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Kristin Ess VS GHD Hair Straighteners – Which One is Better?

Modern women love experimenting with their looks. Coloring hair, straightening, curling, high lightening are the crazy things they love to do. A hair straightener available in the market comes with various features. The use of intelligent technologies is increasing to make the products more easy-to-use.

The results of the product are improving day-by-day. There is a dilemma about the hair straightener features. So, it is useful to get knowledge about different brands. A comparative study is found helpful in this case. This article is a comparative study of two such known brands- Kristin Ess and GHD.

Kristin Ess Hair Straightener GHD Hair Straightener
Kristin Ess GHD
Titanium plates for fast heat.

Ionic technology for a perfect shine.

Zip-up technology to remove spilt ends.

Auto-Shit off feature.
Titanium plate heats in 25 seconds.

The heat sensors maintain the temperature.

Auto-sleep features make the straightener safe to use.

Universal supply voltage plug.
Temperature is high for thin hair.

The cost is a bit high.

Only one temperature-185⁰C.


Kristin Ess Hair Straightener

Kristin Ess began with a simple idea of creating super affordable hair care products for the perfectly imperfect hair. Kristin Ess has twenty-two years of experience in hair styling and as a colorist. Each product designed by Kristin Ess is versatile, easy-to-use, and incredibly high-performing.

All the hair products are formulated with Zip-Up technology, a strengthening complex, designed to zip-up spilt-ends. Hair looks smooth after using the products.

Hair Straightener by Kristin Ess is padded with Titanium plates, which delivers fast heat. The heat is evenly spread over the plates to give the best results. The ionic technology makes hair perfectly shiny. The Titanium plates are corrosion resistant make it durable.

The company provides four temperature pre-set options. The highest temperature attainable is 440o. The straightener has a digital display to display the pre-set temperature.

The Auto-shut off feature automatically switch-off the straightener when kept idle for 30 minutes.

Kristin Hair Straighteners popularly is known as Flat Iron Straightener and Ceramic Flat Iron Straightener.


GHD Hair Straightener

Good Hair Day abbreviated as GHD makes your day a Good Hair Day. Hair is unpredictable. It may not always happen that you will have the best version of your hair on a special occasion. GHD hair straightener makes the hair to obey you. And you can have your Good hair day whenever you want them.

The heating plates of the GHD straighteners are titanium platted. Titanium heats faster and gives a well-finished look. The plates heat up-to 185oC in just 25 seconds. GHD has stated that this is the best temperature for a good result. The hotter temperature will cause damage, and the cooler will compromise on the result.

Auto- sleep technology shuts down the straightener when not used for 30 minutes. This ensures the safety of the user. The straightener is designed with universal voltage. Thus, one can use the straightener in any country with great performance.

Heat sensors are used to maintain the temperature at 185⁰C. The sensor checks the temperature about 250 times in a second. The straighteners are available in attractive colors.



Kristin Ess is padded with Titanium plates, which heats fast. There are four temperature pre-sets. This gives the option for setting the temperature according to application and hair type. The swivel cord is attached for easy handling.

GHD also uses titanium on plates to heat them in less than 25 seconds. The plates heats up-to 185oC instantly. The rounded plates give perfect straight hair with ease. Handling is made easy with the Swivel cord.



The four pre-set temperature by Kristin Ess gives customized styling according to hair and style. Hair is perfectly styled with a sleek and smooth finish.

The straightener by GHD gives instant styled hair with 185⁰C heated plates. The hair gets party-ready in just seconds.


Effect on Hair

Kristin has designed the straightener keenly to avoid hair damage. The hair becomes super smooth and shiny, and the style stays for hours.

GHD Hair Straightener gives the hair a fine style and look. The predefined temperature gives enough heat for styling hair with safety. The sensors maintain the temperature and avoid hair burn.


Additional Features

Kristin with pre-set temperature settings gives the user a choice to select the heat as per their requirement. The auto- shut off features make the use safer.

The GHD maintains the predefined temperature for the best results. It uses sensors to check the temperature constantly. It is available in a universal plug.



There are many hair products in the market. But not every product suits everyone. So it is necessary to choose the products wisely. It’s not about money or brand. It’s all about what suits you and gives you the best results.

Each brand comes with some unique features. We must make an intelligent choice by understanding the features over the cost. Happy Styling!

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