat strands of hair evenly with the dye. The darker color you want, the more time the dye needs to be on your hair and finally, rinse your hair with Shampoo and Conditioner

Below twenty ideas in Rose Gold Hair Color should be of major help to you in choosing the shade and style that you want to go for.

Soft Rose Gold Hair

This is the one you should go for if you want to add some life to your simple blonde hair. Having light-colored hair or such highlights can be an advantage working in your favor as the color will grab on to that blonde color a lot easier, and you will not have to bleach your hair beforehand.

A look like this one you see right here is really subtle and the soft waves made at the end make the hairstyle look completely natural on you.

Rose Gold Hair Color


Lilac Rose Gold Hair

Pick up the lilac shade of rose gold if you want to go slow on the bandwagon for this trend. The hairstyle here has embraced another very popular trend in hair coloring techniques known as the ombre style.

Here the hair color has shown a gradient sort of effect. The color is darker on the top, and it gradually blends into the lilac shade right at the ends of the hair. Make some waves at the ends of the hair to bring out the color nicely.

Rose Gold Hair Color


Warm Rose Gold Hair

It is the right style for you if you do not plan to keep the rose gold color limited to a few highlights or the ends of the hair. Embrace the beautiful hue and dye all of your hair in that color.

This warm rose gold shade looks so pretty on everyone that it is worth a try. The hair has been cut in a long bob and made wavy all over. A middle parting has been made, and that is it for this one.

Rose Gold Hair Color


Rose Gold Waves 

The exposed roots hair coloring technique has really caught on since the last year. The technique is all about keeping the natural dark shade of hair intact near the roots while dyeing the rest of the hair in some other color. You can call it a variation of the classic ombre technique.

This hairstyle that you see here combines the exposed roots technique with rose gold hair color. Get your hair curler and make soft waves along the length of your beautiful hair.

Rose Gold Hair Color


Streaks Rose Gold Hair

The hair color looks so stunning that all eyes will definitely be on you no matter where you head to. This rose gold hairstyle is so feminine that it looks really nice when you pair it with your favorite floral dresses.

The length of the hair is kept short, and the rose gold color is applied in streaks across the hair. You need to curl up your hair but make sure you put curls only on the streaks of rose gold to make them stand out.

Rose Gold Hair Color


Brunette Rose Gold Hair

Rose gold color surely catches on well on blonde hair, but that does not mean that brunettes would have to be left out of the equation. You will need to bleach the hair, but that is totally worth it given how good the color looks.

Instead of bleaching all of your hair for the color, get the bleach done only on some sections of hair. That way you will be able to try out the color without the hassle of bleaching up your entire hair.

Rose Gold Hair Color


Brown Rose Gold Hair

The dark backdrop provided by the brown color is perfect for making the rose gold stand out. Color your hair ombre by making the rose gold shade appear right from the middle of your hair. It is deep rose gold on top blends into a lighter shade of rose gold at the ends.

Make well-defined curls in your hair, and the curling should also start from the middle of the hair. The hairstyle will not look good if you have short hair. You need either medium-length or long hair.

Rose Gold Hair Color


Light Pink Rose Gold Hair

This hairstyle will be just the right fit for you if bubblegum pink is one of your favorite colors. If you want to go all-out funky with your hair color, then this is the one that you should go for. The scrunched-up mess of curls just makes the hair color even more unique.

It is so gorgeous that it looks straight out of a fairytale. Keep the length till your shoulders and let a few strands fall on your face.

Rose Gold Hair Color


Blush Rose Gold Hair

This one is one of the most popular shades of rose gold loved at present by women around the world. The blush rose gold color sits pretty on her light blonde hair. Since the hair is already light in color, it does not take too much of an effort to get the color near the ends of her hair.

If you want the hairstyle to look even prettier, make waves near the ends of your hair and a long side fringe to cover the forehead.

Rose Gold Hair Color


Sunset Rose Gold Hair

No one said that you need to stick to just one shade of rose gold for your hair. Add as many pink tones to accentuate your hair and make it have a life of its own. The multiple hues of pink add an extra dimension to the hair.

Your fabulous locks will get that amazing vitality that catches every eye. You will be the center of attention wherever you go to. The hairstyle is fit for both straight and wavy textures of hair.

