How to grow long and healthy hair


With so many different types of hair care products on the market, it’s easy to become confused about how to choose the best hair care routine for your particular type of hair. You may even feel like trying every hair product under the sun in hopes of achieving the results you’re looking for. Don’t get yourself into that trap – it’s not possible! Instead, use a simple list of basic tips to learn how to maintain your hair’s health and beauty.

1) Healthy Diet

Start with a healthy diet full of foods rich in the vitamin complex.  These include leafy green vegetables and whole grains. Avoid taking in too much fatty or fried food, especially those with trans fats or hydrogenated oils, as these can strip your hair of necessary moisture. You can find many different ways to keep your hair looking shiny and smooth without having to spend a lot of money on shampoo or conditioner.

If you don’t have a lot of time for a hair care routine, consider taking a vitamin and mineral supplement to help you keep your hair in tip-top shape. Check the benefits of vitamins A, E, D, folic acid and omega-3. Even if you spend a lot of money on professional haircuts and treatments, sometimes you need some help. This will help keep your hair healthy and shiny and prevent breakage without the need to worry about harsh chemicals.

2) Less Harmful Styling

Always avoid heat styling tools without using heat protection. While hot styling tools can be a great way to add extra volume, it can damage your strands. Also, heat styling tools are more likely to leave streaks and breaks than cold styling tools, so you’ll have to take extra precautions to prevent those.

When using hot styling tools, do your best to blow dry instead of using a flat iron, as this is a much gentler way to style your hair. A flat iron can strip the structure out of your hair, leaving your hair prone to frizzing and pulling.

3) Trim Your Hair Regularly

It’s the old question beauty specialists talk about. It’s better to trim your hair a little every few months. It will help you with getting rid of split ends. The thing is, split ends harm your hair more and more if you’ll leave them. Our aim is to have beautiful hair, not only long, yeah?

4) Wash it in a Proper Way

Less shampoo, more conditioner. Don’t forget the essential rule – don’t apply hair masks and conditioners on the scalp. 

It’s good for hair to condition with oils. For example, a mix of coconut, macadamia, jojoba and almond oil, applied on damp hair for ten minutes before washing can make magic with your hair. Rinse the hair with cold water after washing to improve blood circulation.

Also, it’s good sometimes to scrub your scalp with homemade hair conditioners or professional scrubs.

5) Brush it Gently

Start from the bottom and go up slowly and gently. If you can hear the sound of brushing – you are too rough to your hair. Massage your scalp with brush sometimes. If your hair is tangled and a lot of it left on the brush – consider spray conditioners and different brush.

To prevent breaking of hair, change hairstyles and use claw clips instead of elastics.

Also it’s good for your hair and skin both to use silk pillowcase.