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L’ange Hair Styling Tools Review

Lighting up your holidays to half a percent discount on hair care, L’ange has gained popularity for quite some time now. The brand produces most of the amazing hair products while protecting your hair and giving the best results. Not only hair products, but they also specialize in producing nourishment shampoos and hair conditioners for hair care without containing any toxic ingredients. L’ange lives by a strong moral code that holds its customers together because honesty builds faith and loyalty. It is also known for striving continually to improve their products over time.

“Beauty with Ease” is the L’ange approach, and “Putting You First” is the L’ange Promise, says Dalia(founder of L’ange). According to her, beauty comes from inner happiness, great self-esteem, and an overall healthy mindset, and her products will make you ready for any enjoyment of an event. L’ange aims to make only the most authentic and powerful products. In this article, the below-mentioned hair styling tools from L’ange is reviewed in detail:

  • Hair Straightening Brush
  • Curling Wands
  • Flat Irons
  • Hair Dryers

What are you waiting for now? Check the detailed analysis of these tools and grab the best suitable amongst them to adorn your self!

Let’s review L’ange hair styling tools one by one

L’ange Hair Straightening Brush

L'ange Hair Straightening Brush

Hair Straightening Brush from L’ange is leading in the market as it creates smooth hair in a single stroke, giving you the control of a straightener with the integrity of a simple hairbrush. It also helps in preserving moisture due to the presence of far-infrared thermal technology. This brush is designed with a ceramic coating and keratin-infused Tourmaline to glide smoothly through your hair while giving smooth and shiny hair. The protecting technology maintains constant technology beyond the brush to avoid excessive heating of the hair. There are adjustable temperature settings available in this brush to choose the temperature that suits your hair type.


This brush’s design is paddle-shaped, and you can style your hair in a single go with this brush. Silk pro care overcomes the heat damage, if any, caused by the tool. These easy to use hair brushes are the same kind as a normal brush, except this electrical brush produces heat to straighten your hair.


Ceramic and Tourmaline are used mainly for hair straightening brush as it is suitable for almost all types of delicate or fine hair. It heats evenly and emits negative ions making it great for coarse hair and reducing frizz. Thin hair is more sensitive than thick hair, so less heat delivering material is produced by L’ange to avoid hair damage.


The good bristles allow enjoying pin-straight any types of hair, making it smooth and lustrous. You can achieve a straight, curly, wavy, or tightly coiled by using this hot brush without any entangled hair. The quality of bristles ensures the durability of the brush that serves as an important factor to consider. You can choose nylon bristles if your scalp is sensitive to avoid even minor injuries.

Ease of Use

This hair straightener brush from L’ange offers the simplicity of a normal hair comb. You need to just give a single pass from roots to tip at a moderate rate to straighten your strands for the most beautiful look. This tool is portable and is handy for a traveler to take their hair straightener brush anytime and anywhere. It is small in size, light in weight, and also supports multiple voltages.


An LCD digital interface gives you the control to set the precise temperature up to 450°F. The Cutting-edge double negative ion technology used in the tool helps maintain hair smooth and hydrated as it traps moisture of the healthy-looking hair.


All the modern hair straightening brush comes with an automatic shut-off feature to turn off the device when not in use for about 30-40 minutes. This will ensure the safety of the device from getting heated up and causing any fire hazards.

L’ange Curling Wands

L'ange Curling Wands

Curling Wand from L’ange makes last your curls for a long time without causing any risk to your hair. There are many curling Wand options suitable for all types of hair with titanium or ceramic plates. L’ange Curling Wands produce a different design compared to the traditional irons in the market. They are also gaining popularity as this iron utilizes a simple design of a barrel and handle without any clamp. It relies on a hands-on approach to style that comes with heat resistant gloves to shield your hands from the heat while you style. The gloves permit you to manage the machine around the wand area with comfort. L’ange hair styling tool also comes available in different designs and colors.


L’ange Titanium can be chosen for beginners when they do not have an exact idea of plates suitable for their hair type. However, Ceramic plates can be used to curl your hair easily, and it can be used on damaged hair too for better results.

Wand Size

25 MM wand is specially designed for first-time users dealing with a curling wand to achieve the curls. It is ideal for short and shoulder hair with long-lasting curls. 32 MM curling wand can be used for long hair and needs more looser and relaxed curls instantly.


L’ange produces different curling wand-style for its customers with the best performance and is leading in the market now. Ondule Wand is basic and less expensive, working well for most of the ideal hair types. Lustre land is costlier but comes with many features and adjustable temperature control.


These curling wands come with an easy ON/OFF switch that quickly sets your L’ange curler to 410° F making it gearing for the styling process. The optimal temperature is fir for nearly all hair types to safely retain the beautiful curls.

L’ange Flat Irons

L'ange Flat Irons

Tourmaline-infused Ceramic flat iron from L’ange claims to emit more negative ions rather than just ceramic flat plates. Hence, it can reduce frizz and smoothen your hair by giving a shining appearance. The presence of rounded edges and precision-floating plates creates varied styling quickly and easily. Hair straighteners apply heat to your hair and impair the protecting hair cuticles, but the sharpness and speed produced by L’ange Flat irons depend both on your hair and the way you use your flat iron. The ionic technology produces negative ions to counter the positive ions in your dry or damaged hair. It works in combination with materials and covers such as Tourmaline Ionic or Ceramic Ionic technology.


