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NuMe Vs Lange Hair Straighteners – Which Brand is Better?

The obsession for straight, sleek hair has been in trend for ages. Straighteners are a predominant beauty product for anyone wishing straight and glossy look for their hair. The styling technique of hair straightening has always been popular because of the good and fashionable look it renders on any face type. Straighteners are indeed an investment for healthy hair and beautiful hair. Deciding the brand of hair straightener you want to buy can be an overwhelming task since different products with diverse features are available in the market. When you know what can be expected from a brand, the task becomes much easier. Let’s take a look at the quirks and performance of two reliable and remarkable hair straighteners- NuMe Megastar and Lange.

NuMe Hair Straighteners

NuMe Hair Straighteners

NuMe is recognized as one of the innovative hair styling brands in the hairstyling industry. NuMe offers a range of top-performing hair styling tools, including hair straighteners, hair care accessories, curling wands, iconic hair dryers, and more. All the products delivered by NuMe are integrated with advanced technologies to offer an exceptional styling experience. They are also produced devoid of any harmful materials, thus are eco-friendly. Rendering professional-grade hair styling products to your home at incredible prices and product performance NuMe inspire women with healthy and salon-quality styles that last.

Nothing can go wrong with NuMe Megastar. The nifty hair straightening tool is equipped with far-infrared heat and negative ion conditioning technology, which helps in equal distribution of heat across the hair from within. The ion booster presents in the straightener gives off 1000% more negative ions while straightening, bringing forth plenty of moisture for the shiny appearance. Not only the straightener works on all types of hair, but it also renders unlimited shining without any unwanted frizz.

The plates are made of 100% pure tourmaline-infused ceramic to give the best and long-lasting results. The ceramic stone plates forbid tugging on the hair, thereby providing a hassle-free styling experience with just one pass through.

The 1-inch wide floating plate design makes sure that the straightener can get as close to the hair to create diverse looks. Compared to the traditional flat iron with rigid plates, NuMe Megastar works right from the root and straightens all the hair with no twists and tangles. The temperature of NuMe Megastar is flexible. When you turn on, the straightener automatically heats to 360° F. The heat ranges from 190° F and 450° F.

It is the dual voltage with 110-240V, which is 50/60 Hz.


  • Temperature is adjustable
  • Easy to use
  • The multipurpose straightener can curl your hair as well
  • The swivel power cord balances the movement
  • Automatic shut off after no use for 60 minutes
  • Efficaciously maintain the moisture of the hair
  • Good for all types of hair
  • One-year warranty for all the products


  • Expensive
  • Absence of a cool tip handle
  • Time-consuming to use for thicker hair

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L’ange Hair Straighteners

L’ange Hair Straighteners

L’ange hair straighteners are known for their ergonomic design and salon-styling experience. L’ange is a luxurious hair styling brand that helps you to straighten or get beautiful waves on your hair as quickly as possible. The brand promises a complimenting haircare system by creating a stylish look that suits best for you. Along with the premium quality ingredients and perfect design, L’ange strives to deliver styling tools that accompany the finest technologies and render exceptional features.

The Aplatir Blush Ceramic flat iron from L’ange is a compact everyday staple for simple and trendy styles. The far-infrared heat technology incorporated in the styling tool helps to reduce static and offers smooth and shiny hair. The heat is diffused evenly giving durable volume and luster.

The ceramic plated infused with tourmaline in Aplatir makes sure the hair is sleek and has sufficient moisture. Comparing to the ceramic alone styling tools, Aplatir emits 400% more negative ion output while straightening, suggesting no-frizz silky tresses. The floating plates with rounded edges generate varied easy and painless styling, both straightened and curls in no time.

Aplatir is a versatile tool to create styles either straight as an arrow or float like a wave. The temperature of the Aplatir is adjustable between 140° F to 450° F with an easy on/off button and rotating dial. The 360° swivel cord lets you work from the root of the hair as you please and create the perfect look you have always dreamed of.

The compact design makes the whole process, twisting and turning, easy and comfortable. The design furthermore renders a tousle-free swivel power cord with a soft finish touch.


  • Works for every hair type
  • Comfortable usage
  • Quick and painless hair straightening
  • Stain and corrosion resistive
  • Super-smooth floating plates
  • Light-weight and portable
  • Highly durable design


  • No automatic shut off if not in use


Hair straighteners come in many designs and sizes. But people always care to look for a small thin flat iron that fits perfectly in their bags and can carry well.

The NuMe Majestic comes with a versatile design, lightweight, and is easy to use. The tool is US compatible and can be taken abroad for your personal use.

L’ange Aplatir hair straightener possesses ergonomic design making it portable. The hair straightener comes in a lot of travel-friendly versions.


Comparing to the L’ange Aplatir, NuMe Majestic is time-consuming for thick hair. The maximum temperature offered by both NuMe majestic and L’ange Aplatir is 450° F ensuring an effective straightening experience for the hair. However, excess heat to the hair can lead to hair fall and hair breaking, lead to eventual damage to the hair. However, in both the hair styling tools, the temperature can be controlled and can use accordingly. So, it is up to the user to decide how much heat should apply on the hair to get straightened hair he/she wishes.

NuMe Majestic has an automatic on/off safety switch when the device is in not use. However, L’ange Aplatir lacks this feature and hence is comparatively less convenient to use.

Effect on Hair

The effect of a hair straightener depends on the heat it emits on the hair. The maximum temperature NuMe Majestic, as well as L’ango Aplatir, renders is 450° F. although good heat gives more efficiency and professional finish to the hair, it can damage the hair too. This is because a high amount of heat can break the hair and cause hair damage.

The effect both NuMe Majestic and L’ango Aplatir can have on the hair is thus almost the same.

Additional Features

In NuMe Majestic, there is an automatic on/off effect which will shut off the tool after 60 minutes no use. The product is US compatible and hence can also be used abroad. The swivel power cord is of 8 ft, 9 inches enabling you to easily go to the back of the hair without a tangle.

The swivel cord in L’ange Aplatir is 360° rotate mode, ensures your hair is straightened right from the root, and offers a lasting result. The tool is super fast and provides ultra-quick results.

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It is always better to consider the hair straightener that goes along with your budget. NuMe Majestic and L’ango Aplatir are very similar in the technology incorporated and the features and benefits it provides. However, considering the price, NuMe Majestic is a little expensive and hence can’t be affordable to everyone. However, the tool is worth enough for the investment.

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