Paul Mitchell Hair Styling Tools Review

You all may face this issue of deciding what look you actually want if you are out somewhere to a party, an official meeting, family get together, etc. So, styling your hair does seem like a hefty task, as most of you do not know how to play with your hair styling tools. Hairstyling makes your hair look different in every way, thereby building your confidence. However, heading out to a salon looks like a time taking task. So, preferring to get yourself a hair styler would be an easy choice and also a one-time investment on your hair. Paul Mitchell is s trusted and renowned brand which makes highly rated hairstyling tools. Thye put their efforts into using the latest technology such as ceramic, titanium, and far-infrared, to provide you with frizz-free and shiny straight or curled hair. Trusted by many stylists, Paul Michell makes hair stylers with high-quality material and safe heating treatment with the temperature variations.

Paul Michell has specialized in various hair styling products such as Paul Michell’ Pro Tools Express Ion Smooth Ceramic Flat Iron, Metal Tech Collection Neuro Smooth Flat Iron, Neuro Tourmaline hairdryer, Express Ion Hairdryer, Express Gold Curl 1.5 inches Curling Iron, and many more.

They produce various products such as hair curling irons, straighteners, hairdryers, hairbrushes, or sprays. Here, we have reviewed the hair styling products by renowned brand Paul Michell. Curling irons or straighteners from express gold is a great choice. They have neuro hair stylers and tourmaline hair dryers, curling irons, or straighteners. Learn about them in detail below.

Flat Irons

  • Paul Mitchell Pro Tools Express Ion Smooth+ Ceramic Flat Iron
  • Paul Mitchell Metal Tech Collection Neuro Smooth

Curling Irons

  • Express Gold Curl 1.5″ Curling Iron
  • Paul Mitchell Pro Tools Express Ion Unclipped 3-in-1 Curling Iron

Hair Dryers

  • Paul Mitchell Neuro Tourmaline Hair Dryer, Multiple Heat + Speed Settings, Cool Shot Button
  • Express Ion Dry+ Hair Dryer

Let’s Review Paul Mitchell Hair Styling Tools One-By-One

1. Paul Mitchell’s Flat Irons

Paul Mitchell Pro Tools Express Ion Smooth+ Ceramic Flat Iron

Paul Mitchell Pro Tools Express Ion Smooth+ Ceramic Flat Iron

Paul Mitchell’s Ion Smooth and Ceramic Flat Iron create smooth and sleek hairstyles in no time, measuring 1.5 inches. Specially designed for your long, thick, or coarse hair, this smooth and extra-large version of Paul Mitchell’s #1 best-selling Express Ion Smooth+ Flat Iron makes it more fast and easy to straighten your any hair type. Featuring super-sized 1.5inches ceramic plates with rounded, beveled edges and Express Ion Complex™, it helps create soft and silky-smooth results and a healthy-looking shine every time. It automatically shuts-off after an hour if not used, which gives you peace of mind.

Ceramic Plates

The ceramic plates are 1.5 inches, made of ceramic with beveled edges. Therefore, the larger plates make you easily straighten your hair more quickly and efficiently than before.

Heat Settings

This flat iron’s heat-up rate is 60 seconds, the maximum, with a 5 second recovery time. Besides, it heats up to 410 degrees Fahrenheit. It is advisable to keep it below 400 degrees because it does not need much heat to get the job completed.


There is an LCD in the flat iron for the digital temperature control so that you can easily turn it up or down depending on your hair’s requirements. It’s long-lasting, durable, and has a dual voltage to perfect for worldwide use.

Additional Features

Paul Mitchell’s Flat Iron smoothens and polishes all your hair strands. With this Express Ion Complex Technology, it gradually makes your hair look healthy. Superb for your thick, thin, wavy, curly, coarse, and straight hair. Besides, you do not have to turn up all the heat to gather the best results. It can be easily used at home or in the salon. You just do not tug at or snag your hair when you are straightening them. Travel size friendly and versatile for creating a straight hair look with curls and waves. It promotes an incredible luster for your hair and is suitable for traveling purposes.

