How To Do Bob Braids? Step by Step Guide

Hair is the perpetual symbol of a woman’s beauty. Long hair has been the reflection of the personality of a woman. A few years back, a woman with long hair was recognized as a last with beauty and values. However, with time, hair has become a symbol of fashion. Today we can notice that women have hair of different lengths, with different haircuts and choose different hairdos.

In today’s world, every haircut or hairstyle has a unique meaning and importance. Since the women in today’s era are busy working in offices as well as at homes, it has become difficult for them to manage long hair. Therefore, short hair is emerging as a new trend.

One of the most famous short hairstyles is bob. It makes women look smart and gorgeous. A lot of women also like bob braids. It alters the overall identity of the person in a glamorous way. Let’s talk more about bob braids. Check here 25 different types of bob braids style.

What Are Bob Braids?

For your usual hair, braids are a typical and credible style. They help you to preserve your delicate hair while they grow. They’re just as suitable for a chic brunch or wedding season. The bob haircut is the most comfortable and stylish haircut nowadays. Now you have got the idea that when you have your typical box braids in the bob hairstyle. They are called bob braids. Bob braids can be made in any type of hair.

Supply – Things Needed To Make The Braids

Tip: Make sure your hair is clean.

How To Do Bob Braids?

Procedure To Make Bob Braids

  1. Start from the back of the head. Part the hair horizontally with the help of the parting comb.
  2. Now take a small portion of hair from that section, put some edge control gel and make a simple braid out of it using the artificial braiding hair and secure the end of the braiding hair with a rubber band.
  3. Similarly, make 3 more simple braids like this in the same section.
  4. Now again, part your hair horizontally above the previous section. And braid it in the same way as you did before.
  5. Once you finish all the braids at the back of the head, use your lighter to burn the braids where you want to bob to stop and push it between the fingers to get intact properly. (Be careful that you don’t end up burning your natural hair.)
  6. Now, cut the access part of the braids
  7. Come to the front section of your head and take very small portions of your hair and braid them into simple braids with the help of the braiding hair.
  8. If you want your braids to be on the right side, make more braids on that side.
  9. Now repeat the steps of burning the braids where you want the bob to end and cutting the access parts of the braids.
  10. Your bob braids are ready.
  11. Do not dip the bob braids in hot water as you would for regular box braids.

In the end, just apply a hairspray on the braids.

Bob Braids are extremely trendy hairdo these days. It makes you look bolder and more stylish. It gives your personality a pump. After reading this article, I am sure you would wish to have bob braids.

How many packs of hair do you need to do bob braids?

Braiding hair is an essential thing used while making bob braids. You will make your hair into braids with the help of these and then give your hair bob look by burning the braiding hair at a certain point and cut the access part of the hair. For bob braids, you will need 2-3 packs of hair. Keep extra in case you need them.

Does bob hair make your hair curly?

Yes, the bob braids actually make the hair curly. But it is honestly the aftereffect of braiding.

Should the hair be braided wet or dry?

All the experts suggest that the hair should be braided when they are dry because if you braid wet hair, they will heavy. If there is any kind of moisture trapped in between the braid, the braid ends up being fragile and loose. One should always braid dry hair as they form a better grip and are strong.