30 Professional Short Hairstyles for Bold and Beautiful Appearance

Have you always dreamt of sporting a short hairstyle but are too scared that it may not be office-appropriate? Ladies may need to sacrifice many things to climb up the corporate ladder (time, money, etc.), but hairstyle should not be one of them!

The key is to find a short hairstyle that’s youthful and stylish but still elegant and professional. We’re here to help you do that!

Whether you’re preparing for a very important job interview or just looking to update your look, you can undoubtedly find a stylish yet professional hairstyle that would suit your personality. Below are some great professional short hairstyle ideas that you can choose from.


How to Style Your Short Hair for the Workplace

professional short hairstyle

When styled right, short hair can help you look more confident and capable in the workplace. However, a wrong short hairstyle can damage your reputation and may even hinder you in climbing the corporate ladder.

That’s why it’s not just essential to find the right professional hairstyle. You should also learn how to style it too properly. Here are some tips:


Avoid super-styled short hair

There’s nothing wrong with fixing your hair. But if you’re just going to the office, avoid over-styled hairstyles like the slicked-back look. This style is an excellent choice for a formal event or an important business meeting as it will give you that air of authority and confidence.

But on normal office days, this look will just come off as intimidating, high maintenance, and unapproachable. That’s why you must keep your hair polished but not too styled during regular workdays.


If you have short curly hair, keep your curls tight

The problem with curly hair is it’s a double-edged sword. When kept tight and short, it will make you look polished and elegant but let it loose, and you’ll end up looking wild and carefree.


When in doubt, go for a bob

Do you want to cut your hair short but are not sure with hairstyle is suitable for the office? When in doubt, go for bob since it will make you look youthful yet still professional. Plus, it’s the easiest and simplest cut to style.


Professional Short Hairstyles You Can Rock in the Office

Are you ready to rock the short hairstyle of your dreams? Check out these short office hairstyle ideas:

Side Swept Short Hairstyle

If you have blonde short hair, you can easily go for the Side Swept Short Hairstyle, which is absolutely amazing for you.

Create a side parting and let the rest of your hair as is on another side of your hair. The hairstyle is suitable for any round face. You can sport the look at any corporal event or party as well.

Professional Short Hairstyles


Pixie Cut Fringe Hairstyle

If you desire to try out various hairstyles and then this would be one of the amazing styles. In recent times, this is one of the gorgeous and trendy hairstyles as well.

The blonde and brown Pixie Cut Fringe Hairstyle is the contemporary day hairstyle, which is the result of inspired ideas and the urge to be out of the crowd. To create this style, try to brush your hair in a smooth way.

Professional Short Hairstyles


Curly Short Hairstyle

If you are on the lookout to acquire a vintage and short hairstyle, then this would be the perfect one. The hairstyle will look absolutely amazing on the curly hair.

You have to brush back your hair to get the Curly Short Hairstyle and to add a little glimpse you can create some front bangs. The black blonde hairstyle will help you to look absolutely elegant and stunning.

Professional Short Hairstyles


Side Bangs Bob Haircut

This Side Bangs Bob Haircut looks the best on straight hair. To create this hairstyle, you have to do a middle parting and it will give you a little bit of messy look, which suits the round face.

Women with oval or even round faces can easily go for this look. This specific hairstyle will deliver you the sleek and soft as well as blonde hair color will create a beautiful combination along with it.

Professional Short Hairstyles


Choppy Bob Hairstyle

This Choppy Bob Hairstyle was quite well-liked and popular in the ancient times in Hollywood. Most of the actresses used to love to have this hairstyle.

And in recent times, this style has to turn out to be one of the popular ones. To get this style, you have to keep the front bangs in the forehead, and to bring the smoothness; you can use any cream or gel.

Professional Short Hairstyles


Textured Short Hairstyle

If you have short wavy hair with then you should try this hairstyle to look absolutely dramatic. In this hairstyle the front side will have little longer hair that you can easily placed at side.

In the Textured Short Hairstyle, the full side bangs will surely enhance more prettiness in your look. Woman with round shaped face can easily try this hairstyle.

Professional Short Hairstyles


Undercut Layered Short Hairstyle

If you are aging stylishly but you still want to look absolutely beautiful like ever then you can by far try this specific hairstyle.

