Leandro Limited Hair Styling Tools Review

Leandro Limited is a haircare brand formed by the collaboration of BaBylissPRO with Conair Corporation. The brand had launched by taking inspiration from the legend- Leandro Rizzuto, the founder of Conair Corporation. The child brand ‘Leandro Limited’ is known to produce innovative, redefined, and painstaking engineered hair styling equipment.

The brand’s products are known to possess the effectiveness and durability to create perfect hairstyling tools. Till now, the brand’s product list includes hair accessories (metal and silicone-coated clips, poly bands, bobby pins, jaw clips, rollers, and a parting tool), Brushes (8 varieties), combs (4), and hair styling tools. Each product and models are loaded with the same quality and tagged with the perception of faster hair styling. The brand has different products like Hair Accessories, Hair Brush, Hair Combs, Hair Dryer, and Hair Iron ( Flat iron/ Straightener).

This article is going to throw light on their two hair styling tools, which are listed as follows:

  • LA Fortezza Carbon Infused Dryer
  • IL Ferro Carbon Infused 1-inch Styling Iron

IL Ferro Carbon Infused 1-inch Styling Iron

IL Ferro Carbon Infused 1-inch Styling Iron


The styling iron body is polished, with a white, sleekly tone. Along with top functions, the model also looks stylish and beautiful from the outside. Only complementary colors are used, i.e., black and a few silver hints to highlight the buttons, logos, plates, and other designing features. The ‘tong’ styled irons is an effective design that is simple to use and helps you style the hair effortlessly. You may not stop watching or touching the super smooth design.

Heat Plates

The carbon-infused plates present in the styling iron adopts a full floating mechanism. This means that the plates are flexible with full freedom to adjust itself according to the hair. When you’ve such irons in your hand, which has the capacity to adjust pressure based on the hair thickness, you can assure to reduce the damage and allows tug-free styling.

The heating plates are 1 inch in size, and the extended plates provide plenty of surfaces that speed up the process to style the hair in no time. You’ll not need to pass the same section of hair multiple times. Few passes of hair will effectively straighten the hair quickly.


The straightening iron is based on Carbon Ionic Technology. The true ion generator present in the iron transfers ions to the hair strand while straightening the hair. The transfer results in tackling of frizz by locking the uneven hair cuticles into smooth, even cuticle surface. Along with straightened hair, you’ll observe your hair to be shining with a glow.

Heat Settings

The iron boasts digital temperature control. The digital display will show up the temperature readings. You can adjust the temperature up to 450 F. Which means the flat iron is versatile for use on fine hairs at low temperature and thick hairs at high temperature. Just adjust the temperature and make it suitable for your hair.


The iron will automatically shut off after some time to prevent overheating. This feature gives you more security if you forget turning it off.

You’ll now not need to wait for the Straightener to get heat up. The heating plates will instantly heat up, thereby saving your time for hair straightening. This means less time to wait and more time to explore.

The heat will also recover itself so that your hair will be experiencing constant heat exposure throughout the length. Moreover, it also gives out the stable temperature from every portion across both heat plates. These ensure even heating for your hair and gives protection to the valuable hair strands.

For extra peace of mind, the styling iron comes with a 5-year warranty. As a bonus, you’ll also get a silver heat resistant mat to keep your countertop damage free.

The flat carbon iron is equipped with a 360 degree rotating 9 feet length professional cord, which is easy to use and never gets tangled. You are free to use the iron in any position through with these mess-free cords.

LA Fortezza Carbon Infused Dryer

LA Fortezza Carbon Infused Dryer


You’ll have this beautiful hairdryer in a glossy white shade.  Though the device looks sturdy, it is lightweight and easy to use. You’ll come across three buttons on the sleek whitish handle of the hairdryer. The attachments have a complementary shade, i.e., black, to provide an appealing contrast while you’re using this hairdryer.