The tourmaline-infused ceramic flat iron is responsible for sleek, smooth, and moisturized hair. A built-in far infrared heat technology helps to defeat some major hair problems that may arise while using different hair styling tools.


L’ange has designed its flat iron with unique rounded edges and floating plates joining collectively to create the perfect style. This flat iron also distributes heat evenly and fast to decrease heat exposure during the entire styling process.


Smaller flat irons are suitable for short hair, and large flat iron works better with long hair as they have much precision than smaller irons. You will save a lot of time by going with a larger iron for both styling and curling by choosing this flat iron type.

Temperature Control

This amazing flat iron is suitable for any hair type as it comes with a rotating dial to adjust the temperature ranging from 140 °F and 450 °F as per your perfect choice. It can help you from burning the hair because of excess heat.

Additional Features

It also comes with an easy on/off switch button to turn on only when in use. A Convenient 360˚ swivel cord at 9 feet long allows you to maneuver every single corner without leaving a single hair strand. The cord length is important for your safety, and L’ange produces flat iron types meeting all the customer requirements.

L’ange Hair Dryers

L'ange Hair Dryers

L’ange Hairdryer is a compact model with stylish design and superior performance. The textured matte finish attracts the customers as it is easy and comfortable to use without causing hand soreness while drying your hair. These hair dryers are made with distinct heating elements giving precise results. They also offer various features like blow-drying and styling for silky, shiny, and moisturized hair. These hair dryers can be suitable on all the hair type as it comes with inbuilt temperature setting adjustment to set the temperature as per the user needs. You can always choose from a variety of hair dryer options from the brand according to your requirements suitable for styling and other latest features.


L’ange Hairdryer uses a standard AC motor that works excellent for the home with robust motor and steady performance. It is also protected by Proprietary Corrugated Technology responsible for its long life and making the dryer durable.

Far Infrared Heat Technology

These hair dryers feature infrared technology to deliver heat more healthily and effectively. Your hair can be protected from damage as infrared heat is more gentle to hair. Tourmaline hair dryers release negatively energized ions and even heat, making your hair shiny, moisturized, and strong.


The hairdryers are specially designed to be compact and foldable to carry it in your bag during travel. As these hair dryers are small-sized, it is foldable and can be carried anywhere and any time. Styling your hair needs takes less time without the fuss of carrying bulky tools in the bag.


The wattage of the hair dryer determines the efficiency of the hairdryer. Usually, wattage ranges from 1500 watts to 3500 watts for most of the L’ange hair dryers. These hair dryers are affordable than the professional hair dryers as the coil in the most basic hair dryers is composed of a metal heating coil named nichrome. It is best suitable for thick, long, and curly hair types.

Temperature Settings

The dryer comes with two main buttons to control the temperature and the airflow pressure with 3 heat and 2-speed control. There is another cold air button with which you can obtain great cold air to secure your hairstyle matching any occasion.

Additional Features

A cool shot button provides you cool air after hair dying by cooling down the temperature of your hair after drying. You can use these cool shot features and cool your temperature while you are in a high-temperature setting while making your hairstyle. Also, the hairdryer’s long-sized cord helps maintain the flexibility of the device while moving it as per your needs.


L’ange products will go make you think about “How well do they perform”! offering quicker and best results instantly without causing you any disappointment. The brand is specifically created to help improve every woman out there, promoting their inner beauty and increasing happiness. These professional-grade hair tools provide salon finish to hair care. The Charcoal Infused Shampoo and conditioner is super and helps in daily hair care.

L’ange Hair Products are a complete luxury styling tool brand with a complimenting haircare arrangement to produce a glimpse and best results. They strive to be in the market with novel technology, quality, and style, offering a wide range of products. The Ceramic flat iron lessens frizz while softening and adding shine to your curls, while the rounded edges and precision floating plates make it suitable for all hair types.

Does L’ange produce shampoos and conditioners?

L’ange produces different kinds of Oil that are great for hydration and is suitable for all hair types. You can try using the Botanical Smoothing Balm and Nourishing Gloss for removing the unwanted frizz from hair. The Grand Debut Root Booster is perfect for dry hair without using a normal shampoo containing toxic preservatives that damage your hair after every wash. The Oil, Shampoo, and conditioner products from L’ange help your hair look better and doesn’t leave your hair as dry in texture.

Name a few of the best hair care products from L’ange

Here is a list of some of the best L’ange products. You can try them and see for yourself:

  • Stardust Dry Shampoo Powder
  • Deja Vu Dry Shampoo
  • Style Revival Super Dry Shampoo
  • Cascade Blowout Shampoo
  • Dreamy Purifying Shampoo
  • Detox Balancing Charcoal Conditioner
  • Keratin Protein Conditioner
  • Marula Oil Hydrating Conditioner

How to apply Keratin Recovery Treatment Spray effectively?

Keratin Spray is packed with antioxidants and keratin protein to grow, prevent breakage, and help you recover the damaged hair strands. This blend of nutrient-rich oils mixture should be applied in the appropriate way to obtain the best results. It gives the treatment depending on the length of your hair. Take a look at the below steps for proper application of Keratin Recovery Treatment Spray:

  • Grab a medium size handful of hair and spray each section one to two times.
  • Gently massage the hair with the spray evenly on all the surfaces, so you feel the product’s silkiness.
  • Repeat the process for 12 minutes and stop when you are done spraying in all the sections of your hair.

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