How To Do Fishbone Braid – Step by Step Guide

If you have long hair, then the fishbone braid looks beautiful and gives a fantastic look to your hair. It is a favorite for rushed mornings and formal events. The Fishbone braid has three strands instead of two.

You can try a fishbone braid on any hair type, but it gives an amazing look on long hair. There are some requirements and steps which you have to follow while making a fishbone braid. A few of them are given below.


Things Need to Make a Fishbone Braid

fishbone braid

To finish up a fishbone braid, you need a brush, comb, elastic band or any decorative band, and bobby pins. These supplies help you in styling a fishbone braid by giving a beautiful look.


Procedure to Make a Fishbone Braid

tips to make a fishbone braid

1. In the first step, you have to divide your hair into two sections as right and left sections.

2. In the second step, you have to take a thin strand from the left section, and it should not be thicker than 0.5 inches.

3. In the third step, pull the thin strand up across the left section and move this towards the right section.

4. In the fourth step, you need to tuck the thin strand under the right section.

5. In the fifth step, you need to tuck on the second section to tighten them. It would help if you moved your hands when it goes far. The tighten you make your braid, the better and longer it lasts.

6. In the sixth step, you need to take a strand from the right section and not less thick than 0.5 inches.

7. In the seventh step, pull the strand up, across the left section.

8. In the eighth step, tuck the right section under the left section.

9. In the ninth step, keep alternating the stands until it reaches the end of the hair. You need to leave at least 1 inch at the end to tie off your hair.

10. In the tenth step, you need to tie an elastic band or a decorative band at the end. Strand can be secured with a bobby pin.

11. In the final step, you need to create a tousled braid by rubbing it between your hands. The Fishbone braid looks impressive.

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FAQs on Fishbone Braid

1. Can a fishbone braid make your hair wavy?

Yes, a fishbone braid makes your hair wavy. If you keep it for a night or two days, it separates chunks of hair to make it even wavier.

Even wavier hair looks beautiful and wavy hair people can also try a fishbone braid as it is suitable for every type of hair.


2. Can you turn a fishbone braid into buns?

Yes, you have to make a fishbone braid and then twist the braid into a knot. Tie a knot up, which gives you a fishbone braid bun look. You can also make two fishtail braids, twist them together, and elaborate a bun.


3. Are fishtail braids easy to make?

It is not easy enough to make a fishtail braid. If you fail in styling up a fishbone braid then, you need to do some practice to do it fast with a finishing look. It would help if you practiced till you get a proper shape and finishing look.