How to Grow Long and Healthy Hair for Men

A healthy head of hair is not something only women dream of and try to obtain. Men everywhere recognize how attractive a full head of long, healthy hair is.

Many men don’t grow their hair in response to how other women see it, and instead feel great satisfaction and a self-esteem boost from their looks.

While you can’t force your hair to grow longer, and the time it takes for it to grow depends on genetics and other factors like exercise and diet, there are a few things you can do to help the process along.


Tips for Men to Grow Long and Healthy Hair

Follow our tips below to grow long and healthy hair!

1. Use Stimulating Shampoo

using stimulating shampoo

One of the best things to do for your hair is to use stimulating shampoo. These are most often used by men whose hair is already thin, but there’s no harm in using it even if your hair is already a healthy thickness. Stimulating hair growth is easier to do when you’re using hair thickening products regularly.

It also helps to use products that have certain ingredients like peppermint and tea tree oil, which are known for helping hair growth. Try Brickell Daily Shampoo or Living Proof ‘Perfect Hair Day’ Shampoo. No need to spend a pretty penny, these products are wallet-friendly.


2. Regular Haircut

regular haircut

Regular haircuts aren’t just for getting rid of split ends. They’re also recommended for people who are trying to grow long, healthy hair. You don’t need to have a chunk chopped off, but since split ends prevent hair growth and make it prone to damage, the less you have the better.


3. Eat Healthy Food

healthy food

What you eat doesn’t only affect your body’s health. It also affects hair health. The good news is you don’t need to follow any kind of special diet for healthy hair. Simply eat more of the protein-rich foods with fatty acids and minerals. Foods like fatty fish, eggs, and berries are great for hair health and growth.


4. Avoid Hair Damaging Products

Skip the damaging products. This includes heat styling tools, vigorous combing, and lots of coloring. All of these are bad for hair so if you want long, healthy hair, you’ll avoid their use.


5. Use a Conditioner

Hair products aren’t just for women, you know. Using a good conditioner is key for moisturized locks and preventing any unintended damage. Use a dime-sized amount every time you wash hair. You don’t need to use it on your scalp, just from the mid-shaft down.

There are even some hair conditioners that are leave-ins you wear throughout the day or ones that you leave on for a minute while in the shower before rinsing out. You decide which is better for your normal hair care routine.


6. Use a Good Hairbrush

boar bristle hairbrush for men

Brushes with boar bristles are best because of their softness. If you’re too rough with hair, that leads to damage. Your ultimate goal is long, healthy hair, so be gentle on your locks!


7. Prepare for Prevention

Besides using quality shampoo and conditioner and avoiding hot tools, there are a few other ways to encourage long, healthy hair.

Avoiding being in the sun for extended periods of time, moisture-depleting hair products that contain alcohol, and staying out of chlorinated pools are all ways to protect hair. If you’re a regular swimmer, use a hair cap.


8. Consult with Your Hairstylist

Fill in your hair stylist or barber on what your hair goals are. Reading all the hair magazines in the world will yield a lot of advice, but the person who is cutting your hair on the regular will be familiar with your hair’s texture, growth pattern, and can recommend products.


9. Consider Supplements

supplements for hair growth

If you’re not getting enough of or the right nutrients from your food intake, taking a supplement can be beneficial for growing long, healthy hair. One such supplement, biotin (also known as vitamin B7) is often used for hair growth.

If you’re not getting enough of it in foods like eggs and salmon, you can purchase the pill form at a health foods store or online. There are also serums rich in vitamins that work hair wonders – do a search online or ask your stylist for help.

You could also try switching to a completely protein diet. Many men who do this find the health benefits rewarding when it comes to their hair.



Following the tips above may require a little work on your part, but long and healthy hair is worth it. One other helpful thing you can do is think of any friends who are growing their hair long or who have healthy-looking hair.

Trading hair tips isn’t just for women – men can pick up some great pointers by consulting their circle of friends!

Remain patient. Hair health and length doesn’t happen overnight. It’s the result of consistent effort and care.