How To Do Triangle Braid?

How To Do Triangle Braid? Step by Step Guide

Hair is the most attractive and noticeable part of a woman’s body. Hair intensifies your personality. Sometimes, it also happens that your hair evolves your identity, and people recognize you by your hair.

Invest in your hair; it’s the crown you never take off.

Girls and women love to take care of their hair and do multiple things to keep them strong and beautiful.

Women do different hairstyles or hairdos so that the hair looks more elegant. Hairdos are a means of making a statement. A woman’s hairstyle can tell you a lot about their character and individuality.  There are different types of braided hairstyles in trend these days. One of them is a triangle braid.

What is a Triangle Braid?

For those of you who aren’t friendly with triangle braids, the name relates more to the pattern of braiding. Your stylist will gather sections of hair and carefully create a triangle, which then serves as the ground of braids. Triangle braids can be created in any type of hair; it’s just you should have long and sufficient hair. But if you need contribution in the length department, hairpieces can be woven in.

Supply – Things Needed to Make Triangle Braid

  • Parting comb
  • Conditioning gel or Edge control gel
  • Some rubber bands
  • Artificial braiding

Tip: Hair should be clean and oil-free.

Procedure To Make Triangle Braid

Follow these simple steps to make Triangle braid:

  1. Start from the back of the head.
  2. Separate the hair from ear to ear.
  3. With the help of a parting comb, part the hair smoothly. (Use the teeth of the comb, it works better.)
  4. Make a first triangular section by parting it a little to the right of center down diagonally to the corner of the hair.
  5. Twist it to keep it out of the way.
  6. Make another diagonal part in the opposite direction.
  7. Twist it again to keep it out of the way.
  8. For the last sections, go from the end of the previous triangle to the upper corner at the end of this section.
  9. Then twist both the third and fourth sections.
  10. Go back to the first triangle, apply edge control in the adequate amount to smoothen it and tie it with a rubber band.
  11. Repeat it on the other three triangular sections.
  12. Create another horizontal section above the section you just braided with the same width as the previous one.
  13. To make a star pattern, match the points of each triangle.
  14. Repeat the same steps done for making the braids in the first partition.
  15. Part another semi-circle, starting at mid-brow. Following that part, braid a micro-cornrow from each side, and meet them in the middle.
  16. Braid the rest of your triangular parts.
  17. Braid extensions into the triangular sections.
  18. Once all the triangular sections of your hair are braided, drench the ends of the braids into hot water to fix them and to make the braids more flexible.

Its time to change your hairstyle. Try triangle braids and give yourself a unique and gorgeous transition.

How Long Should You Keep These Braids?

To begin with, it depends on various factors, including how well you take care of your hair. If you are consistent with applying nourishing hair creams, then you can leave them for a bit longer than others. Generally, people with intricate braid styles follow the two-month rule where they don’t leave-in braids any longer than this. Even if you try to maintain this style with frequent touch-ups and suitable products, these braids will not survive more than two months.

Most importantly, people get braids as a protective measure that should not last for a long period because your hair will eventually grow and break due to the damage caused.

If you want to wash your braids, then always start with preparing them with some good hydrating and deep conditioning products that will add moisture to your hair. Use a clarifying cleanser from scalp to ends in a vertical motion to avoid frizziness and dryness. Moreover, DO NOT harshly rub them together as it completely ruins your gorgeous braids. After washing, let your hair naturally dry instead of hair dryers to avoid as much heat as possible. Once your braids are air-dried around 70-80%, use a hooded dryer to prevent mildew or dandruff.

Sign It’s Time To Let Go Of Your Braids

  1. When your hair starts to grow, and roots began separating from the braid. You must remove braids when you notice this since they are highly prone to tangling and excessive damage.
  2. When you spot hair care products build-up on your scalp. It can happen due to applying moisturizers, conditioners, or hair masks.
  3. If you feel like frizz taming hair sprays or creams are no longer working on your braids, it is high time to remove them. Although many women prefer the loose, boho, and carefree look of messy braids, there is still a noticeable difference between the former and frizzy ones.
How long do triangle braids take?

It depends on multiple situations.

1. Length of the hair– If you have long hair, it may take 4-8 hours to do triangle braids.

2. You are a beginner– If this is your first time doing triangle braid by yourself, It may take 8-10 hours to make triangle braids. But if you will keep doing it after some time, you will get faster, and your braids will look neater and smoother.

How long should triangle braids last?

The amount of time you want to keep your braids totally depends on you. Unlike other hairdos, triangle braids do not need regular brushing or washing. The braids can be kept for 3-6 weeks. But you have to put a lot of effort and take a lot of measures to keep them flawless and smooth. I personally think you should keep it for a maximum of 4 weeks because to keep your hair healthy, you need to wash them and keep them clean, but keeping them in braids while cleaning is tricky.

How to sleep after getting braids?

When you have laid so many efforts in making those braids, you want them to be flawless for a longer period. But what measures should be taken while sleeping? To keep box braids from getting screwed up or unfolding while you sleep at night, Larry suggests sleeping with a silk scarf, which will cover the braids. Because fabrics such as cotton and other rough textures are deteriorating for our hair, and they will also contribute to your braids not lasting as long.

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