If you have the oval or “v” shaped face along with sharp features then you can easily carry this particular look properly. The Undercut Layered Short Hairstyle is one of the trending and gorgeous styles that you can easily sport.

Professional Short Hairstyles


Short Ombre Hair With Bangs

Are you getting absolutely bored along with your wavy and short hair? Then this is it!  To get a ravishing and gorgeous look, you have to make a side part and leave the hair as it is.

The little brown ombre hair will make a younger look and you will surely feel the less heavy and free too. This is for the round and oval face shape and you can sport the look at anywhere.

Professional Short Hairstyles


Tomboy Short Hairstyle

If you have a brown short hair, make sure you try this look for any party. You have to brush back your hair to generate this ravishing style. It will help you to look elegant and classy.

Basically, leaving a dramatic effect on the hair will help you to carry off anywhere. This Tomboy Short Hairstyle is little unique and it will help you to look dramatic too.

Professional Short Hairstyles


Bob Cut with Full Bangs

The Bob Cut with Full Bangs along with blunt bangs is an outstanding hairstyle for the people who love to try out a variety of types of hairstyles now and then.

If you have the sleek, smooth, soft and straight bangs, then you can actually try this one. To make the style, you have to make a middle part and keep the side bangs as it is by brushing in a smooth and polished way.

Professional Short Hairstyles


Razor Cut Short Hairstyle

This Razor Cut Short Hairstyle is absolutely perfect for the girls along with very less hair who really do not want to deal with blonde and short hair.

This will deliver quite less amount of the strands so that you have to be absolutely bold to carry the style properly. The middle and the front portion will have an ample of thick and cropped hair.

Professional Short Hairstyles


Layered Bangs Short Hairstyle

If you have the short wavy hair then you should try this hairstyle to look eye-catching. In this particular Layered Bangs Short Hairstyle, the entire strands will fall like a messy or uneven look.

These wavy long bangs will surely enhance more prettiness in your look. Make a middle part of your hair and then it will look little messy and uneven.

Professional Short Hairstyles


Piecey Pixie with Fringe

The Piecey Pixie with Fringe comes with blunt bangs is an excellent hairstyle for people who love to try out numerous kinds of hairstyles now and then.

So, if you are one such person, then this scrupulous straight blonde pixie along with some blunt bangs will certainly be of utmost assistance and will aid you in becoming the style statement that you so desperately want to be.

Professional Short Hairstyles


Layered Bangs Blonde Hairstyle

This Layered Bangs Blonde Hairstyle is the most excellent style for girls with oval or “v” shaped faces. This well-liked Twiggy evocative haircut is an outstanding mixture of the layered cut hairstyle.

Create this look, try to brush your hair, and keep it in the front. One part of the haircut will be quite long and that will be the key part of your look.

Professional Short Hairstyles


Updo Short Hairstyle with Bun

This particular hairstyle is one of the unique and funky looking hairstyle, which gives a funky look to you. This Updo Short Hairstyle with Bun is absolutely manageable and stunning hairstyles.

You have to make a sharp-edged bun at the back and then keep the front bangs fall on your forehead. You can sport the look at anywhere you want.

Professional Short Hairstyles


Center Part Slick Short Hairstyle

Center Part Slick Short Hairstyle for straight and sleek, smooth hair always looks absolutely stunning. It can be almost straight hair also. If you have the thick hair along with good enough texture, then still you can easily have the short haircut.

The front part will have an ample of hair. You will surely have equal hair throughout your head. The hairstyle is absolutely amazing as well.

Professional Short Hairstyles


Boy Cut Short Hairstyle

The Boy Cut Short Hairstyle has been extremely popular amongst people as it looks quite stunning. To create this particular hairstyle, you have to bring your front bangs onto the forehead. This particular hairstyle will look absolutely amazing on the white blonde and short hair as well.

This particular hairstyle is the most excellent for the girls with short and thick hair. It is absolutely gorgeous for both party and corporate party.

Professional Short Hairstyles


Blonde Hair with Dark Streaks

If you are aging fashionably but still wants to look beautiful like ever then you can easily try this hairstyle.

If you have the oval or even round shaped face with sharp features then you can easily carry this particular look properly. In this particular style the hair of the front and upper part will be quite lengthy along with long fringes.

