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Kiss Hair Styling Tools Review

“Bring the Salon Home” this feature has made hairstyling safer and simple because of the Kiss brand. From silicone, mats preserving surfaces from heat to blow-dryer detangling attachments, and hair trimmers, Kiss allows styling as per the customers’ needs. The company’s hair tools help remove frizz, add beautiful waves, and curl, giving a salon finish.

The Kiss Styler products are regarded as the most affordable tools with better performance at its low price point. These products help in straightening hair as quickly as other expensive models available in the market. The comfort lies in easy to use and the adjustable range of temperature options suitable for all hair types. The setting temperatures ensure safety from burning your hair during the styling process. The brand also makes several hair care products like shampoos and conditioners for healthy and beautiful hair and other cosmetic products. If you are in a hurry and there is no time for going to a Salon, Kiss styling tools will prove to be your companion!

In this article, we have discussed different Kiss hair styling tools in detail.

Let’s review them one-by-one

1. Kiss Curling Iron

Kiss Curling Iron

The vibrant and fully automatic curling iron instantly creates beautiful and long-lasting curls. You just need to place a section of hair on the iron, and the rest of the job is done by the tool. It creates tangle-free curls in both directions as per the user needs. This curling iron comes with adjustable temperature control to prevent hair from excess heat. The revolutionary technology used is very easy to use and gives quick results. As the device is gentle on your hair, it draws hair into the ceramic curl chamber, heating it from all sides to give you gorgeous curls. There are other special features offered by Kiss curling irons that enable you to know when the device is ready to use with a salon length swivel cord.


Ceramic Curling Iron helps in dispersing heat through your hair evenly with a ceramic iron, while a tourmaline curling iron locks in moisture by emitting the negative ions. Hence, most of the users’ curling iron from the Kiss brand is highly recommended to their friends and relatives. Titanium is another ion emitting material that is produced by Kiss, proving ideal for most curling irons. It is highly suggested for getting relieved of frizz in your hair and comes with many hair shielding elements fitting for all hair types. Titanium plates also offer very smooth styling and can give long-lasting curls while heating up instantly.


The barrel size of curling iron is the most important factor while choosing any curling iron. Kiss curling iron commonly comes with a 3/4″ inch that is ideal for loose curls and most hair types.

Temperature Settings

Kiss Curling irons come with variable temperature control, and the maximum temperature is 450oF Max. The heat setting varies as per the hair types, and a lower heat setting helps avoid damage or burning hair during the process.


The Kiss brand’s professional hair curler comes with a novel curling technology that curls your hair automatically without any hand-operated work. The curler is perfect for women and girls with short or long hair due to the unique design.

Additional Features

The automatic shut-off feature ensures an easy handling experience and also keeps the curler safe at all times. It becomes very handy as the device can turn off automatically incases you forget to switch it off after application. There is also an inbuilt pouch that can be used for safe storage ideas, especially when you need to carry it along while traveling.

2. Kiss Flat Iron

Kiss Flat Iron

With so many flat irons in the market, the quality of the Kiss brand makes it stand out from the crowd. It is completely designed by considering your hair texture to several heat setting options for safe styling. The versatility of the tool helps even smoothening your hair strands. Ceramic plates slide easily over hair to help limit damage and link in your gorgeous style. Kiss professionals’ high heat and rapid heat up technology get you styling in less time with high and low heat. The swivel cord stays out of your way during styling and allows maneuvering in every part of the head.


The Ceramic plates evenly distribute heat and are regarded as best for straightening fine hair. They are more adaptable as it is suitable for short, coarse, light, or curly hair. The ionic power of the ceramic plate flat iron is responsible for shiny and healthy hair.

Barrel Size

The length and thickness of your hair decide the size of your flat iron. If your hair is thin and short, it is advisable to buy a flat iron to help you do smaller hair sections in one go. However, people with long, curly, and thick hair should opt for a flat iron with broader plate size.

Temperature Settings

These flat irons with adjustable heat settings allow you to use the appropriate heat range suitable for your hair type. The less the heat, the more beautiful results without having any damage or burning of the hair.

Additional Features

Kiss flat irons come with an auto-shutoff feature that shuts off your flat iron if not in use for around 30 minutes. As these tools use high heat technology embedded, there may be a risk of fire hazards. This auto-shutoff feature helps in preventing such dangers during the styling process.