To drive this hairdryer smoothly and efficiently, a brushless DC motor with a robust 1875 watt power is installed. You’ll feel like you’re holding a powerful hairdryer in your hand. Long life expectancy with minimum damage or wear is the specialty of such a motor, making it worthy and durable. Such a hairdryer can reduce the drying time to a great extent and run quieter compared to some model.


As far as a luxury hairdryer is concerned, it must be included with the latest and safety providing technologies. Fortunately, these LA Fortezza Carbon Infused dryers have carbon ionic technology. The grills present in the hairdryer are coated with carbon, and the ion generator is designated to make the hair frizz-free and extra shiny by releasing ions.

Heat Settings

Buying a hairdryer becomes a tricky task for some people. This is because some hairdryer doesn’t provide flexibility to the user for adjusting the heat settings as per the hair type. But you’ll be glad enough to hear that this hair dryer has 6 heat/speed settings.

Three buttons are dedicated to heating controls, which are hot/warm/cool. These will help you to choose the setting as per your hair demands. Next, you’ll get 3-speed settings that include high, off, and low. The high button will enhance the air velocity, thereby making your hair drying process quicker. Whereas, if you have enough time, you can go for a low switch to dry hair.


The technology ensures that the heated air coming out from the air dryer is even. You’ll get protection to the hair strands from uneven hair distribution, which otherwise may lead to hair damage.

The rear side of the hairdryer has a silver-colored lid that can be opened up for easy cleaning.

The 9 feet long professional cord and a hanging loop at the handle’s base are the noticeable features that lessen your hassle.

Finally, the black colored cold shot button will blow out cold air to lock the style into perfection for longer hours.


For helping you out from the trouble of hair drying, the brand has included one concentrator and a diffuser in the kit. The concentrator will help you focus hot/warm/cold air into a specific area, whereas the diffuser is dedicated to natural curly locks.

The kit also comes with a silicone heat resistant mat to place your hairdryer.


Leading technologies and high performance are the two traits that better defines the product lines by the Leandro Limited brand. You can have the styling iron for around $ 159 and the hairdryer for $ 179. The high-end styling iron and hairdryer that delivers professional quality is best for consumers. The quality is reflected in the price too. If you’re willing to pay more, you’ll be inviting products that offer worthwhile investment for your hair. The majority of brands try to make conventional styling tools that don’t match up to professional qualities. But, we personally appreciate the steps taken by the Leandro Limited brand to introduce such professionalism even for normal consumer use. We recommend this brand as well as their products for anyone who doesn’t want to waste money on cheap products and to look for styling tools that are made to deliver durability and top performance.

Do the Leandro Limited and Conair brand the same?

The success of the Leandro Limited brand is attributed to the Conair Corporation. The brand is a product of the partnership between two companies, Conair and BaBylissPRO.  The Leandro Limited is formed to introduce hair styling products that would make daily styling of hair- an effortless job.

What is the story behind the Conair to coin the term ‘Leandro Limited’ for its new collaborative brand?

Leandro is the founder of Conair Corporation. The granddaughter of Conair foundation, Sophia Wojczak took the initiative to launch a brand that steps up the quality, customer trust, and innovative features. Their products are evolving for the second generation and are built for the future.

What are the other products that this Leandro Limited brand has to offer to the customers?

Besides the hair styling tools reviewed above, you’ll also be able to shop for other hair styling and care equipment. You can browse the ultra beauty website or Leandro Limited site to shop for their other trendy products. These include hair accessories (metal and silicone-coated clips, poly bands, bobby pins, jaw clips, rollers, a parting tool), Brushes, and combs.

When was the Leandro Limited brand launched?

The fresh collaborative brand ‘The Leandro Limited’ was launched in the fresh start of the year 2020 in New York.

Is it worth to invest in a fresh brand ‘Leandro Limited’?

Though the brand was launched a few months ago, it still has lots of experts who have years of experience developing such hair styling tools. The parent collaborative brand, Conair, is known for consumer-focused tools, and BaBylissPRO is known for professional focused tools. When this experienced legendry brand meets, you can surely expect a highly engineered product that is rich in professional quality to meet consumer needs.