Professional Short Hairstyles


Inverted Bob Hairstyle with Bangs

If you have a short and blonde hair, trying Inverted Bob Hairstyle with Bangs will look super cute on you.

The hairstyle is absolutely stunning as well as adds some extra charm on your personality. The hairstyle helps you too look bold and beautiful too. You can sport the look at anywhere you want.

Professional Short Hairstyles


Edgy Short Hairstyles

If you want to get a cute and beautiful hairstyle at the same time, then this particular hairstyle would be an ideal option.

To make this particular hairstyle, you have to make the front bangs just fall on the forehead. Sleeking the strands by parting them aside will provide you with a modern look.

Professional Short Hairstyles


Textured Short Hairstyle

A short hairstyle is convenient for you if you have little time to style your hair. A textured crop gives a stylish and modern look without appearing messy.

Sweep your hair to the side and add texturizing spray to prevent your short hair from appearing lifeless. A light hue like golden brown gives you a youthful look.

short professional red hairstyle


Short Bob With Side Sweep Bangs

A short bob always looks sharp and graceful on a working woman. Side sweep adds an alluring style to your look. Blow-dry your hair and side sweep your hair with your fingers so that they retain the volume.

A short voluminous bob adds length to a round face. The side fringes highlight your eyes for a confident vibe.

short professional layered hairstyle


Choppy Bob with Fuller Bangs

Choppy layers are combined with long bangs to give the short bob cut a modern grunge effect. As a result, it stands out among professional short hairstyles.

Apply a texture tonic to your dampened hair and let it air dry—Tuck your hair behind your ears. Go for a blonde color shade over deep roots to make your bone structure more prominent.

If you have an IT or design-related job in a fun environment, this hairstyle will perfectly blend with the theme. Big round glasses complete the tech-savvy look.

professional short blonde bob with bangs


Spiky hair with undercut

If you are looking for both fun and convenience in one hairstyle, then you are at the right place. Pointcut layers add volume to fine hair. Along with that, spiky hair with undercut is very adaptable.

You can spike them when you aim for a casual look and smooth them for a professional look.A spiky hairstyle is best suited for women with triangular faces.


Short Textured Pixie

A short pixie cut becomes a Boho style when layers are added to it. However, if your hair is straight and lacks movement, a textured pixie can be a great choice for you.

Side sweep your pixie and add layers on the top. Choppy bangs push the longer layers forward, which enhances the movement of your hair. They also add curves to your face and highlight your sharp features.

short blonde pixie cut for professional look


A Simple Bob

You cannot miss out on a simple bob when looking for professional short hairstyles. A simple bob is always classy and suitable for both official and casual events.

Middle part your hair and neatly comb your hair to the sides. You can opt for blunt ends or can give a flip to the edges by using curling clips. You can use hair cream to manage frizz. A simple bob can be paired with any face shape.

short professional bob cut


The 60’s Pixie

 A 60s style pixie is given a modern look with those wispy bangs. This hairstyle has a proper vintage vibe with a fresh appeal. Go for deep and thin bangs.

Next, apply a texturing spray and gently tousle your hair with your hands so that your hair does not stick to the scalp. This hairstyle adds softness to a square face.

professional short hair


Side-Parted Balayage

Straight, light tone hair looks amazing in a side-parted bob. Side part your hair and tease your hair slightly towards the roots.

Then, tousle your hair at the ends for a slight bead-head touch while maintaining the professional finish. Fine hair elegantly frames your hair, giving a feminine look. A balayage softens your face further.

short professional haircuts for women


Wavy Short Hairstyle

Chin length cuts to suit any face shape. Dark toned wavy hair has a naturally tousled out of bed look. Middle part your wavy hair and add curtain bangs to it.

Curtain bangs and chin-length hair highlight your eyes and cheekbones. With your beautiful smile, you will have all your attention on yourself.

professional hairstyle for short brunette hair


Messy Pixie

Messy pixie is filled with textured layers for an incredibly edgy style fit for an everyday office look.Add layers to your pixie to create this feathered effect.

Side-sweep your fringe and leave the cowlicks in their place to further add rustic elements. The blonde shade gives a crisp finish to this hairstyle.

professional short blonde haircut


Trying out some Professional Short Hairstyles, can give you absolutely bold and beautiful appearance but make sure that it suits your personality.