How to do Big Braid? Step by Step Guide

Do you want your braids to be big? The Big braid hairstyle is basically a little big size braid. The number of braids depends on your choice. You can section your hair into 10/15/20 sections to get big braids.

Big braid is commonly known as the Jumbo Braid hairstyle. It goes well with any dress style and is quick to style and easy to maintain. Check out here some different style of big braids.

Supply You’ll Need To Make Big Braid

For the perfect Big braid, you will need a rat tail comb, regular hairbrush/comb, hair moisturizer, conditioner water spray, 2-3 bags of hair supplement for braiding, and hair rubbers for securing the hair.

Step-By-Step Guide To Make Big Braid

Step-By-Step Guide To Make Big Braid

Step 1: Prepare Your Hair For The Hairstyle

Make your hair ready for the hairstyle by washing them clean and drying them. Apply conditioner to make them manageable.

Comb the hair to detangle them. Apply hair moisturizer to the scalp.

Step 2: Section The Hair Into A Big Strand

Now section the front hair into desirable size. Make sure the section is perfect. Use rat tail comb for accurate box shape.

Apply hair cream or moisturizer to the scalp near the box section. Now apply the leave-in conditioner to protect the original hair. And then secure the hair strand with a rubber into a tight pony.

Step 3: Braid The Hair Stand With Hair Supplement

Now take hair supplements according to your choice. And then divide the supplement into three sections. Cross the sections over each other a couple of times to fix them together. Now add the supplement to the ponytailed hair section.

Start braiding the hair. Add the original hair to one of the three hair strands of the supplement. Now cross the right part over the middle and then the left part over the middle part. Continue doing this till you reach the end f the supplement hair.

Repeat the same for all the sections. Make sure the sections are well-positioned to get a systematic look.

Step 4: Damp The Ends With Hot Water

Now put the ends of the braids into hot water and pat them dry using a towel.

Your Big Braid hairstyle is ready! Enjoy styling. You can tie some of the braids into a high bun to add some uniqueness. You can also adore the hairstyle by adding ribbon and other decorative things to the braids.

Is this hairstyle suitable for rough hair?

Yes. You can style your rough unmanageable hair into a Big Braid. Get some hair supplements and add them to your hair. You will have your dream long Big Braids.

How much time is required for this hairstyle?

The time required will depend on the proficiency of the styler. If you are new, then you may require 3 – 4 hours to do this hairstyle. While it is 1-2 hours task for an expert hair styler.

Can I leave this hairstyle for weeks?

Yes, of course. You can leave this hairstyle for 2-3 weeks. Just take care of your scalp by applying hair creams and moisturizers to protect them from itching.