16 Modern Hairstyles For Men To Get A Stylish & Trendy Look

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Men have a lot of hairstyles to choose from in today’s times. With the evolution of hairstyles in the last few years, you will find many different kinds of hairstyles now which were not seen earlier. Well, they too are loved by millions of people and some of the reasons behind their immense popularity are creativeness, style statements, and uniqueness.

Modern Hairstyles For Men

These hairstyles have given men the freedom and options to explore newer kinds of style statements that will garnish their image while socializing. A good hairstyle is often seen as a parameter of style. So it is important that you do the same.

With many options available, men will now have lots of new ways to flaunt off their personality and image. Some of these hairstyles look simply stunning. Many of these hairstyles are discussed below. Let’s have a look of some of the most famous modern hairstyles for men in this segment!

Loose Slick Back Hairstyle

This is one of the most stylish hairstyles for men of present times and also for those who are young at heart. The loose slick back hairstyle is an excellent work of a mixture of creative ideas and the urge to create a new hairstyle. Widely followed by numerous men all over the world, this will serve an excellent selection for you if you are considering a change of hairstyle, something that fits the modern times.

Modern Hairstyles For Men

Side Faded Pompadour Hairstyle

When it comes to hairstyles for men, we actually do have lots of choices and offerings to select from. With each passing day, hair stylists are bringing upon new ideas and are being involved in developing new ones. One such modern day hairstyle for men is the side faded Pompadour hairstyle. You will see many people following this hairstyle and also several famous sportsmen sporting this particular look. It has an urban cool look and brings the necessary style factor.

Modern Hairstyles For Men

Skin Fade Hairstyle with Small Beard

Hairstyles always bring the required confidence in you when you are interacting with the public or socializing. A good hairstyle is always seen as a style quotient and keeps you highly rated in terms of good looks to the public eye. The skin fade hairstyle with small beard is a look and hairstyle in particular that serves as both the macho factor and the style statement for men. If you like to show off a macho look without compromising on a modern day electrifying hairstyle, then this it for you!

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Modern Hairstyles For Men

Undercut Side Swept Long Hairstyle

For looking stylish you need to carefully tick all the required boxes. A hairstyle is one parameter which needs to be looked upon with due care. A good hairstyle can serve many purposes. The undercut side swept long hairstyle is one such fabulous styling factor for men of modern times, following or going with the flow of modern-day hairstyles and fashion statements. It has both the elements of new age hairstyling as well as the chance to not keep any restriction on your flowing hair if you love to keep them long.

Modern Hairstyles For Men

Fade Slicked Back Hairstyle

The back brush hairstyle has never gone out of fashion and will not ever by any probable means. So, men you have many new ways of keeping a back hairstyle with the present ultra-modern ways that will rock your image in public by every means. The fade slicked back hairstyle is a fine hairstyle that is meant for men of every age and does not put restrictions on the age limit. So, go on and select this hairstyle to make up a great looking image of yours for public appearances.

Modern Hairstyles For Men

Side Comb Short Hairstyle

The side comb hairstyle is one of the most broadly followed hairstyles by men from every corner of the world. This is one of the most classic and old kinds of hairstyle, that still possess the requisite charm and beauty, to attract eyeballs towards the person. If you are someone who avoids the ultra-modern hairstyles and is on a lookout for something that ticks the cult box, then this is the best option for you.

Modern Hairstyles For Men

Short Textured Haircut

People who love trying out new hairstyles and adopting innovative ones, this is an ideal one for them. Not only is it rich in style statement but also in sync with the demands and calls of the modern times. The short textured haircut will give a look, whose appeal is unique and unlike any other hairstyle. It can be used by both the younger and older generation with ease.

Modern Hairstyles For Men

Razor Part Textured Hairstyle

This hairstyle, in particular, is one of the most innovative and unique ones in every sense. They are made with creative ideas mixing together to give people something different and new. If you are someone who does not like to swim with the wave and adopt hairstyles, not common in nature then this is perfect for you. It will provide you with a unique style statement that seems odd as per the present times but has elements that are a niche in nature.

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Modern Hairstyles For Men

Tousled Curl Short Hairstyle

Curls look great, even on men. Curly hair has a different appeal and attraction of its own. When carried off in the best way possible, they transform the look of the user into nothing but dashing and stunning. Many people around the world love to don curly hairstyles over the traditional or the modern ones. The tousled curl short hairstyle is a fine example of curly hairstyle blended with unique hairstyling ideas. They will make you look great.

Modern Hairstyles For Men

Messy Quiff Hairstyle

Messy hairstyles are a common choice of people and hence it is needless to say that this is one of the most followed hairstyles by men all over the world. This hairstyles, when sported well, leave a lasting impression on many people. They bring a certain charm that depicts casual personality yet a stylish one. They messy Quiff hairstyle is a great one in particular.

Modern Hairstyles For Men

Spiky Short Hairstyle

The spiky short hairstyle is a great look for men, especially those belonging to the younger groups, and wanting to sport a stylish and cool look. This hairstyle marks a younger look and its presence makes a man look someone who belongs to the category of urban stylish and frenzy people. This is one of the commonly followed modern-day hairstyles and you will find most young energetic and enthusiastic guys sporting this specific look, over many other ones. They surely are a winner when it comes to electrifying hairstyles.

Modern Hairstyles For Men

Long Layered Hairstyle

Long hairstyle is followed by many people. There have been different kinds of long hairstyles in the past and with time, its’ variation has just evolved, giving rise to spectacular new ones. The long layered hairstyles is a great one for people who want to have a classy look and prefer traditional hairstyles with a modern touch, over the new age experimental ones. They are perfect for wearing off a confident and stylish look and are attractions in every social gathering when carried off beautifully.

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Modern Hairstyles For Men

Skin Fade Retro Haircut

Retro haircuts are slowly growing famous nowadays. Many past style statements are being started to be adopted by the new generation people, with adding modern tinge to them or utilizing them as per present times. So, retro haircuts are a popular choice for today’s generation and the skin fade retro haircut is quite common. This brings with it the nostalgia of the old times along with unique elements of today’s creative minds.

Modern Hairstyles For Men

Short Messy Hairstyle

Short hairstyles look great and this is one of the reasons behind their immense popularity around the world. One of the other reasons would be the varieties and different short hairstyles available for men to select from. Sporting a short hairstyle is made look greater with stylized versions such as the short messy hairstyle coming into the picture. This kind of hairstyle implements the messy form that looks quite good and allows the user to have a casual cool image of his.

Modern Hairstyles For Men

Faded Fringe Haircut

Faded fringe haircuts are another popular one in the list of the many modern-day hairstyles. This type of hairstyle is preferred by people who like to be different than the rest. It is unique in its own way and gives a look that remains unmatched and unparalleled. The faded fringe haircut is often seen to be donned by people in every part of the world and also you will find many famous personalities using them too.

Modern Hairstyles For Men

Grey Hair with Side Fringe

This is one of the most stylish and unique hairstyles that you will encounter in today’s times. This is a result of extensive experimentation and implementation of different creative ideas. The grey hair with side fringe is an excellent one to use when you want something that serves both style and a unique look.

Modern Hairstyles For Men

These were a few of the modern hairstyles for men that are quite popular and in demand nowadays. Do try out these or any selective ones and allow your image to flourish in the eyes people around you.

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