Paul Mitchell Metal Tech Collection Neuro Smooth

Paul Mitchell Metal Tech Collection Neuro Smooth

Paul Mitchell’s Metal Technology Neuro Smooth Flat Iron is fully equipped with the latest thermal technology, hence the word neuro, to achieve smoother results. Containing the IsoTherm Titanium technology which will eventually leave your hair feeling smooth. Besides, it is great for adding the flips, such as curls and waves to your hair. This flat iron glides easily through your smooth hair, especially when they are tangle-free already. Paul Mitchell is perfect for coarse, thick, and frizzy hair of yours and does not rip or snag your hair out.


The flat iron is designed with titanium infused ceramic plates for smooth functioning with color-coded temperatures that you can even pre-set before use. The flat irons come in multiple colors, from dark to light, to attract customers with different preferences. This professional tool simply straightens your hair in no time with its dual voltage feature. However, if you are looking for a straightener that can give your hair styling a smart move with a touch of elegance and simplicity together, this tool perfectly does the job.

Cord Length

The 9 ft  Professional Swivel Cord is portable and travels friendly. The Flat iron is weightless, providing a user the comfort of holding, giving excellent performance throughout.


The flat iron has higher durability making it super sleek and worthy of the price. The product gives a warranty of 2 years while also proving efficient longer than that if not used on a rough basis. However, a one year warranty without the tool registration.

Heat Settings

The flat iron heats up in less than 30 seconds. As well as, the maximum heat is 450 degrees Fahrenheit. The LCD screen allows you to control heating temperatures at various levels to prevent overheating and damage your hair. The non-stick ceramic surface makes it easy for a user to glide comfortably through your hair without the stress of burning and damaging your hair, giving your hair those luscious curls all day.

Additional Features

The flat iron’s plates are 1.25 inches, thereby providing you a greater surface area to straighten your hair in no time. It’s a dual voltage and can be used easily by any individual wherever you are. However, there is an automatic shut off feature when you are not using it. Moreover, it has a Smart Sense microchip for lightning-fast heat recovery. The iron heats up in less than 30 seconds. The programmable temperature settings for your thick, fine, or medium hair type.

2. Paul Mitchell’s Curling Irons

Express Gold Curl 1.5″ Curling Iron

Express Gold Curl 1.5" Curling Iron

Create the voluminous curls and waves that you want with the Express Gold Curl 1.5 inch Curling Iron from Paul Mitchell Pro Tools. The wider-width 1.5-inch barrel is perfect for if you want to create big waves. The gold surface of the iron distributes the heat evenly for consistent and long-lasting curls, while its extra-long cool tip and the insulated thumb grip to ensure more comfort and total control.

The Paul Mitchell Pro Tools Express Curling Iron gives you an endless styling option. It has a 1-inch ceramic barrel, which helps you create natural-looking curls, coils, and loose waves—featuring an extra-long cool tip and an insulated thumb grip, which ensures more comfort and total control without causing any tangles. The gold-plated wand seals the moisture preventing heat damage, and quickly heats up to 430o F. This Paul Michell’s curling iron is suitable for all hair types.

Ceramic and Gold Plates

Gold titanium surface of this curling iron distributes the heat evenly for consistent and long-lasting curls. They have taken the famous ceramic plates and infused them with high-grade titanium. This helps in strengthening the plates by offering greater durability and a longer lifespan. It also makes the hairstyling even smoother and completely snag-free, quicker than ever before. Expect more beautiful, smooth, protected hair with durable, long-lasting plates.


It has a new mode button with the pre-set temperatures in a multi-colored digital LCD. A ceramic heater in the curling iron comes with advanced technology for 40 seconds heat up and the maximum temperature of 430 degrees Fahrenheit. It has a dual voltage and helps travel the world and rest assured which your tools are overall effective and safe.