Rose Gold Hair Color


Peach Rose Gold Hair

Wondering how to make the rose gold hair look chic and effortless? Go for the peachy undertones to your hair. The peachy undertones are highly understated so you have a nice hair color that is also safe for work. When you go for this hair color, you do not need to sacrifice your hairstyle for office constraints.

The hairstyle gives you a really versatile look. In fact, this can be quickly made into party-ready hair by adding some eyeliner and the right accessories.

Rose Gold Hair Color


Smokey Rose Gold Hair

The Smokey Rose Gold is nothing but a pastel shade of the rose gold color. This hair color gives your hair a lived-in kind of feeling. It blends in nicely and does not make your hair look artificially colored.

Here, the jet-black color has been left intact on the roots while the rest of the long hair is dyed in the Smokey rose color. Naturally, straight hair would be the right match for the hairstyle so get your hair straightener to remove all knots.

Rose Gold Hair Color


Strawberry Rose Gold Hair

As mentioned earlier, rose gold hair is not just for blondes. The redheads can be in on all the fun by getting the Strawberry Rose Gold Hair color. Ask your hairstylist for the smoky gold color to be done all through your hair including the roots.

When the hair looks so wonderful all by itself, you need to do very little to change anything about it. Getting waves are optional for this one. You can keep the normal texture of hair and it will still look nice.

Rose Gold Hair Color


Dip Dyed Rose Gold Hair

If you do not feel ready for a head full of rose gold hair, ask your stylist to use the dip dyeing technique. You can think of dip dyeing as more of a test drive before going into further experiments with the color.

When you dip-dye only the ends of hair, there is plenty of room for carrying out experiments without any promise of going all out with the rose gold hair color. Get defined curls done only at the ends of your hair.

Rose Gold Hair Color


Light Rose Gold Hair

During most times, making the statement with the rose gold color can feel as easy as rocking the lightest rose gold color.

For your next appointment with your stylist, ask him about going for a balayage technique that begins near the hair roots and then there are soft bursts of the rose gold color all through the hair.

The curls are only concentrated to the ends of your long hair to bring that bounce and volume to the hair. This hairstyle will make you look charming.

Rose Gold Hair Color


Dark Rose Gold Hair

This is one of the darkest shades of color that makes it look almost auburn when you stand away from sunlight. The ombre hair coloring method has been used and the hair changes from jet black to light pink and finally dark rose gold.

You can add some hair smoothening spray to bring more finesse to the look. It is such a smart look that it will go perfectly well with your everyday attire. It will look great when you dress up for your next happening party.

Rose Gold Hair Color


Rose Gold Highlight on Dark Hair

If you are taking baby steps into the world of hair coloring, this can be an ideal match for the hair color ideas you are looking for. The rose gold highlights are blended seamlessly on dark hair in the balayage style of coloring.

Here, an interesting hair-do has been made to get the color to show up more. Half of the hair is made into a braid which is then twisted around to look like a rose and then pinned up using bobby pins.

Rose Gold Hair Color


Red Rose Gold Hair

You can think of red rose gold color as one step up from strawberry hues. This is one shade that is sure to turn heads so you must opt for this color if you are someone who is not afraid of a bright pop of color.

Tell your hair colorist that you want to go for a rose gold ombre with darker roots that eventually fade into a highly pigmented pop of the red rose gold color at the ends. The red color adds a nice sun-kissed vibe to the hair.

Rose Gold Hair Color


Platinum Rose Gold Hair

Though the platinum blonde hair color is totally trending nowadays, there can be a situation when you feel it is like too much of the same thing.

The Platinum Rose Gold is about getting the platinum blonde hair but banishing the monotony out of it completely by rose gold accents of the color. There is no denying the fact that this is a daring hairstyle as the color of your hair will ensure all eyes are on you.

Rose Gold Hair Color


Metallic Rose Gold Hair

The metallic is the latest in things, right from accessories to hair color. The key to this hair color is ramping up the shine of the hair as much as possible to bring that metallic finish to it.

The natural shine of your hair will not be enough for this hairstyle. What you need is some good quality hair shine spray to make your day. Spread the spray generally to your hair and brush your hair to get ready.

Rose Gold Hair Color