The safety clips make it easy and safe to use to avoid getting burnt while styling your hair. Some amount of pre-heating is to be done for 5 minutes to get the best results. This makes it proper for all hair types without the fear of causing any harm to it. Also, the barrel’s ceramic coating guarantees frizz-free and shiny curls without the presence of any knots giving a salon-finished look promised by Kiss.

3. Kiss Hair Straightener

Kiss Hair Straightener

Are you in search of a tool to make your hair smooth and stylish? If yes, then now is the time to try out Kiss hair straightener. When you invest in personal money, the best products must only be chosen to achieve satisfying results. There are options for using a hair straightener with large plate sizes for long and thick hair to cover more hair strands surface while saving your time. Your hand can get tired quickly as you have to hold the tool for several minutes till the styling is done. However, Kiss offers a comfortable handle for all its hair straighteners to reduce the strain you feel while handling it for very long. There are also types of brushes with cushioned handles to give a very comfortable experience.


Hair straighteners with ceramic plates are excellent and present a more reliable outcome. As the thermal conductivity is lower than other metals, it produces less heat to prevent hair from getting damaged. Tourmaline plate hair straighteners can be used for curly and frizzy hair.

Barrel Size

The barrel size or width of plates varies from 0.5 inches to 2 inches, depending on the specifications of the tool. You can choose a variant that is consistent with your hair type and length when it comes to select a perfect barrel size hair straightener.

Heat Settings

Kiss hair straighteners allow you to select the appropriate temperature from the different heat settings available. You can set it at medium temperature while working on normal hair and a little high temperature when working on frizzy hair.

Ease to Handle

Kiss brand specially designs products for the customer’s ease of use during the entire process. You can also hold the straightener properly because of the excellent grip while working with the tool.

Additional Features

The cord of hair straightener can rotate at 360 degrees to help in preventing any twists and knots. This great new technology by Kiss helps you roll the hair up and then clamps it in place till the creation of thick with no kinks is perfectly formed. The hair straightener comes with an automatic shut-off feature that makes it easy to use in the hectic schedule. This tool will automatically turn off after 30 minutes when not in use, even if you forget to turn it off.


When you spend so much time and money at the hair salon, it is now time to try achieving the beautiful hair look at your own home. It is often found that styling your hair can quickly turn into a mess in the absence of proper tools. Hence, the above styling tools from the Kiss brand will help you in achieving the best results without creating any fuss. From excellent curling irons to versatile straighteners with great safety features, the brand is leading in the cosmetic and hairstyling industry.

There are multiple other brands in the market, but the salon finish Kiss grants to its customers is noteworthy. This is why they are also rising globally and partnered with many other styling brands with their quality products. Whether you are a beginner or a hair expert, Kiss has all the types of styling tools in store!

What is Kiss Instawave Automatic Curling Iron?

Kiss Ceramic Instawave automatic hair curler is an ideal styling tool for beginners who are not convenient with a conventional curling iron. It has ridges that act as combs for smoothening and detangling while curling the hair. The ceramic ionic technology encourages healthy and provides salon finish curls or waves with less frizz and breakage instantly. The adjustable temperature settings help in choosing the appropriate temperature suitable for your hair texture and type.

Why buy a Kiss hair straightener?

Kiss brand produces many hair straighteners that suit a wide range of all hair types and is mixed with safety features. It is also affordable, and the plates’ ceramic coating ensures no damage to hair because of the even distribution of heat. The floating Plates are easily adaptable to the hair’s thickness and will automatically change, assuring the best styling of your hair. You can easily place a section of hair between the plates and get instant results. It can also heat up quickly and comes with an auto-shutoff feature to turn off the device if not in use for around 30 minutes.

Is it safe to use these styling tools?

It is always advisable to set the heat on medium mode as extreme heat can cause hair damage. You can also try using a heat protection spray available from Kiss brand before you start styling your hair with a straightener or a curling iron to avoid dryness. This can also make your hair moist and protect your hair and the plates of the styling tool. For safety, always divide your hair into 5-6 equal sections and apply a hair serum followed by a hair spray and only then start using the straightener. It can help you from both side effects and achieve salon-finish results without wasting much time.

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