Cord Settings

The Paul Mitchell’s curling iron has a 9ft swivel cord, which rotates conveniently, preventing unnecessary tangles. You just need to hold a curl in place for approximately 20 seconds for light curls or waves, and you are all ready for your curls and waves. For thick or long curls, you have to hold it for a little longer than just seconds making your hair prepared for grabbing the eyeballs of those who are going to envy your style. It also has a 1-hour auto shut off feature.

Paul Mitchell Pro Tools Express Ion Unclipped 3-in-1 Curling Iron

Paul Mitchell Pro Tools Express Ion Unclipped 3-in-1 Curling Iron

This multi-styling curling iron by Paul Michell comes with three barrels of different diameters. A 0.75 inches cone-shaped barrel provides some beautiful ringlets, especially with short hair. The 1 inches barrel is ideal for your soft curls, while a 1.25 inches barrel creates voluminous waves. You can easily style your curls horizontally, vertically, diagonally, by using different barrels at different angles. This unique feature makes this curling iron a handy tool for all the professionals, as they will not have to invest in the other curling accessories.

Clamp-free Barrels

Using the curling wands with clamps can be difficult as your hair often tends to get stuck to the wand’s clamp. This causes your hair strands to break, and another disadvantage of using this wand is with a barrel clip is that it creates a crease at the place where you start wrapping all your hair. This equipment has clamp-free barrels, which makes hairstyling an easy procedure for you. You can simply wrap your hair around the barrel without using any clip to get in your way and explore all the ways you style your hair.

Exceptional Heating Mechanism

A good reason to use this curling iron is that it has a wide variety of temperatures. The curling wand can heat up to 410 degrees F, and that works pretty well on your thick hair. On the other hand, if you worry little about your hair damage from too much heat, this Paul Michell’s curling iron always has your back. The equipment has a smart temperature control system, ensuring the barrel doesn’t overheat and burn your hair. This unique feature makes the styling quite safer and easy, even for beginners.

Versatile Performance

This hair styling tool is 18 inches long with the wand and the barrel attached to it. It means that you can neatly wrap your hair around the barrel to get those lovely curls. This works well on both your long and short hair, while the other curling irons make it more challenging to curl the short lengths of hair. With the help of the clamp-free barrels, you can curl your hair even the shortest of locks with tidiness and more style. A 360-degree swivel cord enables you to achieve those perfect curls from the backside of your hair also.

Long-lasting Curls

The ionic frizz-free technology of this Paul Michell’s curling iron makes it a worthy investment for you. Every hairstyle that you create will easily last all day long. This smooth curling iron is also equipped with ionic technology that guarantees bouncy and shiny curls without applying expensive hair care products.

3. Paul Mitchell’s Hair Dryers

Paul Mitchell Neuro Tourmaline Hair Dryer

Paul Mitchell Neuro Tourmaline Hair Dryer

Paul Michell’s Neuro Tourmaline Hair Dryer has the thermal hair care and high-tech tools from John Paul Mitchell Systems, the leader of salon-quality products committed to the professional beauty industry. Every single purchase supports the JPMS salons with a commission. Being built for speed, endurance, and performance, this high-performance tourmaline hair dryer quickly and gently dries your hair from the inside out while also reducing all the frizz and adding more shine with the tourmaline ions.


Paul Michell’s blow dryer offers pure styling and convenient use, providing top styling to all professional and personal users. The dryer comes with a compact conclave handle providing a tight grip to your hands. The ceramic technology provides moist heat to your hair, keeping the temperature at a minimum to avoid damage while styling. The dryer’s modern touch screen feature comes with an easily adjustable speedometer dial for speed temperature and ion control.


Blow dryer offers fast speed than most of the commonly used dryers. The dryer does not need time to heat up, and the cool shot button of the dryer allows it to cool instantly. Ergonomically designed, this dryer has four-speed settings drying up hair faster than ever.

