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How To Do Rope Twist Braid? Step by Step Guide

The rope twist braid is a classic hairstyle that looks beautiful, and it is easy to style up. This type of braid is created by twisting your hair in one direction, splitting your hair into two sections, and then having to wrap your hair in other directions.

The opposite directions will help you form a strong braid that can be worn as chignons or buns. Rope twist braid can be styled on any hair type, either curly or straight hair. To get this hairstyle, you have to follow some of the instructions.


Why Should You Try Rope Twist Braid?

rope twist
  • Unlike ordinary hairstyles, the Rope Twist Braids can spice up your normal looks.
  • It’s a timeless class that is not affected by age or time. You can easily try out new innovative styles while keeping Rope Twist Braids as the base.
  • The ease in styling the hair within few minutes makes it a quick touch up hairstyle for your locks, especially when you’re running out of time.
  • Rope Twist Braids are a versatile hairstyle, and you can try it on any hair type. From kids to older women, these styles add a new and different class to the looks.
  • You don’t require many accessories to try the hair or go to salons to try this style. The simplicity in doing this style makes it easier to be tried at home without calling anyone to do it for you.


Things Need to Make a Twist Braid

How To Do Rope Twist Braid?

You need some equipment to style up a rope twist braid. Some of them are brush, comb, hair elastics, and bobby pins. If this equipment is available with you, then you can style up easily and beautifully.


Detailed Steps to Make A Rope Twist Braid

steps to do a rope twist braid

1. At first, you have to comb your hair neatly. So that your hairs shouldn’t be caught in a tangled mess, as you make a braid, you can even spray your hair by using a conditioner or a smoother. This helps you to keep your braid looking thicker.

2. In the second step, you have to tie a high ponytail with an elastic band. You can even do a side ponytail instead of a center ponytail. It depends on you that what type of style you are going to do. To make a side ponytail, you just have to brush your hair side and secure it with an elastic.

3. In the third step, you have to twist your hair. Before twisting, you need to separate your ponytail into two equal sections. Take one strand in hand, keep it twisting around your fingers; you need to twist in a clockwise direction.
While twisting, you need to keep your fingers tight. If your hair is long, then twist all at once, pinch a top section, twist your hair and move down an inch for the next section of hair. Continue this procedure for other sections.

4. In the fourth step, you have to start the braid. Hold one section in hand and cross the pieces in a clockwise direction. Twist them in the opposite direction from the way you twisted your half.

5. In the fifth step, you have to finish twisting your braid. Twist your braid and cross the sections until it reaches the end of the hair. If you find it is unraveling as you are braiding, twist it tight again until you finish it properly.

6. In the final step, you need to tie a braid with an elastic band, and even you can add a decorative band to flourish your braid.


How to Stop Unravelling of Rope Twist Braid?

How To Do Rope Twist Braid?

The root cause for the unraveling of the rope twist braid is the poor twisting procedures. Here are some tips that will help to prevent the unraveling of hairs out from the style.

When you divide the ponytail into two sections, make sure you distribute an equal amount of amount into each section. By doing so, this will prevent irregular twisting or uneven twisting centers across your hair.

If you need to add a bit of volume to the hair, you can slightly pull the twisted strands out. But be careful that you don’t end up disintegrating the rope twists.

Always try to style this hairstyle on dry hair. If you feel that your hair is extremely dry, apply a little amount of hair gel before trying out the style. Afterward, apply hairspray to prevent frizz and flyaways.

When you’re in the process of dealing with the parted two sections of the ponytail, make sure that you secure the firstly twisted section and then move to the other section to twist it.

If you leave the first twisted section of hair without securing, then it may get loosened over time when you’re twisting the other section. Such an improper twisting base will tend to unravel easily within few movements.


Some Decorative Ideas for Rope Twist Braided Hair

Rope Twist Braided hairs are beautiful on its own. But, you can highlight the twists or whole hair with few hair accessories.

The list starts with yarn strings. The yarn strings can be coiled around the rope twists. You can even match up the color of your outfits with the shade of yarn strings.

If you prefer to start the rope twist braid from the sides of your head, then you can use small beads or stones to embellish each twisting turn.

Rope twist braided hair in a normal back ponytail highlights only the backside of your head. So, you can use headbands, tiara, or elastic bands to add equal focus to the front side. These ready-to-go styles are great for your gym workouts keeping your hair away from the face, or during a party to present yourself unique.


FAQs on Rope Twist Braid

How long will the braid stay together?

It will usually depend on the type of work you do all day. While working out or running, it may loosen early, and if you are going to the mall, it keeps your braid lasting long. It also depends on how strongly you tighten your braid.


How do I tighten my rope braid?

To tighten your rope braid, you have to put your hands closer to your heads, which helps you in a better and tighter braid.


Can I do this with short hair?

You could certainly try it. And it depends on how short your hair is.


How to maintain a rope braid?

To maintain a rope braid, at first, you need to comb your hair properly, use a good shampoo and conditioner, need to tighten a string braid so that it cant be loosened. A proper braid gives a beautiful and amazing look.

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