How to Do an Elsa Braid? Step By Step Guide

Be it, kids or adults, Elsa from frozen won all our hearts with her beauty and grace. The Disney princess braid is something all out little daughters want when they feel like a princess. Even adults can pull off the elegant and beautiful hairstyle as it looks great and magical on long hair. The unique hairstyle is beautiful and easy to imitate on your hair. It is suitable to have below shoulder length, or you can easily add an extension if you have short hair.

What You’ll Need To Make Elsa Braid

  • A comb or hairbrush
  • Hair tie
  • Hair extensions (optional)

Step-By-Step Procedure

  • Blow-dry hair to make them straighter and remember to use conditioner while you wash them to make them soft and silky.
  • Now, take a section of your hair from either the left or the right side of your head.
  • Start braiding this section of your hair towards the opposite side of the head horizontally, while incorporating strands of hair from the remaining loose hair, just like a french braid,
  • Keep taking sections along the way and adding them to the braid so that all your hair is immersed in one braid.
  • After you reach the other end of your head, braid the remaining hair normally downwards, and hold it in one place on one side of the hair.
  • Secure the end with a hair tie.
  • Backcomb the top of your hair to give it a puffed-up texture and pull out some strands of hair from the front to make it look voluminous and messier.

It’s time to feel like a princess, now that you look like one!

What kind of braid is Elsa’s hair?

The Elsa braid is a normal side french braid. Instead of going from top to bottom like in the normal french braid, the Elsa braid goes sideward from the back of your hair and is hence a side French braid.

How do you make the Elsa braid look more voluminous?

The Elsa braid can be made to look voluminous by adding extensions to your hair if you want more volume. You can also start by making a puff at the front of your hair and securing it with clips, followed by braiding the hair. Bring out some strands of hair on the front to make it look messier and more elegant.