Heat Setting

The 1875 watt dryer heats in seconds with 4 heat settings and a cool shot button. Without even waiting for even a minute, this dryer is ready to use. The dryer produces moist heat that promotes moisture and shines in the hair. The dryer also has a detachable nozzle and diffuser for precise drying and styling.

Cord Length

The 9 ft swivel cord provides convenient use with a foldable handle making it easy to fold and carry at all places.

Additional Features

Prepare with this Neuro Prime Heat CTRL Blowout Primer for a sleek blowout or with Neuro Lift Heat CTRL Volume Foam for a good voluminous blowout. Enjoy a two-Year Warranty with Online Registration, instructions, and Safety Guide, and you will get a FREE Neuro Prime Heat CTRL Blowout Primer (0.85 oz.)

Express Ion Dry+ Hair Dryer

Express Ion Dry+ Hair Dryer

Paul Mitchell’s Pro Tools are value-priced hair styling tools from John Paul Mitchell Systems, the leader of salon-quality products, and committed to the professional beauty industry. Every single purchase supports the JPMS salons with a commission. Blow-dry, blowout your hair, and style them like a pro with this Express Ion Dry plus Hair Dryer from Paul Mitchell Pro Tools. Express Ion Complex creates the natural emissions of some negative ions and the far-infrared heat, resulting in hydrated and noticeably shiny hair.


Compact and lightweight design with ionic far infrared technology. Cold shot button with a soft-touch rubberized shell. It comes with 5 temperature 5 heat settings, a removable filter of 2 fan speed, and an extra narrow concentrator.

Heat Settings

The dryer has a ceramic body, which makes it a perfect heat conductor. Emits negative static charges by eliminating them from your hair, making it dry faster. Gives infrared heat that is good for your hair—shorter drying time with a powerful motor and high heat comparable with cheap hair dryers. Optimize the far-infrared heat and ion production, which neutralizes positive ions on the user’s wet hair.

Cord Settings

Users may need an extra-long cord, while some people might not want it. But, having a longer cord is better for any movement wherever you want. It gives you more flexibility to sit down anywhere and dry your hair. A 9-foot long cord is longer than the other cords till now.

Additional Features

Get a digital LCD that shows the temperature and airflow settings. It’s a travel-friendly hair dryer with dual voltage for worldwide use. It has an 1875 watt professional DC motor for faster hair drying. Enjoy a one-year warranty, with the instructions, safety guide, and the diffuser attachment and concentrator nozzle.

Final Verdict

So, to sum up, these tourmaline, titanium, far infrared, ceramic hair stylers by Paul Michell are an excellent-products to choose from. Striking features like fast heat up, time saver, ceramic coating, cool tip, and the warranties with it is amazing. Just keep in mind to choose your product based on what you need. Go and get ready to flaunt your new look with your hair straightener or curler.

Personally, I loved the Paul Mitchell Pro Tools Express Ion Smooth+ Ceramic Flat Iron as it helped me straighten my hair so fast with the least efforts. You just need to switch it on, and the rest it will do for you. It not only straightens your hair but also makes your hair looks lustrous and silky. Do not think twice while buying it as this is the product every girl would love to have.

Is the round diffuser included in Paul Michell’ Express Ion Hair Dryer?

Yes, there is a big round diffuser, which is included. It’s amazing and breaks off a ‘finger’ every time you drop it on the floor. So, there also a no-good replacement for it.

Does the Paul Michell’ Express Ion Smooth Flat Iron have an automatic shut off?

It actually does have an automatic shut off feature and stays on for a long time though, that is probably while other users thought it didn’t. So, it will stay on for at least 20-30 minutes before shutting off. Sometimes, the users just forget that they have plugged it in and went back to use it, and it was shut off.

Do the plates of Express Ion Smooth Flat Straightening Iron have beveled edges so that it can create curls and waves as well as straighten the hair?

Yes, it does have the beveled edges. You would love how it straightens your hair and will make them smoother, shinier, and voluminous than before.